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Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by Absolutist, Feb 8, 2013.

  1. Absolutist

    Absolutist New Member


    Hello everybody! I'm back with a new, permanent map and IP! The beta map was a huge success and I've now discovered what needs to be done to done in order to ensure success in creating a nice, friendly community. We did however notice a lull in activity over the past few weeks (after switching to a few different machines with the same host we have right now) but right now it looks like we've found our permanent home.




    1. No griefing. Obviously. You will get caught and you will get banned.
    2. Be respectful. Starting pointless arguments with other players is a good way to get muted/banned.
    3. No PvP. Eventually I will be building a PvP arena.


    Slots: 20

    Game Difficulty: Normal
    World Border set to 6000. Will expand this as necessary (new chunk generation required for updates)

    - Essentials
    - Dynmap
    - Worldborder
    - WorldEdit
    - CoreProtect
    - Factions

    - i7 3770 CPU
    - 10GB RAM
    - Datacenter based in Germany (US players should still get very little lag)


    It is a whitelisted server, all you need to do is send me a private message (you can leave a post here but i won't get to it nearly as fast as a PM) with the following information:

    Real name (optional):
    Time Zone:
    Why you want to join my server:

    It's as easy as that!
  2. nart

    nart New Member

    IGN: thegesh
    Real name (optional): I will provide it in game if its not a problem for the application.
    Age: 24
    Time Zone: Eastern European Time UTC+02:00
    Why you want to join my server: i am searching for a good server with low lag and a good community but sadly i cant find one without lag. I am hoping your server will be ok. Also because of the fresh start.
  3. Shmurrr

    Shmurrr New Member

    Real name (optional):Ashton
    Time Zone:Central Standard US
    Why you want to join my server:I am looking for a small community server and this server seems to be what i would like Also it is hard to find a server with such great ram and dedication
  4. Tac

    Tac New Member

    Real name (optional):Taci or jsut Tac
    Age: 25
    Time Zone: +10
    Why you want to join my server: I love to help people and general just talk to people while mining away and showing people what i've made.

    Note: I'am a was a Tekkit player for many many months but decided to do some FTB as it looks harder and more fun :)
    thou still pretty new to FTB mindcrack i've done about a week in single player and well, boring by your self xD
  5. Nadox97

    Nadox97 New Member

    Real name (optional): James
    Age: 17
    Time Zone: GMT+/-5:00
    Why you want to join my server: I'm looking for a small server that i can play on because i always find my self cheating in single player
  6. Warfax

    Warfax New Member

    Real name (optional): PierLuc
    Time Zone: UTC/GMT -5 hours
    Why you want to join my server: To not play alone :(
  7. Marionn

    Marionn New Member

    IGN: MissMarionn
    Real name: Marion
    Age: 23
    Time Zone: Eastern Standard
    Why you want to join my server: I would like a small, nice community to play with to build things and this server sounds like the awesome place for that.
  8. Speed IMG

    Speed IMG New Member

    IGN: TehKnight117
    Real name (optional): Johnny
    Age: 14
    Time Zone: Pacific Time
    Why you want to join my server: I am just trying to find new servers that are a small and mature community and maybe another server I will play.
  9. Amrauz

    Amrauz New Member

    IGN: Amrauz
    Real name (optional): Michael
    Age: 22
    Time Zone: Pacific standard time
    Why you want to join my server: I like building and messing with machines. I wanted to join a server to have with a good community. I'm currently trying another server, but there seems to be some issues and it has been having a lot of down time. So I am up for a change. Would be nice to play here.
  10. artis

    artis New Member

    IGN: Artis_is_livebro
    Real name (optional): artis
    Age: 17
    Time Zone: pacific
    Why you want to join my server: 1. I hate greifers 2. I wanna but part of a awesome bukkit server 3. im mature and follow rule and play legit 4. im very good at alot of the mods i coulf help and be freindly
  11. rmyoung299

    rmyoung299 New Member

    Real name (optional):rob
    Time Zone:EST
    Why you want to join my server:looking for a server with nice ppl and no lag. i am looking for ppl that will help me out with ftb as i am a newbe.
  12. stentninja

    stentninja New Member

    Victoria Australia
    I want to join because I'm trying to find a good community server that will be very friendly and nice and most important I've never been banned
    Plz consider this application
  13. Shmurrr

    Shmurrr New Member

    IF you have applied to the srever then you may already be whitlisted try to log on
  14. Exege

    Exege New Member

    IGN: Exege

    Real name (optional): Tyler

    Age: 17

    Time Zone: Eastern Standard

    Why you want to join my server: The promise of a new, no lag server is always appealing :) I've played on servers with poor communities, but it seems like you don't want this to be the case on your server. I'm glad you seem to be an experienced host! Hopefully I'll see you on server.

  15. KKmm119

    KKmm119 New Member

    IGN: kkmm119
    Real name (optional): Kyle
    Age: 17
    Time Zone: East Coast USA (EST)
    Why you want to join my server: My computer can not handle the strain of running a modded world. It annoys me, but there is a solution! Join a SMP server! Now I have searched far and wide, and this server seems to have the most freedom. That is why I want to join your server.
  16. Micro035

    Micro035 New Member

    IGN: Micro035
    Real name: Ryan 'FakeLastName'
    Age: 16
    Time Zone: EST (-5 GTM)
    Why you want to join my server: I want to be part of a community like this one. It seems like a great server and I think I can have a lot of fun on this server and contribute to it.
  17. Leon

    Leon New Member

    Okay, before posting application I would like to give a short explanation. It is 4 people application, basically me and my wife are looking for a nice friendly low-lag server and we have experience with FTB already but our 2 very friends never tried it and we would like to show them what FTB has to offer and teach them FTB features in a friendly environment.

    IGN: kingSakima, Veroandi, tautbutterfly, KingOffFreaks
    Real name: (just mine) Leon
    Age: 20+
    Time Zone: EST,GMT
    Why you want to join my server: read above

    Thank you in advance! :)
  18. Absolutist

    Absolutist New Member

    Everyone that correctly applied so far has been whitelisted. Welcome!
  19. gearheadz99

    gearheadz99 New Member

    IGN: gearheadz99
    Real name (optional): jeremy
    Age: 13
    Time Zone:Central Standard US
    Why you want to join my server:I am looking for a small community server and this server seems to be what i would like Also it is hard to find a server with such great people
  20. Deltale

    Deltale New Member

    IGN: Deltale
    Real name (optional): Max
    Age: 25
    Time Zone: GMT +4
    Why you want to join my server: i just need a server to play on.. i'm alone on my current server, and i get bored.

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