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A chest with infinite of one item?

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Linkisis, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. Linkisis

    Linkisis New Member

    I am just getting in FTB after a long break from Tekkit, and honestly I hate mining out huge amounts of materials, or even getting to the point of quarries. So my plan was to simply spawn in any items you would get from mining - mostly ores, redstone, some of the TC stuff, etc. Sort of a stepping stone from survival to creative. I realize its pretty cheaty, but hey I'm playing single player so I'm going to what I want ;P.

    But I was wondering if it was possible to do was to make a chest with an infinite amount of certain items? Like, I plonk down a chest and do something to it, and I can just pull as much iron ore out of that chest as I need to without it emptying? Maybe something with NEI, or what? If not that's fine, but I'd love to know :). Thanks in advance for any help ;D
  2. CenturionArcher

    CenturionArcher New Member

    A deep storage unit or quantum chest might be good.
  3. tehBlobLord

    tehBlobLord New Member

    You could take a Deep Storage Unit and shove a ton of iron in there, you'd never have to worry about it again.
    Otherwise I think there's an MCedit filter that does that with dispensers but I have no idea if it works in FTB.
  4. Linkisis

    Linkisis New Member

    Ah, so FTB has some absurdly huge chests I could just fill it? That'd be a good work-around, thanks guys :D
  5. Hoff

    Hoff Tech Support

    Yeah the DSU stores the number limit of one of the java parameters(I forgot which) It's somewhere around 2.150 billion.
  6. tehBlobLord

    tehBlobLord New Member

    A few of them are:
    Barrels, holds 64 stacks (just over the amount of a double chest)
    Upgraded barrels, holds something like 1024 stacks.
    Deep storage unit, I believe holds 2 million of the item but I'm 90 percent sure that's wrong
    Quantum Chest, ridiculously expensive (but I believe you'll cheat one in) and I've never made one so I'm not sure.
  7. Linkisis

    Linkisis New Member

    Ya, I'll probably just have a room with a bunch of cheated in Quantum Chests filled with the items I've decided I'll allow myself to bring in. Thanks :D
  8. Dare2Win

    Dare2Win New Member

    I also believe that TUbestuff adds a dupelicator that you could pipe out into a chest
  9. Hoff

    Hoff Tech Support

    It doesn't play nice with machines though. It'll either turn into a stack + 47 or just one piece.
  10. casilleroatr

    casilleroatr New Member

    I wonder if you could use Applied energistics to pull whole stacks really quickly from an immibis tubestuff duplicator?
    tubestuff also has a liquid duplicator. If you put a bucket of what you want in it you can pump it out forever with liquiducts. I got an eternal fuel boiler like that once!
  11. whizzball1

    whizzball1 New Member

    Duplicator from Tubestuff.
    But you can only pull from it with Automation.
  12. martyyp

    martyyp New Member

    I've seen a guy with a deep storage unit with more than 20,000,000 cobble so those things are probably the way to go, pretty cheap as well

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