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Open Server 4EG|Agrarian Skies 3.1.1|Open|Quest|Teamspeak|24/7|20 Slots|Skyblock

Discussion in 'Agrarian Skies' started by COTTERMAN, May 30, 2014.


    COTTERMAN New Member


    Agrarian Skies : v3.1.1

    Server I.P. : as.4eg.in:25665
    Four Elements Gaming website : www.4eg.in
    Teamspeak Server I.P. : ts3.4eg.in

    Server Location: Sweden
    Hardcore Questing Skyblock Mode
    This is a public pack.
    Each player is granted a island with 750x750 building/protection range.
    Each player starts with a total of 4 lives.


    Currently 20 Slots available !
    We have ranks, custom islands, Running 24/7, Auto restart every 6 hours.
    Server designed to teach the new mods and how to use the machines/items. Ranking system unlocks islands, commands, permissions as you rank up. Friendly/helpful staff. Community of like minded players, willing to assist/help.

    Leave your in-game name and a comment telling us why you like our server on this post for a Legendary Reward Bag. Reward given when staff login. Rewards can only be claimed once per day, so please leave only 1 comment per day .

    updating spawn, pic to come
    Basic starting island/Skyspecialist island:


    SkyPhantom Island:


    SkyTitan Island:


    SkyGod/SkyDemon Island:


    Dont Forget our TeamSpeak3 Server.
    TeamSpeak 3 Server : ts3.4eg.in

    Four Elements Gaming website : www.4eg.in

    Its recommended to get the new FTB Launcher. FTB Launcher
    Select Agrarian Skies as modpack to launch, Launcher settings/Agrarian Skies options > Manually select build > 3.1.1

    • [1] No Spam : Including, Channels, Players, and commands.​
    • [2] No Offensive Buildings : Your structures must be friendly too.​
    • [3] No Discrimination/Racism : Speech is a right not a freedom.​
    • [4]No Client Mods : Mods or Hacks that give unfair, donator only, or any ability you should not have are not allowed here.​
    • [5] Report All Bugs : Finding bugs is fun, reporting them to staff is in the rules and fair for all players.​
    • [6] No Begging : Do your own work.​
    • [7] No Profanity : Cursing, Vulgar language not permitted​
    • [8]No advertising/spamming i.p. for other servers​
    • [9]Respect Staff​
    • [10] Follow Staff Directions​


    Vanilla Hopper placement, Drums (extra utilities), Drawbridges,
    Silkworms(/kit string is used instead),
    Matter Cannon (just block damage), Wand Focus Excavation
    Ender Block, Chunk Loader (both MFR &Chickenchunks)
    Spot Loader

    Mods Removed - Aroma Backup


    Owner - COTTERMAN
    HeadAdmin - ThePa9an
    Admins - DemonKezzington, 4EG_KINGBOSS, devildeath
    4EG_Amergin, chopper31, iDarX, WayneFrancis, WhiteDuck
    Mods - senoc, cesmaster, Spazitu, Dr.Who,T73
    Server250, electropotato686, Rayman1046


    FTB Agrarian Skies 3.1.1 (this posting): as.4eg.in:25665

    FTB BloodNBones 1.1.2 : bnb.4eg.in:25765

    Tekkit 1.2.10 : tek.4eg.in:25599

    Attack of the B-Team 1.0.12a : bteam.4eg.in:25588

    4EG Magus Miners : mm.4eg.in:25743 (4EG Custom Modpack)

    More servers to come[​IMG]

    FTB - Agrarian Skies 3.1.1, Brought to you by 4EG.
    For more info visit our site at www.4eg.in Find Us on Teamspeak at ts3.4eg.in​
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  2. ThePa9an

    ThePa9an New Member

    Saw that the protected area for each player wasn't mentioned. You get 750x750, which is enough to build pretty much anything you want. Protected with WorldGuard.
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  3. egor66

    egor66 New Member

    Players start as [guest] , guest can do very little in-game till they become a [member].

    To become [member] :[1] Login to Enjin
    [2] Join this site ( top right corner of this page )
    [3] Link your minecraft character ( if its not already linked )

    Two questions seeing as your a brand new server do you have the questbook hotfix implemented, & where is the server host located, I really dont get why its not posted as part of the topic for most all of us its the major factor in server selection, ei why even bother with a server on the far side of the planet.
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  4. ThePa9an

    ThePa9an New Member

    As I understand it the hotfix isn't really of any use because the client will have to update to it as well. Plus it will reset all the quests. (The quest progress and the modpack quest tree) I believe the server is hosted in Sweden. Server is now on 2.1.7
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    COTTERMAN New Member

    updated island building/protection range info for the listing

    COTTERMAN New Member

    Server location is in Sweden, i am located in the United States and get great connectivitiy, we have players from all around the world who play here. :D
  7. Dragonreborn813

    Dragonreborn813 New Member

    Love this server. There is a large helpful player base. -Dragonreborn813
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  8. mattinahalf

    mattinahalf New Member

    Love this server, small friendly community, very helpful as well, and attentive staff to boot :). -Mattinahalf
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  9. KiwiBlaze

    KiwiBlaze New Member

    What's not to love here?
    When you join a server that doesn't contain PvP, you need to look for unity. Not only from its active staff list, but from the players. Don't expect to be given everything, but at times expect a helping hand if you do not know everything, or just need a simple hand.

    4EG is about creating a usable, stable and constant life for players all over the world. Come and join us!
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  10. qwertyuiop1298

    qwertyuiop1298 New Member

    Why i love this server? well that would take me all day...
    I joined this server just a week ago, and i have fallen in love... the community is amazing here, better than any community on any server i have been on, the second i came on everyone was helping me and telling me how to overcome the complicated registration, everyone is extremely patient and whenever you ask something or need help a mod or an experienced player will be there, everyone in our small community is so nice and there really is nothing like the people on this server.
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    COTTERMAN New Member

    Leave your in-game name and a comment telling us why you like our server on this post for a Legendary Reward Bag. Reward given when staff login. Rewards can only be claimed once per day, so please leave only 1 comment per day .
  12. Alex Bowerman

    Alex Bowerman New Member

    I love this server because it has such a friendly community and so little banned items :) IGN: bowerman2000
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  13. 19bdoyle

    19bdoyle New Member

    I love this server for many reasons. The biggest reason for all, is for all the things that people in the community try and do to help out. There has been so many supporters for us, it has been an honor being with them. And for that reason, I will be staying with this community. IGN: 19bdoyle
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  14. pancake_hunter

    pancake_hunter New Member

    Hi it's Pancake_hunter! Great server with only the best of Staff!!!:DLove this server!
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    COTTERMAN New Member

    Server is back up, was down for quick maintenance.
    updated mcpc+, cleaned up error messages in console, cleaned up a few config files.
    No major changes, most was done to decrease cpu and ram usage
    (which were great anyway)
  16. 4EG_jallen8482

    4EG_jallen8482 New Member

    This server is very friendly and everyone helps out. We have a lot of fun
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  17. Dragonreborn813

    Dragonreborn813 New Member

    Amazing server to be on. The people are extremely friendly and know pretty much the answer to any question you may have. I'm constantly on so if you need help with anything just ask - Dragonreborn813
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  18. G1aNt_N3rD189

    G1aNt_N3rD189 New Member

    This server is amazing! Very minimal downtime for maintenance and almost no banned items! (And the items that are banned dont really restrict gameplay at all.) Plus their is usually at least 1 staff member on at all times!
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  19. EpicSaif

    EpicSaif New Member

    Great sever. Protected area which is helpful for building and doing your own stuff. great staff to help u when u need it :D must check it out :D
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  20. Treesin345

    Treesin345 New Member

    I love this server because it's not full of jerks and it's a great place to play AS, my favorite pack. -rusin345
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