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Agrarian Skies mid game power

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by fleutius, May 1, 2014.

  1. fleutius

    fleutius New Member

    I have been using crucible power for my very small power need so far, a few pulverisers and a small handful of machines.
    But now I want to get started with AE, laser drills and to get a whole lot more automation, but I am stuck on finding a fun way to power it.
    I have about a barrels worth of most metals, and half a barrel of everything else produced from sieves (excluding coal)

    As of right now. Big reactors seems out of the question since I do not have any sulfur (and it is hard to produce enough) to keep it running.

    I have just set up a rubber tree farm, but the amount of charcoal it produces is rather small since a lot of it is going into vanilla furnaces.
    Side question: what gives the best results. Feeding charcoal to vanilla furnaces or to feed it into a steam dynamo, and usingredstone furnaces?

    Thanks in advance :)
  2. Yusunoha

    Yusunoha New Member

    take the chance and head into the nether. be sure to bring enough armor, food and healing or regeneration potions if available, if you've a flight potion, even better
    in the nether, place down a pump and hook it upto a tesseract, so it'll start pumping lava. teleport the lava to the overworld and start using lava generators or magmatic dynamo's, you kind of have to spam them to get alot of power, but it's a good mid game power.

    it's best to do this when you've finished the learning to skyblock chapter, as a reward for that is a flight potion and a pump.
    another option is MFR biofuel, though it requires alot more setting up to run it efficiently
  3. Bagman817

    Bagman817 New Member

    I'd encourage you to take a 2nd look at Big Reactors. The quest rewards for Steel Power give you something like 48 Yellorium Dust which is more than enough to make a 3x3 reactor and sustain it for many hours. The 3x3 will give you something like 250ish RF/t, and you can turn it off when your energy cells are full to further conserve fuel. Also, the reactor waste can be converted 2:1 into blutonium which can also be used as fuel.

    To solve the sulfur issue, I let the reactor fill up a Resonant Cell (that takes 2 1/2 ish hours, as I recall), and used that power on an MFR Laser Drill with 6 yellow filters. That will give you a pretty solid chance of getting either yellorium ore or nether sulfur ore (the sulfur is actually preferable as it gives 24 sulfur when pulverized). Once you get a couple stacks of yellorium, you can upgrade to a 5x5 reactor which is capable of nearly 5000 RF/t, which should pretty much solve your power requirements for the map. Run the laser drill every now and again to keep your sulfur reserves up, and you're good to go.
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  4. fleutius

    fleutius New Member

    Will try that. Might make a few magnum torches first.

    And try to fetch some yellorium/sulfur while there
  5. netmc

    netmc New Member

    don't forget your silk-touch pick.
  6. fleutius

    fleutius New Member

    Well now you put it like that.
    I think I will combine the to.
    A quick trip to the nether (got two flask of flight) and then the big reactor
  7. madnewmy

    madnewmy New Member

    I personnaly got into the nether and got 40 ish sulfur nether ore without problem

    The 8th tab is a VERY good idea to do!

    Another option is getting power for grinder/autospawner and stick a blaze in it, then pulverise the rods for 50% chance sulfur!
  8. fleutius

    fleutius New Member

    The "bragging rights tab"
    Aren't most of the rewards simply signs?
  9. netmc

    netmc New Member

    Can you actually spawn blazes with mfr? I thought the auto spawner has nether mobs black listed.
  10. ThatOneSlowking

    ThatOneSlowking New Member

    There are a few loot bags
  11. madnewmy

    madnewmy New Member

  12. netmc

    netmc New Member

    Would any of the extra utilities generators be considered mid-game power? I know the ender generator can run off eyes of ender (or ender pearls) which shouldn't be hard to make as blaze powder is rather common from sieving dust. (You of course will need an endermen mob farm for the pearls.)

    If you get into crafting the higher quality food, the culinary generator will output higher levels of power based on the quality of food you provide it. A TNT generator might be viable as well if you have a lot of extra gunpowder from your mob farm and sieving, although you will want it some distance away as it can be quite loud with all the explosions.

    I think a compression dynamo will run off of liquifacted coal. You should be able to produce a fair amount of power from the coal you get from sieving.. much, much more than if you burned the coal in a steam dynamo. Blazing pyrothium might not be too difficult to make either. It is a multi-step process, but should be doable by mid-game. That will burn for I think 2 million RF in a magmatic dynamo.[DOUBLEPOST=1398979721][/DOUBLEPOST]
    I can "automate" the spawning of blazes using the ex nihilo method, but it would cost a emerald or a diamond each. Finding a blaze spawner in the nether and using a diamond dolly on it would probably be better though.
  13. MrCervelo

    MrCervelo New Member

    You can also run compression dynamos with Mob Essence and either Blaze Powder or Gun Powder. Even a smallish mob farm (mine is only one level and 19x19) and it produces a surpless of mob essence (as well as a crap ton of other resources). If you run it with conveyers rather than water, you can make it three high and do endermen as well, so you can use ender generators instead.
  14. GreenZombie

    GreenZombie New Member

    1. an angry doll can be used to spawn a blaze.
    2. in a safari net, + MFR spawner and grinder = blaze rods
    3. Plus a pulverizer = sulfur
    4. = a starting supply of yellorium
    5. A BR with 12 cores will output 6kiRF/t
    6. Will power two laser pre injector stages
    7. + at least 1 yellow focus
    8. = way more yellorium than the reactor uses.
  15. fleutius

    fleutius New Member

    MFR spawner is indeed a viable option.
    But I currently don't have the setup to produce mob Essense yet, it all comes back to power.

    In other news. Just as I was about to give up on the RNG gods. They showered me with a bag with a full 100 vis wand and a equal trade focus.
    That + flight flask = nether here I come

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