A bit of help with Rotarycraft, please?


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Jul 29, 2019
Ok, first off, I'd like to say: Rotarycraft is an amazing mod. When starting my current SSP world, I decided to try going fully-Rotarycraft for tech. Best decision I could have made. It's really fun to mess around with all of the different machines and try to automate things -- right now I have an automated canola farm and an (almost) fully automated ethanol farm. I'm really looking forward to getting into Reactorcraft, and Chromaticraft as well.

Secondly, about performance. For some reason, my FPS seems to drop in half (60 -> 30) whenever I'm near more than 10-15 rotarycraft blocks, and I can't think of a reason for that (Unless using GL_STREAM drawing, the extra vertices shouldn't make a difference. Rotational animation is simple. I've gotten better FPS while still around a bunch of machines from other mods). Is it just that Minecraft's game engine really doesn't work well with Rotarycraft stuff?
(If it matters, I'm giving MC 4G of RAM, out of 16, and I have very little advanced tech set up. Intel core i7, NVidia GTX 860)

Thirdly, and my main reason for creating this thread: I'm having some difficulties with setting up a solar tower. I'm pumping water in, and there're (5 or 6, forget which) of the actual solar tower blocks, and 9 mirrors. I've tried various configurations of solar tower blocks and mirrors, and nothing has actually put out any power-- See the image below. In addition, but perhaps on an unrelated note, the tower sometimes takes a while to actually detect attached mirrors. Is that normal?
I assume something is wrong with the setup... I'd appreciate some help in figuring out what I did wrong. Thanks for the help!
(Using Rotarycraft V9B. As far as I'm aware, that's the newest version)
(The gearboxes, jet fuel, and extractor behind the solar tower are completely separate, except for the liquid transfer node, which produces more than enough water)


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Jul 29, 2019
There's a bug in the solar towers, they only work without water in them, for some reason. As for your FPS issue, I think its just Minecraft, not RotaryCraft itself. MC is kind of...touchy about things.