[32x] 1.5.2 Faithful FTB Unleashed, Direwolf20, Unhinged +More

Discussion in 'Texture packs' started by ChiTown03, Nov 3, 2012.

  1. ChiTown03

    ChiTown03 Well-Known Member

    Faithful Texture Pack 1.5.2 FTB


    A double resolution texture pack that stays faithful to the original Minecraft textures.​
    An official FTB texture pack will be coming soon from Vattic.​
    Until then enjoy what I have put together. :)
    Faithful thread: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/72747-faithful-32x32-pack-update50-mods-for-15-font-162/

    I've put together a much more complete pack. It is not 100% done of course but I've updated lots of 1.5 textures. If any one wants to add to this, submit your textures and I will upload them to the pack.
    These are not all my textures but i did contribute to most 1.4.7 changes that have been made. Credit goes to Vattic and also the wonderful texture artists on the mc forums.

    Note: There are 3 files i added to make the grass look really green and cool looking. If you don't like it simply remove them from misc > foilagecolor, grasscolor, and grasscolor-smooth

    I will add this back in upon request, for now it is default
    Compatible for 1.5.2 mods

    Faithful 1.5.2 Modded v2.9.5
    Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/5fsu5tegenezsi9/1.5.2_faithful_2.9.8.zip

    10/1 v2.9.8 Added biomes o plenty, mps and a few other tweaks
    8/30 (v2.9.4&5) Added enderstorage and xeno's reliquary
    8/29 (v2.9.2&3) Thanks Poppycocks for the Dartcraft Ore, added chargepads
    8/29 (v2.9.1) Minor tweaks and changes Added Carpenter's Block
    8/25 (v2.9) Added Minefactory Reloaded & Extrabees
    8/21 (v2.8) Added Underground Biomes thanks to The_Order
    ?/?? (v2.7) ??? I forgot
    8/17 (v2.6) Added Factorization
    8/15 (v2.5) Some dartcraft stuff
    8/11 (v2.4) Lots of stuff
    6/17 (v2.1) Added a bunch :) Too lazy to list
    6/9 (v2.0) Updated for 1.5.2

    3/10 (v1.4) Updated for DW20 5.2
    2/22 (v1.3) Updated for DW20 5.1.1
    2/11/13 (v1.2) Thaumcraft, Xycraft Extra bees and a few other tweaks and changes.
    2/2/13 (v1.1) Lots of updates for dw20 v5. To many to list plus i'm just being lazy :p
    1/14/13 (v1.0) Updated redpower and thaumcraft. Most thaumcraft textures are the original x16.
    1/14/13 Updated omnitools (you must update omnitools mod for this to work)
    1/13/13 Fixed sorting machine gui.
    1/12/13 Fixed beealyzer , forestry saplings, arboriculture, corupted genome and serums.
    1/11/13- Added few textures from twilight, railcraft, and forestry, also apairist databank
    1/10/13- Tweaked thermal expansion glass and pack.png
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  2. Vegoraptor

    Vegoraptor Active Member

    Already used it for another modpack, nice overall, however, there are some missing textures, needs to be improved.
    Also, i think there is a 64x Faithful out there, just no idea where to look for it....

    But yeah, Vattic really needs to support FTB mods.
  3. Rhinehart_

    Rhinehart_ Member

    well i know that LegitNeek made a sphax addon for 1.2.5 ftb insanity, though there are alot more now
  4. RampantPanda65

    RampantPanda65 Active Member

    No LegitNeek did not make the Sphax add-on. He merely posted the link to it. The textures were done by Sparkst3r and others.
  5. ChiTown03

    ChiTown03 Well-Known Member

    Vattic has most of the mods already but of course there not updated for 1.4.2 yet, but whatever textures are missing, i will be helping out with to make sure we have a complete pack
  6. Rhinehart_

    Rhinehart_ Member

    haha thats what i get for pulling that out of my head without confirming with the post, o_O
  7. Nightfury18

    Nightfury18 New Member

    im using this texture pack on my server, its awesome and got full mod suport, though there is an error with forestry arboriculture cloths
    as they look pink

    If anyone can fix forestry and Extrabiomes, Please post the fix here
  8. RampantPanda65

    RampantPanda65 Active Member

    You should really bring this up on the MC forums/tell Vattic.
  9. ChiTown03

    ChiTown03 Well-Known Member

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  10. jodelahithit

    jodelahithit Active Member

    I've got a temp version with almsot all mod textures 32x32 faithful ready, ill post it asap
  11. ChiTown03

    ChiTown03 Well-Known Member

    You may post it if you want but like i said Vattic has plans for an official version.
  12. Eric Martin

    Eric Martin New Member

    how soon is asap? Wouldn't mind trying it when the 128x Sphax pack gets laggy...
  13. jodelahithit

    jodelahithit Active Member

  14. grindle2000

    grindle2000 Member

    Your link is broken , just points to the main site , but it will work if you copy and paste it into the address bar.

    Thank you for putting this together.

    FTB Faithfull 32x (added a link for everyone)
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  15. jodelahithit

    jodelahithit Active Member

    Thanks a lot buddy!
  16. Wizaerd

    Wizaerd Active Member

    Is this usable with the FTB Launcher app, and if so, how?
  17. canilsen

    canilsen Member

    Where did you take the red rock brick textures from? They don't really fit the rest of faithful textures.
  18. jodelahithit

    jodelahithit Active Member

    I can't really remember where i got them from, but i thought they looked okay for the texturepack[DOUBLEPOST=1354188263][/DOUBLEPOST]
    what do you exactly mean by that? You can just use it with the FTB modpack (so with the launcher too... i think?)
  19. Wizaerd

    Wizaerd Active Member

    Meaning that to use it with vanilla MC you have to use mcpatcher in order to use this texture pack. But if I use the FTB Launcher, do I still have to do the manual install process myself? Which may be problematic since the FTD Launcher downloads a new MC jar file each time you play.
  20. jodelahithit

    jodelahithit Active Member

    Hmmm i just downloaded optifine and installed it, everything is working fine

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