A couple RotaryCraft questions.

Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by PonyKuu, Mar 9, 2014.

  1. PonyKuu

    PonyKuu New Member

    I'm using latest monster pack and I have some questions regarding new stuff in RotaryCraft.

    1. What's the Liquid Distillator? It has a crafting recipe, but I can't find any information in the handbook.
    2. Fuel-Powered Engine
    - 1) it shows that it has some sort of an input. What does it expect from that side? Not fuel - fuel is supplied from bottom.
    - 2) Fuel-Powered Engine doesn't work with an Engine Control Unit.
    - 3) Unlike other engines it doesn't have a GUI that shows approximate running time.
    3. How to cook steel using jet furnace? I put iron inside and it does nothing. It works for obsidian, though.
  2. PonyKuu

    PonyKuu New Member

    Also, CVT doesn't connect to fluiducts and lubricant hoses.

    And a belt rendering glitch:
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  3. TheAwesomater

    TheAwesomater New Member

    Surely the CVT only needs one bucket of lubricant to run anyway, so it is not necessary. However that may have changed in the latest monster.
  4. PonyKuu

    PonyKuu New Member

    Oh, didn't know that. Last time when I checked RC CVT's didn't require lubricant t all.

    Another note: Using Magma Crucible powered by a rotational dynamo to convert ethanol into liquid is worthless. If you use a gasoline engine it will eat all ethanol by itself and performance one requires additional stuff.

    Also, what real life physics is hidden behind all that "core magnetizing" mechanic? AFAIR real AC engines don't require such stuff to be done... Or is it just a balancing method?
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  5. Not_Steve

    Not_Steve Over-Achiever

    As far as I recall?
  6. PonyKuu

    PonyKuu New Member

    AFAIR Yes :D

    Oh, and sorry, I'm using recommended version, not latest.
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  7. Reika

    Reika RotaryCraft Dev FTB Mod Dev

    I provide absolutely no support for versions other than the latest.

    As for the magnetization, yes, you do need an electric current (or another magnet).
  8. PonyKuu

    PonyKuu New Member

    Well, of course you need electric current or another magnet, but I don't think you have to disassemble your engine, pull out the rotor and use some device to magnetize it.

    I'll check whether the stuff is the same in the latest version.
  9. Reika

    Reika RotaryCraft Dev FTB Mod Dev

    If it was demagnetized and was not an electromagnet...
  10. PonyKuu

    PonyKuu New Member

    So, I checked the latest version and none of the issues I listed are fixed. Maybe except for pulse jet furnace which refuses to make HSLA steel, but that's the issue with the temperature.
    And that's the question I want to bring up, too - how to keep steel-producing jet furnace from overheating? Water cools it below 900C and cooling fin is not enough.

    1) Still no information on Liquid Distillator.
    2) Fuel-powered engine still shows that it has some input and no idea what does it want.
    3) Fuel-powered engine can be controlled by a control unit, but the unit doesn't supply fuel to it and that's kinda weird - I can either supply fuel or control the engine.
    4) Belt rendering bug is still present.

    Additional findings:
    1) Steam turbine doesn't connect to fluiducts.
    2) I was able to spin it up to 12krad/s while handbook says that its speed is 2krad/s
  11. Lathanael

    Lathanael New Member

    I'll quote Reika from his homepage for this one:
  12. PonyKuu

    PonyKuu New Member

    OK, sorry for that one.
  13. PonyKuu

    PonyKuu New Member

    BTW, Reika, by latest version do you mean the latest version of your mod, not modpack?
    If you do, that's quite inconvenient to mess with the separate mods in the pack, you know...
  14. Wagon153

    Wagon153 New Member

    Not his problem. :p It's FTB's job to put in the mods, so if they choose to wait before doing so...*shrug*
  15. PonyKuu

    PonyKuu New Member

    Well, I think so... I don't know what's the updating policy of the packs... I doubt they update the pack each time some mod releases a new bugfix.
    But anyways, if some of the issues I listed are fixed in later versions, sorry for that. Changelog only says some handbook fixes, so the rest ones are new as I guess. Heck, some of them are just questions, not reports, and no one wants to answer them :(
  16. Reika

    Reika RotaryCraft Dev FTB Mod Dev

    I do not follow or influence the versions in various packs. If you experience bugs or missing features, it is your responsibility to update.
  17. kilteroff

    kilteroff New Member

    PonyKuu, like 95% of your questions are in the handbook. Rotarycraft is not a mod where you can just jump in creative, scatter everything on the ground, and it's all systems go. The remaining 5% is the shaft magnetization; yes that is a real way electricity is produced.
  18. PonyKuu

    PonyKuu New Member

    First of all, if you want to talk about 95% of questions you should wait until I ask at least 20 of them. :p
    But anyways, I've searched the handbook first. For example for Liquid Distillator I triple-checked every single page in the handbook. If it is not in the current version (18b in the latest Monster), I'm sorry for that, but I'm not going to mess with the pack. Even updating from recommended version to the latest one kinda messed up some configs.
    The other question was about the input of the fuel engine, I asked it because I remember the bug with flywheel - the game didn't show any output while it had one.
    Pulse jet furnace question is the example when handbook does not help. It says that water is mandatory for operation of the furnace, but if you use water, the furnace will never reach 900C and thus won't cook steel - and that's the exact reason I asked that question.
    BTW, have you really checked whether those answers are in the handbook, or just saying?

    It's Reika's mod and Reika's style of supporting of course, but if these are known things, well, I doubt that saying "These are fixed in 18d, use that." would take much more time and effort than saying "I'm not gonna support an old version."
  19. kilteroff

    kilteroff New Member

    Hehe sorry, so yea the liquid distillator .. all this info is in one of Danilus's vids on yt btw, I've never had to use it so I don't know off the top of my head, but it's somehow used for making jet fuel without some ingredient..but still taking a 8x loss.. or something.. >_> The fuel engine is for bc fuel, have you tried water for the other input? Pulse jet furnace only runs on jetfuel, and it's really only used to make blastglass and a few reactorcraft machines and gate the content. It may require being on a heater now as opposed to lava or fire where it didn't before. There's been a lot of content in a small amount of time, things change, so there's a bit of uh.. adventure? lol.

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  20. PonyKuu

    PonyKuu New Member

    Thanks for the vid, I'll watch it this evening.

    The purpose of fuel engine I know, but didn't tried to add water. It still acts kinda weird for me since loading it with fuel via engine controller doesn't work for the version from the latest pack and I also tried to load it via that input and that doesn't work either so for now it's either fuel input or engine controller :) Maybe it's fixed in later version, though.

    Pulse jet furnace CAN cook steel, but it's quite hard to do because of the issue I described - it has to be at 900+ degrees, but with water supply it only heats up to 873 and without water it explodes. I guess you can just cook it one at a time or something. And it can't sit on heater since it's powered from the bottom.

    Well for now I can still play the game since things like jet furnace and fuel engine are later in the tech tree than I am - I only have a couple of steam engines, pump and a grinder. Didn't even started with TE stuff, for example.

    BTW I had to break one gearbox because I needed to power the grinder via x4 gearbox in torque mode and I need lubricant to use that gearbox without any damage. So, I made an x8 gbox, made some lubricant and replaced it with an x4 gbox which is currently running.
    I guess I could wait for gasoline engines and power the grinder straight away, but that's no fun :D
    And steam engines are basically free energy.
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