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All Dimensions in FTB

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Xheotris, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. Xheotris

    Xheotris New Member

    So, I'm trying to figure out exactly how many mods in ftb add new dimensions, regardless of the pack they belong to. If you know of any, chime in and I'll edit the first post with a complete list. Also, if I get anything wrong, please let me know.

    Dimension - Mod - Items needed

    Overworld - Vanilla - None

    Nether - Vanilla - 10+ Obsidian, fire

    End - Vanilla - Ender portal frame, 12 eyes of ender.

    Myst Ages - Mystcraft - Linking Book

    Promised Land - Biomes O' Plenty - Ancient Staff

    Moo Moo Farm - Ars Magica 2 - Gateway, evil looking book

    Deep Dark - Extra Utilities - Dark Portal

    Twilight Forest - Twilight Forest - 2x2 pool, flowers, diamond
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  2. Henry Link

    Henry Link Popular Member

    Twilight Forest - diamond tossed into a 2x2 water surrounded by flowers.
  3. Gerald Huppertz

    Gerald Huppertz New Member

    Deep Dark requires the Dark Portal from Extra Utils.
  4. GreenZombie

    GreenZombie New Member

    and the dark portal is made from quadruple compressed cobble and 4 unstable ingots (made with a division sigil).
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  5. dwappo

    dwappo New Member

    1 quad cobblestone, 4 triple cobblestone and 4 unstable ingots.
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  6. GreenZombie

    GreenZombie New Member

    Mystcraft technically requires a Descriptive book for the first visit. All dimensions are equally visitable with linking books.

    Making a descriptive book & a linking book to return home is going to require the materials to make an Ink mixer (5 planks, 2 smooth stone), book binding desk (5 planks 3 iron bars), two pieces of paper, 4 ink sacks, 1 glass vial (and water), and 2 pieces of leather.
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  7. YX33A

    YX33A New Member

    So either 4 diamonds, 4 iron, and ninja speed, or 36 gold nuggets, 36 diamonds, and sanity are required. Cobble is mostly worthless.

    Thankfully you do not consume either your ninja speed or sanity in these crafting recipes. They may be slightly damaged in the process, but this is rarely due to the actual items crafted.
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  8. Xheotris

    Xheotris New Member

    Good point. Having a full summary of how to get to places might be useful. I might adjust the listings this evening.

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