Request Anyone who will make my Modpack ?

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My name is WinkeKadse.
im looking for someone who wants to make me a modpack based on mc 1.7.10
there would be like 17 or 18 mods
i tried is myself a few times but i dont understand much of this :( i would be really happy if can find one who will do that

more details to the mods via DM
WinkeKadse = Wavingcat


Too Much Free Time
Nov 9, 2012
Tartarus.. I mean at work. Same thing really.
Step 1: Install mods
Step 2: Crash game
done! :)

1) Download and run Multi-MC
2) Select Minecraft version and Forge Version
3) Install mods, run game- then exit game
4) Tweak configs- remove things like 5 types of copper ore in worldgen
5) Run game again. If it doesn't crash your golden.
6) Check your modlist against the FTB perms list
(anything not listed or without a tick you'll need to prove that you have permission to use it in your pack)
7) Submit your pack here.
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