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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by JastyFTW, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. JastyFTW

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    Hi there!

    Before I set off with my introduction, I would like to first thank you for taking a moment to read this thread.

    My name is Nick. I'm 26 years old and have been playing Minecraft since Beta. I only recently found myself playing mods, being introduced to the idea via the ease of the Technic Launcher. I heard about FTB prior to it's release as a mod pack through Direwolf20's YouTube postings. I have henceforth been playing FTB from launch day of the mod pack.

    I typically play on my own local server. The only other member being my girlfriend when she finds the time to play. However, I mean no disrespect to her, but her style of play is "vanilla". She has very little drive to utilize the mods for anything other than aesthetics. I occasionally find myself describing some sort of complicated multiple machine-using cross-mod contraption with little to no feedback. So, I have spent the past few days actively seeking out FTB Servers in which I could find like-minded individuals who wish to show off their creative complex contraptions with pride and coherence. Having never played on a real server, this was to be a first time adventure of sorts.

    Where to search? I found myself scouring Sub-reddits and google searches. I have checked out a few of the servers listed on and found nothing but lag and griefing. I've joined a few teamspeaks only to be aurally violated by the high pitched cacophony of which they were filled. I suppose my findings are to be expected given the ease of finding these servers and the non white-listed nature of them.

    So I now find myself joining the FTB official forums, with the hopes of finding a server where I can play with a small to medium sized group peaceful, intelligent, like minded people.

    And even If my search for a community in which to play doesn't prove fruitful, at the very least I would have access to a forum containing the very people whom I am seeking; A community of insightful, inspiring creations and the brilliant minds behind them.

    Once again, Thank you for taking your time to read this thread.
  2. EternalDensity

    EternalDensity New Member

    Hi, and welcome! I only play local, so I can't help you find a server. But I wish you the best of luck in your quest.
  3. Munaus

    Munaus New Member

    A girl who doesn't play MC with mods???

    We should immediately put her on the scales and measure her weight with a duck!

    If she weighs as much as a duck, then she must be made out of wood!

    And if she is made out of wood, then....


    ... build a bridge out of her?

    Will that solve the problem?

    Welcome to FTB, where insightfulness and comedy clash!
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  4. ScottWears

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    Ah I see you have met Manus our resident troll :p.

    If you looking for servers to apply for try here apart from that Welcome to the FTB Forums.
  5. QueWhat

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    Welcome to the forums Jasty! At least your girlfriend plays MineCraft, my wife hates games.

    He's talking about me! :D We just met and yet you know me so well, I R IMPREZED.

    Selfish? ME?! NEVER!:

  6. EternalDensity

    EternalDensity New Member

    Building a bridge will solve the problem, if we get over it.
  7. Ashzification

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  9. Chrissyhailfire

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    i'm fortunate enough that i play on a small size server for a group of friends. we all know each other from a previous server and were helping in the beta testing before the launch and have just kept with it. its kinda a hit or miss but best bet is to just look around with a friend if able. things can be more tolerable with a friend to work with
  10. Greedseed

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    Welcome to FTB :)

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