Whitelist Server [1.7.10] Wolfhound [SMP] {InfiTech 2}{GregTech}{mature}

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Jul 29, 2019
I have just set up a dedicated infitech 2 server and i'm looking for a few like minded individuals who are interested in playing on a hardmode gregtech based server.

The dedicated server is based in Canada, which gives players from both Europe and USA a good connection.

the Infitech modpack can be found on the ftb launcher by adding the following pack code : 17infitech

There are no banned items, PvP is enabled.

No Griefing Pranks are allowed as long as they don't destroy any player made structures or items
No cheating or use of hacked clients.
Players must be Friendly and willing to offer help to those who need it
Quarries should be kept to the mining world
No X-ray

Mod List can be found here:

in addition to the pack I will also be adding:
Aroma1997s Dimensional World

you can d/l this here: http://adf.ly/eWHjd[2]

This is for creating a mining world for your quarries, etc.
you will need to add this to your mods folder.

Post a message below with a little about yourself(How long you've been playing, why I should whitelist you), where you're from and your mc username or PM me.

haidar alkateb

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Jul 29, 2019
hey man, ive been playing mc for about 3 years.
this pack seems interesting since I havent played gregtech since Ultimate. Im Excited !

My IGN is - tdafan1111
and I Live in Texas

Hope to cya soon

****** I Didnt Relize How Old This Post Was ********* :p
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