A talk with Azanor about the upcoming Thaumcraft 3

Discussion in 'Feed the Beast News' started by Rob, Oct 8, 2012.

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  1. Rob

    Rob New Member

    From Slowpokes Youtube channel here is an hour long talk with Azanor.

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  2. Captainnana

    Captainnana New Member

    Awesome an hour long video so I can find out what all this is about!
  3. blek

    blek New Member

    Cool stuff. I like the way some mods are starting to go, with features that require constant micromanagement, such as the IC2 crops and the new Thaumcraft research system. These things add a lot of depth and fun, hope to see more in the feature. And Azanor's "pipes" are quite...unique, eh.
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  4. SunVenus

    SunVenus New Member

    This video made my day! Can't wait for Thaumcraft 3. Thanks Slowpoke for recording this interview & thanks to Azanor too for giving us so much info & insights!
  5. frederikam

    frederikam New Member

    I really like the teasers on Azanor's channel, you should check it out.

    EDIT: Now i see that the teasers were included in the video.
  6. octarockstudio

    octarockstudio New Member

    that a good video:)
  7. spoodie

    spoodie New Member

    Nice, will watch this tonight. Thaumcraft is probably my favourite mod included in the mod pack which must not be named.
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  8. stads

    stads New Member

    thx for the video was fun to watch
  9. Greedseed

    Greedseed New Member

    it did take a while to watch but the iron golem xD epic ! i wont be using pipes anymore :p
  10. frederikam

    frederikam New Member

    I like the textures, not just those grey GUI.
  11. macks2008

    macks2008 New Member

    copy of my comment on the video's page:"
    yay no more worrying about overloading tanks with taint, purple creepers destroying everything (or at least, if corruption is still implemented, hopefullay a config option.... might suggest that if i can find an appropriate place to do so better than comments), or lottery research!
    Mobs in Jars is no longer just an MCEdit's folder name... ROFL... maybe the mob-jars should have magical aspects based on the mob? creeper would have energy, blaze=fire+light, spider=???
    Does anyone have additional ideas on the mobs in jars idea? It was by far my favorite idea. I'm sure the player in a jar idea could be worked out LOL. Maybe it teleports the player to a glass room floating over a void? Nah too much coding... It's still a neat general idea (the mob-in-a-jar not necessarily the player-in-a-jar).
  12. Nuttyprot

    Nuttyprot New Member

    Very nice vid to watch :).
  13. Jiggins

    Jiggins New Member

    Oh Azanor, always keeping us wanting more Thaumcraft. I love all of the teasers on his Youtube page.
  14. Munaus

    Munaus New Member

    It should be pointed out that the interview starts at 06:00.
    Hopefully people will find that out, so they wont completetly wet their pants before the interview even starts...
  15. Randomsteve

    Randomsteve New Member

    Azanors version of "pipes" are epic. I can't wait to make something with those. Even if its just bringing me food everytime I walk in the door or something. Hehe
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  16. nikolaij1998

    nikolaij1998 New Member

    Very, very nice Mod! Good Job! It's so awesome and Looks very good!
  17. Randomsteve

    Randomsteve New Member

    The new straw golem is pretty sweet. Forestry farms watch out, you have a new contender now. :p
  18. Daxamar

    Daxamar Active Member

    Waiting for this! Oh man.
  19. Black_Wing_Dragon

    Black_Wing_Dragon New Member

  20. monkeybutts789

    monkeybutts789 New Member

    uggh anyone know when its gonna be added to the game?
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