Anyone want to help sort InvTweaksTree.txt?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Lavious, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. Lavious

    Lavious New Member

    I love the sorting abilities of the Inventory Tweaks Mod, but it lacks many of the item IDs that the mod pack adds.

    If anyone with the time feels like updating the InvTweaksTree.txt with the new items added by this modpack we all would be ever thankful.

    Or...if someone has a list of all the item ID's and names I'd give it a shot at a time as I find things in the game seems to be slow way to go about it.
  2. Rikki21

    Rikki21 New Member

    Started working on this. I've been trying to just add mod items to the categories already there, but will probably make categories for the separate mod blocks you craft.

    Also, not entirely sure how to add the electric tools/armor there. I assume I can just add the base IDs and it includes all the damaged ones too? I.e. 30148 gives me 30148:0 through 30148:25 (empty to fully charged). I'm assuming this is right because it's all the same item just a different charge, but can anyone confirm?

    I also assume that when the damaged IDs are completely different blocks I need to add them separately, because they are different blocks. I.e. I can't add 1059 and expect all 35 rails to be there, I have to add 1059:1...1059:35 for them to be included. I figured it out. If I want certain blocks to sort in certain areas then I need to add the damage value. Ex: I added <bluexychoriumOreBlock id="220" /> to the oreblocks (this block is the block you'd get assuming Silk Touch works on it) which is under cobble. The aluminum ore is 220:5 and it was sorting above with the dirt/cobble instead of the other ores. It was doing this because id 220 was way up there sorting all 220s. Once I added damage="0" to it it worked out fine. Woo, it sort of makes sense now! I guess I could delete the rail section and leave the catch all 1059 then.

    Hope this helps!

    Weapons/Tools/Armor - Complete
    Woods/Logs/Saplings/Leaves - Complete
    Rails - Complete
    Cans/Capsules/Cells - Complete
    Engines - Complete
    IronChest Mod - Complete (v4.3.0.145)
    Forestry - Complete (v1.6.2.1)
    XYCraft - Complete (v0.8.176)
    Mystcraft - Complete (v0.9.4.05)
    Twilight Forest - Complete (v1.14.01)
    ExtraBiomesXL - Complete (v3.5.0b)
    Thaumcraft3 - Complete (v3.0.0a)
    Redpower 2 - Complete (vpre6)
    Buildcraft - Complete (v3.3.0)
    Industrial Craft2 - Complete (v1.112.170lf)
    Ores/Dusts - Complete

    To Do List:
    • thermalexpantion
    • factorization
    • railcraft (nonrails)
    • stevescarts
    v.16 (01/13/13) - fixed brass and added steel
    v.15 (01/08/13) - completed buildcraft (version 3.3.0)
    - completed IC2 (version 1.112.170lf)
    v.14 (01/04/13) - added coal coke, shiny dust/ingot
    v.13 (12/24/12) - couple of ore fixes (bronze, new furrous ore)
    - fixed thaumcraft tree id changes
    v.12 (12/24/12) - fixed redpower IDs
    v.11 (12/21/12) - completed redpower 2 pre 6
    v.10 - completed Forestry version
    - completed xycraft version 0.8.176
    - completed myscraft version
    - completed extrabiomes version 3.5.0b
    - completed twilightforest version 1.14.01
    - completed thaumcraft3 version 3.0.0a
    - added refined iron
    v.09 - added gregtech ores/gems/dusts/ore blocks
    v.08 - ALL copper/tin ores properly sort now (there are only 3 of each right?)
    - added electum and ironwood ingots
    - dusty looking items (like sulfur and saltpeter) sort with the other dusts
    v.07 - added thaumcraft ores/mob drops
    - added uranium ore
    v.06 - added thaumcraft wood/saplings/leaves.
    - added xycraft food
    - added mystcraft section (books/stands/desks/crystal)
    - fixed aluminum ore block not sorting with the other ores
    v.05 - added all engines. Added most cans/capsules/cells (does not have xycraft additions)
    - added most xycraft blocks
    - added more forestry + nei bees/bee drops
    v.04 - added dusts (macerated and pulverized) and some forestry blocks
    - added soulshard and a few twilight forest drops
    v.03 - fixed file. Somehow it caused a crash upon loading. I think a few names were too long. Am now testing each time I add, so you don't get a bad file. :)
    v.02 - added railcraft rails, ironchest mod items, and modded fences/posts
    - added shard of minium under hunting resources
    v.01 - finished most known weapons, armor, tools, logs, planks, saplings, leaves and ores.

    Forum Download Below

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  3. Lavious

    Lavious New Member

    Thanks a ton, I'll try this out tonight.
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  4. Rikki21

    Rikki21 New Member

    If those of you using this could let me know if you see something that's not sorting properly (like some wood block isn't with the other wood blocks) as you're playing with this that would help me out a bunch.
  5. Wall

    Wall New Member

    Very nice thanks :)
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  6. Glowstrontium

    Glowstrontium New Member

    I'm glad someone decided to do this, it was something I was thinking of doing but could never be bothered with :D
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  7. Rikki21

    Rikki21 New Member

    So, I just double checked and I only have IC2 copper and tin enabled in my world. All other copper/tin ore generation is set to false. However, I've been getting ALL 3 types in my mystcraft dense ores mining age. I suppose it's a good thing (but weird), as I realized that some of the copper/tin ores weren't sorting properly. Hopefully, no matter what ore gen you have they'll sort correctly now.

    Also, should I bump this thread each time I update the file so you guys know about it? Though I'm hesitant to do that because I don't want to double post.

    Edit: I hate gregtech. But I realized others like/use it and it adds to the ore gen so, yay for you all. Still -- Grr. So many freaking dusts! I doubt I'll add the ridiculous "tiny" dusts (I mean seriously?!), but who knows? I don't actually use the gregtech mod, so if those using it notice an ore/dust not sorting correctly let me know.
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  8. FBI

    FBI New Member

    Wow, just wow... awesome job Rikki! Finally I don't have to deal with those ores/dusts scattered around the chests! Thanks again!
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  9. Rikki21

    Rikki21 New Member

    Huge update.

    I can't believe I forgot refined iron! :eek: And no one noticed either! I had made some in single player as I was making a bunch of stuff so I had a lot of ores in my inventory. I sort it to find things easier and there refined iron is, sitting all by it's lonesome at the very end. :oops:

    Finished adding a bunch of mods. Pretty much added the different mods with NEI one by one and making sure I have each new block for each mod in the tree. Made it much easier, so I don't have to go through 20+ pages of NEI wondering if I added this or that already. Added a to-do list to my main post as well. And I'm kinda overwhelmed I have so much still to do.

    Also. /rant
  10. FlukeSDS

    FlukeSDS New Member

    This is amazing, thank you :).
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  11. Second_Fry

    Second_Fry New Member

    I just started to do it myself and then realized that I will probably die while fixing stuff :D
    So HUGE thanks for this work (I even registered to say this :) )
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  12. Rikki21

    Rikki21 New Member

    I'm glad you guys are enjoying this. :)

    I've added Redpower, so all the ores/dusts/gems and the tools for them should be complete. NEI still hasn't updated it's redpower addon, so I might be missing a few things, but I'm 90% sure I got most of the blocks and resources added. I suppose I should get cracking on the other mods...
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  13. Rikki21

    Rikki21 New Member

    Alright, fixed Redpower 2 IDs. They should be the default IDs for all the mod packs. I had originally done them before the packs with RP came out. Once they did, I found the RP IDs had changed! :eek: So, using MindCracks configs, RP is set. They should be the same for the rest of the 1.4.6 packs.
  14. ChiTown03

    ChiTown03 New Member

    Good job Rikki keep up the good work!!
  15. damaged

    damaged New Member

    Thanks, Rikki!
  16. digitalnoiz

    digitalnoiz New Member

    Yeah this needs a sticky. Or better yet the FTB team should work out some way to include this with their pack distribution.
  17. Zari

    Zari New Member

    Bumping this since i just downloaded it and was looking for it last night.
  18. AEtherchild

    AEtherchild New Member

    I know that the Treecapitator mod's config file reads block IDs from the config files of other mods you have installed... is there any hope for this working within the InvTweaksTree file?
  19. Rikki21

    Rikki21 New Member

    You'd have to ask the mod author (or the possible new maintainer) about that. But I don't think so. The way the InvTweaksTree works is sorting by different categories. With blocks of a mod going in one category and the items going in another, and sometimes being split even more (silk touch ores go in one category, ingot made blocks in another, ore block and ingots in another, etc.)...and with so many mod items there, I doubt it would be easy to sort it all. Treecapitator only has to deal with logs, and I think that deals with forge having a dictionary available.

    I highly, highly doubt this would be able to be implemented at all.
  20. frederikam

    frederikam New Member

    Which modpack are we talking about?

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