Whitelist Server 40HoursADay | Direwolf20 + Galacticraft| 1.6.4 | 1.0.25 | White List | Active Admin 18+

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Jul 29, 2019
Good Day

This server is operated by 40HoursADay gaming community. This is a Direwolf20 .25 server. We do update often when the mod pack updates. We have also installed Galacticraft if you are whitelisted you will be given some modified config files. We are mainly a group of friends who just enjoy playing games. This server is mainly the same, but we are looking to build on it. So any one who is also interested in server building is welcome. Most of our members are in there mid to late 20's. Things like spawn have not been completed yet. Our servers physical location is in the Los Angeles U.S. Its a decated server from creeper host, so the connection is good. If you are selected then a PM will be sent to you.

P.S. We also custom code mods so from time to time you may have to install a mod for its final stages of testing on the server.


EssentialsAntiBuild "For any who manage to get into the server who is not allowed"
EssentialsGroupManager "manage permissions"
Essentials "Stuff that is hard to live without"
EssentialsProtect "part of essentials"
EssentialsSpawn "seems like it explains its self"
MobHunting "Server Eco"
Multiverse-Core "world managment"
Vault "Server Eco"
WorldEdit "Admins use"

Server rules
1. Respect other players.
2. No griefing, stealing or destroying others property.
3. No PVP or killing another player without consent of other player.
4. ABSOLUTELY NO USE OF ANY RACIAL, SEXUAL, OR OFFENSIVE SLURS. (Will result in an immediate kick/ban)
5. Must build over 500 blocks from spawn
6. NO strip mining or quarrying in the overworld "there is a quarry world for that"
7. 18 years or older please

We have a teamspeak server, players are encouraged to use it but it is not mandatory.


Server Specs
5 cores
U.S. Based
"We will expand as needed"


Minecraft experince:
Recording: Y\N
Teamspeak: Y\N
Server builder: Y/N "good ether way"
Why should we whitelist you?:
Questions or comments:


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Jul 29, 2019
Age: 19
Minecraft experince: started playing around the halloween update whenever that was years ago been playing modded mc since tekkit
Recording: Y\N No
Teamspeak: Y\N Maybe
Server builder: Y/N "good ether way" Yes if some things like nexus and spawn arent done i sometimes do them
Why should we whitelist you?: i have extensive ftb knowledge im joining with my friend atomic667 and possibly xhava + i haven't been on a server yet where people don't like me
Questions or comments: I hope this is the right area too apply because there is no other replies here


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Jul 29, 2019
Age: 18
Minecraft experince: around 3.5 years vanilla and around 2 years with modded minecraft
Recording: no
Teamspeak: maybe
Server builder: Y/N "good ether way"I enjoy building, I would like to think im not to bad at it so i would help if help is needed.
Why should we whitelist you?:I'm an experienced player looking for a mature and friendly community. I am also coming with some friends caelans123 and xhava
Questions or comments:Looking forward to hearing back from you :D


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Jul 29, 2019
Username: Spirezzzz
Age: 24
Minecraft experince: 3 Years playing
Recording: N
Teamspeak: Y, but my english oral level is a little bad (I can understand almost all sentences, but i talk no very fluidly)
Server builder:
Why should we whitelist you?: Because i´m a nice guy :D Kiding... i whant to have fun and play this modpack with other people and learn more about him together, i can help others on them projects if needed and apport several hours on thems.
Questions or comments: All clear.


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Jul 29, 2019
Username: mikalosa
Age: 26
Minecraft experince: veteran casual player
Recording: Y\N N
Teamspeak: Y\N Y
Server builder: Y/N "good ether way" N
Why should we whitelist you?: a complete and utter absence of bad reports(unless you count inactivity)
Questions or comments: nope


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Jul 29, 2019
Your back ground check looks good mikalosa. I will invite you to a convo that has all the information you need. Please not that the address change for the server is at the end of the thread. If there are any issues let me know in there I will respond relatively quickly.


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Jul 29, 2019
Username: rostik002
Age: 17 (Very mature, please feel free to give me a trial on the server and see how I go)
Minecraft experince: I have been playing since beta and I am very experienced with DW20 mods.
Recording: Y\N Yes and No, My YT channel is not for minecraft gaming but I may make an exception.
Teamspeak: Y\N N
Server builder: Y/N "good ether way" Depends, I may sometimes build a community farm or help out at spawn.
Why should we whitelist you?: Because I really enjoy FTB and I unfortunately, had an accident on a different server that caused me to leave FTB for 5 months or so.. And now I want to come back and enjoy the mods with everyone :D
Questions or comments: If possible, please reply via skype (mrthetankinline)

Thank you.