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Discussion in 'Texture packs' started by Kaosian, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. Kaosian

    Kaosian Active Member

    I have been playing Industrial Craft 2 and Buildcraft for awhile now. I have had permission to create textures for mods based of of Misa's Realistic Pack. I am currently working on adding in the mods from feed the beast

    So Far the completed mods in the textures are
    Buildcraft 3
    Additional Pipes
    Industrial Craft 2
    Compact Solars
    Advanced Solars
    Advanced Machines
    Iron Chests
    Backpacks (needs updateing)

    In Progress
    Eloram's Red Power 2 (on hold till she updates it)
    Steve's carts







    Click on the picture below to get to my original MC forum link
  2. Golrith

    Golrith Over-Achiever

  3. iamtherahj

    iamtherahj Active Member

    I like the way this looks so far. Keep up the good work!
  4. Ngar

    Ngar Active Member

    I live in a minecraft reality (my kids say) So I love MISAs realistic texpack :)
  5. _ShadowRaven_

    _ShadowRaven_ Active Member

    Looks great, haha :)
  6. Dylan Meurs

    Dylan Meurs Member

    awesome looking TP but I seem to have quite a few vanilla textures when I download am I doing something wrong or did I download the wrong one?
  7. AlexUbel

    AlexUbel Member

    So do the downloads include the base texture pack that you are building off of? Also do I download the completed pack or the working ftb pack?
  8. Dylan Meurs

    Dylan Meurs Member

    another quick question are you going to update this for the DW20 pack? (srry I know its the holidays but I was just wondering)
  9. Kaosian

    Kaosian Active Member

    I will do the mods as I get to them. What I am doing is is making the vanilla textures 64x by scaling them and them I am adding in the new textures. That way you should end up with no update texture pack blocks. I can promise what mods Ill do but I do a lot of them for the ones I play first. so gregs tech will be a LONG way off. I do the textures and play. when I did the initial IC2 and BC it took me 2 months of nothing but texture work. My experience is learned as I go and I have a ton still to learn. I will update the files this week. the blueletric engine is done and gorgeous. just a teaser

  10. aram_mco

    aram_mco Active Member

    Direwolf20 pack are compatibility?
  11. Auroron

    Auroron Active Member

    Hi, this looks pretty good. Are you also going to add the textures for the mindcrack modpack (for example for the traincraft mod)?

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