[1.7.10] Simple Condensers - Basic Condensers for EE3

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    Simple Condensers is, as the title suggests, adds simple to use condensers. I was originally just making this for me and my friends, but ended up posting it on twitter and got people interested.

    Suuri Star

    Used in the crafting on the Geladen Star and for transferring energy from a condenser or Transmutation Tablet to another. Right-click an empty Suuri Star on a condenser or a Transmutation Tablet to extract its energy, then right click another to transfer the energy to it.

    Geladen Star
    Used in the actual creation of the condensers. To create one, you must make a 3x3x3 structure of Ash Infused Stone with a large Alchemical Chest in the center. Then, with 8 minium dust in your inventory, right click the center of any side of the structure with a Suuri Star to create the Geladen Star.

    The Condensers
    There are 3 tiers of condensers (one for each of the Alchemical Dusts), Verdant, Azure, and Minium Condensers. Functionally, they all work the same. They each will consume one item per stack every cycle and convert it into energy, and create one of it's target item per cycle. To create items, you must put a tome in the top right slot of the interface and an item you've learned in the top left slot.
    Then any items that do NOT match the target item and have an exchange energy value will be consumed.

    Normally if no valid target item is given, it will leave items stored in it alone. Depending on the redstone settings of the condenser, it may or may not condense items into energy if it receives a redstone signal. It's redstone settings can be changed by right-clicking it with a redstone torch.

    The difference between each tier is speed. The Verdant Condenser has a cycle once every second, the Azure once every 1/2 second, and the Minium condenser once every tick.

    Condenser Upgrades
    Sometimes you want to upgrade a condenser, but don't want to hassle with breaking it and dealing with all the items it drops. Condenser Upgrades allow you to upgrade a condenser to the next stage up (or downgrade to the previous stage if you're mad). So you can change that Azure condenser to a Minium one with a simple right click. Remember though that upgrades must go in order, so you can just upgrade a Verdant Condenser directly into a Minium one.

    My lame little video on how the mod works

    Downloads: http://minecraft.curseforge.com/mc-mods/231153-simple-condensers

    MCF Thread: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forum...72-simple-condensers-basic-condensers-for-ee3

    Requires LomLib and (of course) EE3!!!

    GitHub Repo (source code/issue tracker): https://github.com/Lomeli12/SimpleCondenser

    Stance on modpacks and videos: http://lomeli12.net/minecraft-mods/mod-packs

    Special thanks to GustoniaEagle for making the models and textures.
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    Currently a WIP: Meet the Portable Transmutation Tablet, even buggier than the non-portable one!
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    Ooooo, I really like the look of this mod. Definitely going to add to my personal modpack. Will make mass producing decorative blocks much easier.
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    I'm scared right now. The once buggier Portable tablet is now the least buggy! I didn't change how the GUI worked, I just added a packet handler because it wasn't saving the inventory properly when using
    onContainerClosed so I had to use a packet. o_O
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    Straw Poll time, which should be used to create the portable transmutation tablet? The Suuri Star or the Geladen Star? http://strawpoll.me/4759327
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    Version 1.2.0 is out now!
    • Added config to extract items from the sides of condensers. PR by gigabit101
    • Added Portable Transmutation Tablet. Created by Shift+Right-Clicking a Transmutation Tablet with an empty Suuri Star. Will keep the EMC stored on the Tablet
    • Changed how some of the localizations work.
    • Using FML's ObjectHolder instead of my old hacky method to get EE3's items for recipes.
    • Fixed Version Checker to actually tell you there's an update outside of the log files

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