[1.7.10] TCR Classic Reborn - Tekkit Classic remake/update pack (Over 6000 Downloads!)

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  1. Nithlus

    Nithlus New Member

    TCR Classic Reborn is a recreation of one of the most played modpacks of all time Tekkit Classic. The pack has a large following already on the Technic Launcher but we want make it available to everyone by being on as many platforms as possible. So here we are on the FTB launcher! We hope you enjoy!


    • Open the FTB launcher
    • Click on the 3rd Party Packs tab
    • Click on the Pack Codes button
    • Type in or paste this code
    • Click the Add button
    • Scroll through the list of 3rd Party packs to find TCR Classic Reborn
    • Click Launch
    • Play!
    To create a server for this pack download the server files here

    Known Server IP's


    If you own or are aware of any other servers let me know the IP and I will add it to the list

    Bug Reports

    You can post your bugs as a reply in this thread but for a faster responce post them here:

    Supported Texture Packs

    Currently we only support the Sphax texture pack with a Patch for the items in the modpack. If you put together a patch for any other texture packs feel free to link them here and i'll put it in this post with credit given to you.


    We fully support the use of this pack on Youtube or Twitch.
    Random recent tekkit classic reborn video:

    A link to videos and users that stream footage of this pack will be linked here if you make us aware of you:


    We will show only the first episode in a lets play series, you can click the user channel links to continue watching their videos.
    Go to JankyNiks Channel JankyNik was the original creator of the pack before he handed development over to Nithlus so his videos are of the pack when it was in Beta

    No users have yet reported that they stream this pack on Twitch

    Mods List


    This pack contains Fastcraft, by Player, enabled by default. Fastcraft enhances Minecraft with increased performance. Bug reports being made directly to Mod Authors should state Fastcraft is enabled.


    JankyNik for starting this project and getting it to a stable beta release

    Nithlus for advice and input during beta development and continuing the project into full release
    Tencao for help during beta development and helping continue the project into full release also for hosting the first server.
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  2. Nithlus

    Nithlus New Member

    version 1.0.6 has now been released. This is the new recommended build with some bug fixes and some mod additions.

    Here is a full breakdown of what has changed in the update

    Added TreeCapitator (due to a high request rate on the technic launcher)
    Downgraded Buildcraft (new version has some lag issues so we have downgraded until this is fixed)
    Downgraded Buildcraft compat ^
    Updated Bluepower (bug fixes)
    Added CustomMenu (just to look a bit nicer)
    Removed Immibis microblocks (forge microblocks covers this)
    Added MineTweaker (removed some buggy bluepower recipies that projectred has covered with less buggy items)
    Added ModTweaker ^
    Updated NEI (for minor bug fixes)
    Updated ProjectRed (bug fixes)
    Added ResourceLoader
    Added Tubestuff (high request rate on technic launcher)
    Added WeaponMod (Crash bugs with the dynamite have been fixed so weapons mod has been re added)

    The server download has also been updated in line with this
  3. saiyan64

    saiyan64 New Member

    Looks like an awesome pack!!! i was a huge fan of tekkit classic because it was the first tech pack that i played, but were is equivalent exchange??? that was a big mod in the original tekkit classic
  4. Nithlus

    Nithlus New Member

    Equivalent Exchange has been replaced by a perfect recreation of it called ProjectE :)
  5. pikminman13

    pikminman13 New Member

    could agricraft be added? all that mod is is essentially an enhancement to IC2 crops, so i think it fits. Also maybe chisel and carpenters blocks, as they are nothing more than cosmetic mods and they are not severely changing the gameplay from tekkit. If you dont agree thats fine
  6. Nithlus

    Nithlus New Member

    we are currently voting on what types of mods people want to be added on the minecraft forum. your welcome to pitch in over there. We do desicion making on the minecraft forum because it effects more than just one launcher.
  7. AuroraGamesHD

    AuroraGamesHD New Member

    I am going to be streaming this on twitch.tv/minecraftplayer14, if you are interested!
  8. Nithlus

    Nithlus New Member

    hey, i missed the stream but i checked out your account and couldn't see anything about it there or on your youtube. did you change your mind in the end?
  9. AuroraGamesHD

    AuroraGamesHD New Member

    I did stream it for a few hours in Hardcore, but died, so I switched over to vanilla Minecraft and changed the title. But I did stream it. :)
  10. Nithlus

    Nithlus New Member

    Pack has been updated and only one more planned update is to come before I think we can call this pack complete. (just one or two small bugs left to crush and some requested addons

    Update Changelog for 1.0.7

    - Added Immibis Peripherals

    - Updated CoFHCore

    - Updated Enderstorage

    - Updated FastCraft

    - Updated Funky Locomotion

    - Updated IC2 Nuclear Control

    - Updated MobiusCore

    - Updated Opis

    - Added NEI Intergration

    - Updated NEI addons

    - Updated NEI

    - Updated OpenCCSensors

    - Updated ProjectE

    - Updated Waila

    Hopefully this will possibly fix the following

    - EU reader for IC2 Nuclear Control

    - Several NEI visual glitches and crashes

    Known bugs discovered

    - volume confusion: use matmos to control sound volumes by pressing f7 in game
    - Tubes in general will cause server crashes if too many items are in the system. Proper setup is essential in order to maintain stability of both your single player worlds and servers. This includes the pipes from Project Red. There is no known fix at the moment, other than fine tuning your system. (As a tip, set any timer settings a little slower than needed, rather than faster. It's safer to downtune than overtune.)
  11. Jonu

    Jonu New Member

    [REQUEST] May I try to make quests for TCR?
  12. Nithlus

    Nithlus New Member

    yes you are more than welcome to make quests and other addons for TCR
  13. Nithlus

    Nithlus New Member

    Pack updated to version 1.2.5b

    Updated Buildcraft
    Updated IC2
    Updated ProjectE
    Updated NEI
    Updated EnderStorage
    Updated Forge
    Updated CustomMainMenu
    Added Binnies Mods
    Updated Forestry
    Updated Immibis Core
    Updated NEI Intergration
  14. lukadj

    lukadj New Member

    When you'll update to 1.3.0 ??? Thanks
  15. It's a change to reborn the technic pack?
    I want to see this, because(my opinion) technic pack is much better than tekkit.
  16. I am working on a modpack too.
    Its a ultra moded minecraft, he has in this moment 109 mods.
    He has a lot of bugs but this dont make the modpack unplayable.
    If someone can help me fixing bugs because i dont know how to fix.
    Add me on Skype:
  17. luciob27

    luciob27 New Member

    Sorry i can't download the server's files. Can you help me pls?

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