[1.7.10] The Twilight Age [Medieval]

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Should I add a HQM System?

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  1. McMustacheBro

    McMustacheBro New Member

    Back story,
    You've been travelling through time and space going far and wide until one day you enter an invalid Stargate destination and to your surprise it ends up working but when you step through it's beyond what you recognize you have been transported back into the medieval ages forced to start again, forced to build up a kingdom and rise to be superior.

    What this modpack is about,
    This modpack pretty much steps back from all the tech techy mods and pretty much hits bare bones survival taking away, ME computer systems, Thaumcraft (May add this back at some point) and forcing you to utilize the tools around you to survive and ofcourse you may be thinking survival minecraft? Pfft. Easy! - Well.. Think again seeing as this is pure survival I've included mods that sort of make survival.. well a living hell, there's infernal mobs which will pretty much ruin your day whenever they can and you maybe thinking, well that's okay then there's a rare chance for the really bad ones to spawn right? Well.. not exactly as there's also blood magic which means, Blood Moons and you cannot sleep through a blood moon and a blood moon will spawn infernals.. very very rare infernal mobs.. So, Good Luck! however it's not all bad news. You may spawn and find special ancient artifacts from your ancestors, which can give special unholy abilities.

    Pack Code: TTA

    Damage Indicators
    Ancient Warfare 2
    AppleCore MC
    Big Reactors
    Binnie Mods
    Biomes O' Plenty
    Blood Magic
    Carpenters Blocks
    Chicken Chunks
    Code Chicken Core
    COFH Core
    Computer Craft
    Custom Main Menu
    Dense Ores
    Dragon Mounts
    Dynamic Lights
    Ender Storage
    Extra Utilities
    Growthcraft, apples,bamboo,bees,cellar,core,fishtrap,grapes,hops,rice
    Hardcore Ender Expansion
    Iguana Tinker Tweaks
    Infernal Mobs
    Magical Crops
    (Malisis Doors didn't get added because I forgot it shall appear in the next update)
    Mobius Core
    Mouse Tweaks
    NEM Version Checker
    NEI (not enough items)
    Pandoras Box
    Quiver Bow
    Rogue Like
    SGCraft (Stargates)

    • Added Eirairc
    • Added Chisel
    • More Chisels
    • Added Chisel Facades
    • Added Chester (DST) Mod
    • Added Better Foilage. (For Asthetics)
    • Added Project Red
    • Added Minecraft Comes Alive
    • Added Twilight Forest
    • Updated Server from Forge to Cauldron to make room for less CPU Usage
    • Replaced Tick Dynamics Forge with Tick Dynamics Cauldron.
    • A huge amount of fixes
    • Made a few changes to the configs
    • Baubles
    • Backpack
    • Botania
    • Bibliocraft
    • Malisis Doors
    • Nether Ores
    • Added Cauldron Server

    No videos yet! Make some and send them to me here, or in PM!

    How to set-up a server

    Known Issues:
    Server version crashing and requiring a mod called "Eureka". The temporary fix for this is to delete "Buildcraft Additions", This shall be fixed in the next update!

    If you want to support the creators of this pack and help build a community you can do so on Patreon!
    If you have any suggestions as for mods, Or if you would like to submit artwork feel free to do so here. Also if you run into any bugs or crashes submit them here and I'll do my best to try help you out!
    Last edited: May 27, 2015
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  2. dmaster8

    dmaster8 New Member

    This has some good potential!
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  3. McMustacheBro

    McMustacheBro New Member

    Thank you,

    If anyone has any suggestions for mods they'd like added please do let me know, I'm thinking of setting up a HQM if anyone's familiar with that and wants to give me a hand.
  4. Corneille

    Corneille New Member

    I do like Thaumcraft with some Addons like Forbidden Magic, Thaumic Tinkerer and Thaumic Exploration.
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  5. McMustacheBro

    McMustacheBro New Member

    I'll possibly do some testing with my testers, My girlfriend is a HUGE thaumcraft fan so I'll let her do some testing and see how it fits in a medieval setting, would probably work with the mage / wizardy things that went on back then.
  6. simchajra

    simchajra New Member

    Not really modpack related but the image above your 'back story' doesn't seem to be loading after trying several things on my end. Anyone else got this issue or?

    Beside that I'm curious where this pack will lead into. I love medieval stuff combined with magic.
  7. McMustacheBro

    McMustacheBro New Member

    Strange? I don't see why it isn't loading for you.. that's very odd

    Well currently, I'm just getting feedback on what people think so far and it seems that people are requesting a HQM system, so I may combine a HQM system with a default custom map & custom NPCs and create a whole storyline. *If anyone is good at building and wants to lend a help in hand feel free to do so!*
  8. simchajra

    simchajra New Member

    Inspecting the image it seems hosted on dropbox which I don't use. Might be a possible cause.
  9. McMustacheBro

    McMustacheBro New Member

    Possibly, I shall change it to imgur one second.
  10. simchajra

    simchajra New Member

    That did it. Looks pretty neat too. :)
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  11. McMustacheBro

    McMustacheBro New Member

    Why thank you.
  12. McMustacheBro

    McMustacheBro New Member

    WARNING: Do NOT update your clients nor servers to 1.0.3 for some unknown reasons it decides to crash and break the whole client. a fix for this is coming out soon when the update get's processed!
  13. cipher101

    cipher101 New Member

    So, will there be a HQM? Please if you plan to add it take your time and make good quests as whole pack will then depend upon it.
    thx for the hard work.
  14. McMustacheBro

    McMustacheBro New Member

    Yes, after I've worked on a few more little fixes there will be a HQM system, I'm going to take t ime.
  15. Diplomatti

    Diplomatti New Member

    This looks like a nice modpack to try. I've played loads of mod packs recently. but this is the first that isn't about technology and magic. I Like HQM quests so i voted yes for that. Although i dislike packs that have quests like "get 1 wood" to start with then the next quest is "build a redstone furnace".. the difficulty curve needs to be just right.
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  16. McMustacheBro

    McMustacheBro New Member

    It will be don't worry, I'm currently looking for a couple of people who are willing to do some testing so if anyone is happy to do so drop me a PM!
  17. McMustacheBro

    McMustacheBro New Member

    Added update 1.0.4 changelog,
    Added how to setup a server.
  18. ElectricFTW

    ElectricFTW New Member

    It won't download.
  19. McMustacheBro

    McMustacheBro New Member

    I just tried and it works fine for me, FTB Servers may have been having a small breakdown? or your internet just isn't working correctly.

    Edit: Here's a image downloading the update 1.0.4
  20. ElectricFTW

    ElectricFTW New Member

    It's all good now, I guess it was the FTB servers. I got it now. Great update!
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