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Whitelist Server 24/7 TS3 MWServer small Australian DW20 whitelisted server

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by merlinux, Feb 28, 2015.

  1. merlinux

    merlinux New Member

    Hi there,
    I Recently purchased a 2.5G server for use for a modded server with 2 friends. however it seems they will not play. Hence I have installed Direwolf20 latest pack and decided to open the server for 5 people (at first) to join in the fun. I will clear the whitelist regurlarly so do check back to see if we are looking for new people.

    Only mods disabled are "hats" and "hatsStand".

    Server IP: merlinux.mcpro.co

    Server is in Australia, so I will accept in priority people from the region. Sorry for all europeans.

    We have a forums at http://mwserver.enjin.com/forum where you can also request to be whitelisted.

    There is maybe financial room to upgrade to 4G if it needs to.

    This is a mature server (I am 34yo) and the goal is just to have fun.

    The plan is not to ban anything but have some common sense when building things.

    To apply, reply to this post or post on the forums. Please post your IGN, location, age and something about yourself ;)

    Take care
  2. merlinux

    merlinux New Member

    TS3 channel added
  3. fallingskies17

    fallingskies17 New Member

    Hey I would love to play with a nice small group of people I am only 17 but I consider myself to be very mature. I'm close to being 18 (birthday is July 16th).
    My IGN is: fallingskies17
    location is: United States
    I'm looking for some nice people to hang out with and do cool stuff with so if you want a person to play minecraft with I'll be there.
  4. merlinux

    merlinux New Member

    Hi there,
    Ive whitelisted you. welcome.
    not sure if it will lag from the USA, let me know :)
  5. Galaxy Yin

    Galaxy Yin New Member

    IGN: GalaxyYin
    Age: 18
    Location: UnitedStates
    Extra Info: Just looking to have fun with some older people and a small knit community
  6. merlinux

    merlinux New Member

    Hi Galaxy.
    I am whitelisting you now :)
    see you online
  7. MitigateRuse

    MitigateRuse New Member

    IGN: juiceball
    Age: 18
    Location: Australia
    Been out of the modded minecraft loop for a while, looking for a nice small group of people so i can get back into it :)
  8. merlinux

    merlinux New Member

    whitelisting you now juiceball.
    join us on the forums as well.
  9. Pitman10

    Pitman10 New Member

    IGN: Pitman100
    Age: 20
    Location: Australia
    im looking for a group of people to play the mod with maybe learn about the mods i dont know about and further improve my ability with the mods i know :D
  10. merlinux

    merlinux New Member

    Hey Pitman I am whitelisting you right now :) hope to see you online soon
    Register on our forums for more info on how to get in.
    You must be using version 1.0.3 of direwolf20 modpack ;) (1.0.4 came up yesterday)
  11. Pitman10

    Pitman10 New Member

    this is quite a good server for australians i live in south australia and i get no lag at all i really recommend it would also be nice to get some more people on :)
  12. merlinux

    merlinux New Member

    Hey Pitman10 thank you for the comment. I am glad you are enjoying the server! was cool to speak to you on teamspeak ;)
    Unfortunately I am closing whitelist applications for now as we are now 8 active players. I want to see for the next week how the server copes when we start building bigger things.
  13. Soggy_Doggy

    Soggy_Doggy New Member

    Sad to see whitelist apps closed, but I'd like to post here just in case.

    IGN: SoggyDoggy
    Age: 21
    Location: Australia

    Also, funny seeing you here Juiceball! ;)
  14. merlinux

    merlinux New Member

    Hey soggydoggy i added u :) welcome :)
  15. jayden

    jayden New Member

    IGN: Shadowwraiser
    Age: 16
    Location: Australia
    Its been a while since I've played with any mods and looking for a nice server to get back into it on.
  16. CGasper

    CGasper New Member

    IGN: CGasper
    Age: 18
    Location: Brazil
    Just looking for a server with a small comunity to have some fun :)
  17. The_Dumb_Otter

    The_Dumb_Otter New Member

    Age: 15
    Location: Perth, Australia

    Looking for a fast server with a good community becauase those don't come around often when you live in Australia!
  18. textiletrade

    textiletrade New Member

    Heya! Im 18, i live in Perth WA and i like eating food. Would like to give the server a try!
  19. MarkAUS

    MarkAUS Guest

    still open? im from perth

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