[Alt Fix] Duplicate mods

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Jul 29, 2019
Hi everyone, I was noticing allot of people found fixes for the duplicate mods issue but the solution was to delete the folders and redo all of the setup and downloads with every post, which is very unnecessary so I'm making this little guide so people don't have to do all that.. If that way is easier for you than mine then go ahead, I'm just putting out another fix which I found and I find easier!

First of all my issue was with the DW20 pack, my solution was simply like this..

1) I'll just give an example to how I did mine, I have my FTB location set to my Desktop in a folder called FTB so it would be to browse Desktop\FTB\Direwolf20_1_6_4\minecraft\mods\

2) Once in there go through and delete all older versions of duplicate mods and then in the same folder is another folder called "1.6.4" go into it once done and delete the older versions.

3) Next open Run and type %appdata% and find ftblauncher, open it and there will be a folder called "ModPacks" goto that one

4) Your going to want to goto which modpack has the duplicate mods again and in that folder is another "minecraft\mods\" so for me it was DW20 so I went to ftblauncher\ModPacks\Direwolf20_1_6_4\minecraft\mods

5) Repeat step 2 but in that folder

6) launch the modpack and enjoy! :3

Now what I figure is it isn't downloading the modpack anymore but copying what is in that folder (ftblauncher) over to the location you have set, there for just simply remove the duplicates from there, and to be honest you might not have to do the first step. Simply removing the mods from ftblauncher's modpacks might remove it from the install location, I never tested it and I'm to lazy and busy to test it right now.. I just wanted to put this out there and go (very busy day ahead ; w; ...) but yeah, hope this helped! Enjoy everyone!!! :333
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