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Open Server #1 FTBHorizons.net - IP: Play.FTBHorizons.net - 24/7 GP/Economy/Auctions and more...

Discussion in 'Horizons' started by General_Adam, Dec 14, 2013.

  1. General_Adam

    General_Adam New Member

    Click here for our website
    Thank you for viewing our server promotion thread.

    Server Info

    • Friendly player base.
    • Neat plugins: Auction houses, Stocks, Jobs, and more
    • PvE; Adventure out and find a place to build; Normal mobs and animals.
    • This is an economy server: Vault & Iconomy
    • Useful commands for players; /back /tpa
    • Seasoned Staff - They're professional.
    • Donation packages - Cheap and loaded with great items; Helps the server greatly!
    • Vote n earn rewards!
    • And we love our players :)
    • Destroying what is not yours, Isn't tolerated. You will be caught. You will be banned.
    • No stealing; Don't do it.
    • Asking staff for administrator level privileges will get you muted.
    • We support free-speech, don't abuse it.
    • Once again, we're laid back and all we ask is to following the rules
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  2. tiff

    tiff New Member

    Come check us out!
  3. tiff

    tiff New Member

    Server booming. Stable 1.6.4, come check us out!
  4. Herderpitty

    Herderpitty New Member

    This server is the best Horizon server around, and it runs the smoothest out of all the servers I have been on. Thanks to the wonderful Server Owner
  5. General_Adam

    General_Adam New Member

  6. tiff

    tiff New Member

    Thanks man!
  7. AceOfSpades

    AceOfSpades New Member

    Love this server! The mods in this modpack are insanely Good!!
  8. tiff

    tiff New Member

  9. Drago_boii

    Drago_boii New Member

    Great server! Friendly and helpful players.
  10. General_Adam

    General_Adam New Member

    Thanks man.
  11. Reveriye

    Reveriye New Member

    While I know every server will not be perfect there is always those that just fall short. The Horizon modpack the server is running is new and I know it will have its problems, bugs and whatnot, but my focus is not on that it is how the server is run. The admins don't help you because they either don't know how to help you or they say they will tell the owner. The owner isn't on very much and you can't reach them through their server website. I have tried with no reply for almost 48 hours now. However, when Adam (owner) is on and if he sees your message he will help you.

    Game-play is ridiculously easy with /back, keep-inventory and creepers doing no damage...This just makes the game-play get boring pretty fast, but that is my opinion. Lots of commands that should be accessible aren't and when you get griefed (or you lose items from server crashes) you only get half or none of your items back; even when your base is protected correctly via the Grief-Prevention plugin.

    If you're looking for a well configured server with good staff I suggest you keep looking. However, on a good note the players on the server minus the staff have been friendly and enjoyable to play with. When the server is having a lag/crash issues the owners are on top of it for the most part.
  12. Sirennea

    Sirennea New Member

    Server up and switched over to Monster with no warning. Lack of communication between staff and player base is astounding. Thanking my lucky stars I didn't donate. And yes, I understand Horizons was a new pack and buggy, but you could have handled the last weeks map resets/new worlds, forums and communication MUCH better than what you did. You want peoples real life money for donations, make sure you are communicating with them as much as possible.

    2 thumbs down, way down.

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