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  1. madnewmy

    madnewmy Well-Known Member

    Like to play with tech mods, especially RotaryCraft? Also like the difficulty of a skyblock but love dying, even more? Well, might want to try Spinning Up!

    FORGOT TO ADD THE MAP FOR 0.0.2! USE THE 0.0.1 MAP! Or the map in alternate download :)

    This modpack is in 1.7.10 and will (soon) NOW feature many (ok, only one quest line for now) quests for you to complete! Assuming you can survive!

    Note that many recipes are changed in this pack, you will need NEI!

    Pack Code: spinning
    Alternate Download
    Use forge 1225

    Here is the current modlist
    Apple core
    BM beta34
    Carpenter's block
    CCC and CCL
    COFHcore and lib
    Dimentional Anchor
    Ex Astris
    EX Nihilo
    Expanded Redstone
    Inv Tweaks
    Iron Chest
    Mine and mod tweaker
    Natural Absortion
    NEI, and addons/plugins
    Nether Ores
    Open blocks
    Open Eye
    Open mods Lib
    Pam's HarvestCraft
    RoC and ReC
    Spice Of Life
    Soul Shard Reborn
    Steve Factory Manager
    Steve Workshope
    Thermal Expansion
    Thermal Foundation
    Waila, Waila Harvestibility and Wawla
    Wireless Redstone

    Version 0.0.3
    Adding 2nd and 3rd Quest line
    Adding End Cake recipe
    Removed the ability to make enderman/blaze from Ex Nihilo Barrel
    Version 0.0.2
    Adding HQM
    Adding First Quest Line
    Version 0.0.1
    Starting the pack

    Upcoming, in the next update(s)
    Attempt to fix the broken Minetweaker files
    Attempt to finalize the mods and start the quest
    Check for any other broken stuff
    A few tweaks in order the use even more RoC machines (sand to dust, mekanism compressed diamond/coal/redstone/obsidian, etc...)
    Update Blood Magic for gideon the knife master :)

    Known Issues
    Mekanism and DecorBlock Minetweaker files are broken

    If you find any mods that seems to be appropriated for this pack, propose it!
    (FSP is on the list of to add maybe already!)

    Special Thanks to
    @Reika For the mods that make the pack possible
    @jordsta95 Who helped me a lot with minetweaker
    Everyone who will play and enjoy the pack, even more for those who reports bugs and irregularity :)
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  2. Gideonseymour

    Gideonseymour Relatable Gamer Trusted User Retired Staff

    Also, in the next update, you can update BM to the latest release
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  3. jordsta95

    jordsta95 Over-Achiever FTB Mod Dev Retired Staff

    I'll have to give this a try :)
  4. Feed the beast 122

    Feed the beast 122 Active Member

    looks fun will definitely have to give this a try there needs to be more skyblock maps because those maps are really fun. i think someone should remake the old FTB pyramid map but in 1.7.10 would be really awesome to see.
  5. NunoAgapito

    NunoAgapito Well-Known Member

    FYI, you dont need anymore permission to use HQM

    I would love to see new sky blocks that used a different mechanic instead of Ex-Nihilo. Was nice at the beginning, but after I dont know how many packs where you depend on sieving... I cant stand to see a sieve and having to automate it!
  6. madnewmy

    madnewmy Well-Known Member

    Well wait up, got a pack where you wont be able to sieve :p since it's part of a contest I won't be revealing it now, but will do ASAP :)
  7. Feed the beast 122

    Feed the beast 122 Active Member

    madnewmy i'm guessing the pack is for the "team's contest"
  8. madnewmy

    madnewmy Well-Known Member

  9. Feed the beast 122

    Feed the beast 122 Active Member

    cool hey when your finished with it could i test it out just for fun not for the contest (i'm already on Parcel34u team) (not bragging just saying)
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  10. madnewmy

    madnewmy Well-Known Member

    Update to v0.0.2 is coming up within a few days!
    Added HQM and it's first quest line!

    Edit: Dam, forgot to update Blood Magic :( Next one!
  11. Sev07

    Sev07 Active Member

    and where Rotarycraft?)
  12. madnewmy

    madnewmy Well-Known Member

    RoC=RotaryCraft :)
  13. Sev07

    Sev07 Active Member

    Hmm.. and ReC = ReactorCraft? :)
  14. madnewmy

    madnewmy Well-Known Member

    Yup :p
  15. sobi

    sobi New Member

    in update 0.02 there is no map...
  16. jordsta95

    jordsta95 Over-Achiever FTB Mod Dev Retired Staff

    It's probably the same as 0.01. If you need the map, install that one first
  17. madnewmy

    madnewmy Well-Known Member

    my bad, totally forgot to add it D:
    the same as v0.0.1 :)
  18. madnewmy

    madnewmy Well-Known Member

  19. FireVentus

    FireVentus Member

    Er, despite the downloading, you seemed to have missed a few mods for 0.0.3...that is to say...I don't have any of the mods.
  20. madnewmy

    madnewmy Well-Known Member

    That is actually not me :p might be from where you are downloading the packs. Try using curseCDN (options:advanced, first line)

    You could also try the alternate download which is in the 1st spoiler!

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