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Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by Magnox, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. Magnox

    Magnox New Member

    Guys, after some time and effort I have a singing and dancing AE system with a large crafting system. Now I'm moving to IC2 for Crafting Machines (i.e Fake Recipes) as they're faster once overclocked.

    Right here we go, I'm aware of the item change that occurs with the "Energy Crystal" once it has been placed into an inventory, but if crafted with AE it has no damage values, this item then can';t be tranfered to the Lapatron Crystal Recipe as the item I craft the recipe with with be different in the AE storage system because it has not been taken out.

    I even thought moving this to a Cyclic Assembler or something might work but I can't seem to find a work around, has anyone managed to get this to work?

    PS. I'm using DW20 1.0.11

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Tried Google, and came back with the problem but not a resolution.
  2. Racemol

    Racemol New Member

    For items like batteries which has a damage value, you need to use a crafted piece in your pattern encoder. So no shift+clicking the recipe from NEI (you can for the other pieces without damage values) but you need to place the real battery in it. If you do it that way you should not have problems. I'm doing the same stuff on a DW20 server currently.
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  3. Magnox

    Magnox New Member

    Thanks for the tip on that, I'm not shift clicking the items into via NEI!

    When you create a "Energy Crystal" its crafted item stored in the AE network is different to one that you would place in your inventory.

    This causes a problem with Lapatron Crystals as to make them you have to make an energy crystal, when AE creates the Energy Crystal it doesn't reconise it as the same Item used in a Lapatron until i take the energy crystal out of the network place in my inventory and place back in.

    Its very hard to describe, I dont use the shift click from NEI in AE I think its a little OP and enjoy making sure all the components have crafting recipes and so forth. So I never came accross this error with Batteries they work fine, it might be IC2 and the way the items craft.. annoying though :(
  4. Magnox

    Magnox New Member

    Okay, I have found a work around if anyone gets stuck like I did.

    I found out that NEI will show the use of the item differently depending on what item ID. So I looked for the recipe for Energy Crystal then Clicked "U" on it which gave me a shift click recipe with the correct Item ID for Lapatron Crystals!!! Rather than usuing the recipe for Lapatron Crystals if that makes any sense to anyone!

    Annoying how it works but AE seems to be working, looks like the Shift Click Can be useful!

    Okay, Lapatron Crystals can now be created, but it cannot request for Energy Crystal Because of the Compressor Recipe Cannot be shift clicked this then changes the Item ID so it wont request an energy crystal to make a Lapatron, only way for this to work would be keeping a stockpile of energy crystals in the AE System
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  5. Racemol

    Racemol New Member

    Funny, the problem you described was - for me - always caused by shift clicking. Since then I use normal items to make the patterns for ic2 stuff and have no issues at all!

    Anyway, glad it works for you.
  6. AlanEsh

    AlanEsh New Member

    Interesting! OK so wht's this about shift+clicking and pressing U and all that nonsense? Are you saying I can program an AE Blank Pattern directly from NEI in some way?
  7. snooder

    snooder New Member

    Yup. If you shift click while the pattern encoder ui is open, it fills in the pattern for you just like if you shift click in a crafting table.
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  8. Magnox

    Magnox New Member

    Ok I will try and Explain in a little more Detail.

    When AE or you make an Energy Crystal the recipe given out from the crafting table is item "30241". this item stays like this if kept within AE. if the Energy Crystal "30241" is touched by a player (ie. Placed into your Inventory) it changes the item to "30241:26". Meaning no matter which way you try and make the recipes for anything to use Energy Crystals AE will craft "38241" which then in turn can't be used in the recipes as all recipes will need item "30241:26".

    So the only way to do it is to actually take 30241 out of the AE, place into your inventory and then place back into AE... this is all because I can tell AE that I would get Energium Dust --> "38421".

    ANyone that also has this level of AE crafting please have a look to see if I'm missing something but I think i'm going to give up, over 8 hours now trying mini systems just to get energy crystals out of the network and back in... who knows it might be fixed in a updated Ic2 build. I just find it strange I seem to be the only one with this problem :(
  9. Magnox

    Magnox New Member

    You say you have no issues? Can your system make Lapatron Crystals from scratch without any issues? Mine hangs hangs waiting for energy Crystals :(
  10. Fireweaver

    Fireweaver New Member

    I am not at home to test this, but if it requires a player to change the item ID, there are several blocks/machines that have player like behaviour, you could try exporting into one of these and importing it back out, maybe a turtle or autonomous activator, I also think there is a Thaumic Tinkerer machine that acts like a player, or maybe even a golem.

    Sorry I can't test this for you to be sure.
  11. Racemol

    Racemol New Member

    Yes, I have no issues with crafting Lapatron crystals or recipes that use it like the MFSU, EV transformers etc. And I did nothing fancy with "mini" systems to get it working either.
    I did it the opposite as you described though. So for all items that have damage values/meta data (crystals, batteries etc) in all the encoder recipes, I used the REAL item from my inventory instead of shift clicking the question mark from NEI.

    (Edit: You were right, the energy crystal does seem to behave different in regards to the damage values)

    About the item id's changing, thats not really true. The item id stays the same, its just the meta-data changing for that item.
    When I get home, I'll see if I can make some screens about my recipes etc.


    Thinking about it, just a simple RE-battery works the same as a Lapatron Crystal. Do you have any issues with those too?

    Ok I made 2 screens about the Lapatron crystal in my AE system. 2014-01-23 18.02.41.png 2014-01-23 18.03.38.png

    You see the output of the recipe is the Lapatron Crystal and has damage values. This is not the case for the energy crystal though, thats why I did shift+click that one into the Lapatron recipe (also shown in the second screenshot). I'm not sure why this happens, might be because it's crafted outside of the MAC itself, and therefore does not gain the damage values? Anyway, using the same recipe as above should work for you.

    Now let's craft one and see the itemid + damage values. 2014-01-23 18.21.43.png
    I did not take it out of my AE system. You can see it already has damage values.

    Next step, using the Lapatron in another recipe. That is where you have to be careful, shift clicking the question mark inserts the item without any damage values, which could be problematic. So this is how I have my MFSU recipe.. 2014-01-23 18.15.30.png

    This also counts for the more simple ic2 items like battery's but they aren't needed to craft a Lapatron though.

    Where exactly does your ME system stop crafting the damned thing? You do have a recipe for the Energy crystal (used in the Lapatron crystal) attached to your compressor? Another thing to note. Sometimes when external processing takes too long the AE crafting job times out or something. Now the compressor is by default not exactly fast. Do you have overclockers in those? My setup uses 12 OC's in the compressor.
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  12. Magnox

    Magnox New Member


    Thank you for the comprehensive reply, I'm going to take the recipes apart and try again! The issue is not crafting the Lapatron Crystals its the compressor recipe, I give it the recipe to make "Energy Crystals" which is a Fake Recipe, showing the Dust then a Energy Crystal (With Meta Data Values, ie. a Charge Bar Under the item) But my lapatron crystal recipe is made using a energy crystals with the same meta data, but the item that comes out of the compressor has not meta data (ie. no ":") So the AE system wont seem to use them...

    On another note, I have 8 Overclockers in my Compressor, and an auto output into the AE Interface? (Is this the same for you, or do you have a Import Bus attached I'm wondering is they handle the item differently.

    Again, thank you for the time to reply, I might just start the process from scratch again and see if that solves it :D

    PS. (Edit) How did you make your recipe for the Energy Crystal? Would you mind posting a screen or something ill add what I have here!

    Here is a link to my current set up, and I can seem to bypass the issue, AE cannot request the energy crystal for a lapatron because it does have the recipe for the energy crystal without Meta Data.

    If I make the Lapatron Crystal Recipe with a Crafted Energy Crystal, it will request the Energy Crystal Send it to the compressor but then the item that gets returned is a Energy Crystal without Meta Data ...
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  13. snooder

    snooder New Member

    What you have to do is take the Energy Crystal that comes out of the compressor (the one with the 0/10000000 EU notation) and replace the energy crystal in the AE crafting recipe with it.
  14. Magnox

    Magnox New Member

    I'll give it a try but this has been plaguing me for the last 4 days now, and no matter which way I seem to do it, the system gets stuck somewhere in the crafting chain
  15. Racemol

    Racemol New Member

    Here you go: 2014-01-25 12.48.47.png
    How it looks from the ME system: 2014-01-25 12.53.39.png
    You'll notice you have the itemID: 30241:26 and I just have 30241 and to be honest, I have no idea how my recipe turned out this way. I'm trying right now to replicate the Enegry crystal recipe, and when I make it like snooder said It aint working. Could it be it got bugged or changed in an recent update?

    Well, I guess at least you know you aren't going crazy. I have the same problem now, luckily I still have my old recipe ;)

    If you are playing single player, you could try to update IC2 exp. I believe the one included in the DW20 pack is a bit outdated.
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  16. Magnox

    Magnox New Member

    Thank god I'm not going crazy. I'm running my own server not playing SSP but I will wait for an IC 2 update, I just made 64 Energy Crystals pulled em out and placed them back in for a stockpile. Leaving IC2 alone now I have my AE system Powered by Solar, and moving onto Forestry Bees and Trees for a Break from the annoying Tech :D

    Thanks for the help though dude, still wondering how the hell you got that Compressor Fake Recipe Right :p, might have to get your player data with recipe in it and use an editor to steal it :p
  17. Deathzore

    Deathzore New Member

    If you click + drag the energy crystal straight from NEI into the Pattern Encoder (the one with the undamaged value) it's the same as what the AE system creates and can then be used
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  18. MrShizzle

    MrShizzle Guest

    I found another solution but it's only if you are the admin or the admin is willing to help you (if you can cheat items). You just type in the following command: /give [Player] IC2:itemBatLamaCrystal and use the one you got, it has no metadata so your ME system can work with it.

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