A good enderman farm.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RetroGamer1224, Mar 1, 2013.

  1. RetroGamer1224

    RetroGamer1224 New Member

    Hello fellow players. ^_^

    Retro here wondering whom I should look towards for a good enderman farm. On the SMP my friend hosts I am nearing completion of the portable hole and I need ender pearls for the making of it. I know I can use the Minium stone but my iron is not in surplus. Any help pointing me in the correct direction is much appreciated.

    Thanks. ^_^
  2. Neirin

    Neirin New Member

    1) Go to The End with a Soul Shard
    2) ... That's it.

    If you can't/don't want to go to The End, big open areas are nice for hunting at night because the endermen stick out quite a bit. You could also build a spawner platform high enough in the air that endermen can't teleport to the ground, build a horizontal pillar off of that a ways (so you don't aggro other mobs), build yourself an enderman shelter (2 high ceiling) and stare at the spawning pad until you look at an enderman and pull him to you. Make sure you cover the roof of the spawning pad with water so nothing spawns up there and the endermen can't port there.
  3. RetroGamer1224

    RetroGamer1224 New Member

    Okies. I will try the big open area as I hvae no way to get to the end nor a way to deal with the dragon there. Ty for the advice.
  4. benben500

    benben500 New Member

    Get a soul shard on the highest level you can/want.
    Create a room with quicksand 2 blocks above the ground.
    Put transposers/wooden golems on the floor.
    Place your soul cage in the middle of the room (under the quicksand).

    The Endermen should spawn with their heads in the quicksand and suffocate, and the transposers/wooden golems will collect the drops.
  5. RetroGamer1224

    RetroGamer1224 New Member

    That is an evil plan. Thing is I have no diamonds to use as shards. I am in hevay need of them. I could do it on my ssp but need to go to nether on it.
  6. Adonis0

    Adonis0 New Member

    The problem is, soul shards are the most effective way, next best is creating a vanilla spawner in the end.
    which you said you can't do.

    There is a bit of a bug with them that you can combine many shards together to create a high level one without actually killing 1024 of that mob.
    It acts like the shards have durability, and thus can be "repaired".
  7. Guswut

    Guswut New Member

    If you are really unable to get a soul shard for endermen set up for some reason, but still have access to the end, your best bet is to sideways pillar a few hundred blocks so you are out of the area for other possible spawns (this does not work if GregTech is installed because of his endroids, but you appear to be on DireWolf20) and then build a platform there. Endermen will spawn in large amounts.

    There are also grinders you can make, such as the following:


    and (disregard the lack of useful audio)

    Good luck!
  8. Dravarden

    Dravarden New Member

    the hard part is to get to the end portal (I was lucky twice and have found it by mining) and then turning it on, because killing the dragon is a piece of cake.
  9. Roachy

    Roachy New Member

    That's brilliant and quite simple. I just did it, except I used a floor made of obsidian/iron pipes. It's been going for maybe five minutes and I've already got 5 stacks of pearls.

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