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    You are an engineer. You have been hired by a firm: Type1Ninjustries Colonization Inc. You are ready for your first commission - to build a colony on the moon.

    This is not a pack for the tough of heart, or those who get a rush out of manual smelting, or those who enjoy mining... in a straight line... for hours... at every conceivable y-level...

    No - this is a pack designed to challenge players with the task of automation. The goal is not to spend hours in grindy mining sessions, or trying to get enough food to survive, but to build automated resource-gatherers, production lines, and even entire factories. Go to the moon and build an evil corporate lair, and watch as your multitude of machine minions gather endless streams of resources for your use. You are, after all, an engineer - now get out there and conquer the world!

    Recommended (but not required) Background Knowledge and Lag Help:
    This modpack and its guide assumes that the player has reasonable knowledge of vanilla Minecraft, and a beginner's knowledge of tech-themed modded Minecraft, especially the use of Not Enough Items and Thermal Expansion's Redstone-Flux energy system. There are ample resources to learn about them, so don't worry if you don't have that knowledge yet.

    This modpack should run fairly well on most computers. Very old computers may have trouble running it, but slightly-less-than-decent computers and better should run it relatively well. Installing the optimization mod Fastcraft by Player can also help loading times and framerates. It can be found here: http://forum.industrial-craft.net/index.php?page=Thread&threadID=10820

    It's pretty much like Optifine, except that it plays nice with the other mods, both in terms of buggy-ness and copyright issues with modpacks (note that for your own purposes, using both together increases your framerate even more, but, as I said, Optifine tends to be buggy when used alongside other mods).

    You could also delete (not disable) JourneyMap. This has been known to cause framerate drops on older computers; removing it helps. You could replace it with Rei's or Zan's minimap, should you want to.

    When reporting bugs, please be sure to specify whether you have Fastcraft (this is very important).

    Mod List:
    (This may be *slightly* out of date sometimes)
    Applied Energistics by AlgorithmX2
    BiblioCraft by Nuchaz (disabled by default)
    Big Reactors by Erogenous Beef
    CoFH Core by the CoFH Team
    Thermal Foundation by the CoFH Team
    Buildcraft by CovertJaguar, SirSengir, Krapht, cpw, and spacetoad
    CodeChickenCore by Chickenbones
    EnderStorage by Chickenbones
    NotEnoughItems by Chickenbones
    Translocator by Chickenbones
    ChickenChunks by Chickenbones
    Galacticraft(Core) by micdoodle8
    MicdoodleCore by micdoodle8
    iChun Util by iChun
    Torched by iChun
    Inventory Tweaks by Kobata
    Jabba by ProfMobius
    TiC Tooltips by squeek502
    Waila Harvestability by squeek502
    Tinker's Construct by boni and the Slime Knights/mDiyo
    Tinker's Mechworks by pillbox, Gyro, and mDiyo
    Tinker's Steelworks by Ephys and Toops
    Minechem by jakimfett
    Steve's Carts 2 by Vswe
    Steve's Factory Manager by Vswe
    Simply Jetpacks by Tonius
    NEI Integration by Tonius
    Nether Ores by the CoFH Team
    Thermal Expansion by the CoFH Team
    Minefactory Reloaded by the CoFH Team
    Redstone Arsenal by the CoFH Team
    Minetweaker by StanH
    EnderIO by CrazyPants
    Project Red (Every Module) by MrTJP, Chickenbones
    ModTweaker by joshiejack and SpitefulFox
    Secret Rooms by AbrarSyed
    Chisel by TheCricket26
    OpenModslib, OpenBlocks, and OpenPeripherals (Core, Addons, and Integration) by the OpenMods Team
    Thermal Dynamics by Team CoFH
    Aroma1997Core and AromaBackup by Aroma1997
    Refined Relocation by Dynious
    JourneyMap by techbrew
    Portal Gun by iChun
    Gravity Gun by iChun (disabled by default)
    RFTools by McJty
    Solar Flux by Nauktis
    RFDrills by goldenapple
    RF Windmills by piepenguin
    Steve's Addons by hilburn
    Iguanas Tinker Tweaks by boni
    Extra Utilities by RWTema
    Random Things by lumien
    Thermal Recycling by OreCruncher
    Matter Overdrive by simonradivoev
    Railcraft by Covert Jaguar (disabled by default)
    ComputerCraft by dan200 (disabled by default)
    Geko’s Lasers by GekoReivax
    Draconic Evolution by brandon3055 (disabled by default)
    Ender Tech by Drayshak
    Quantum Flux by jotato
    AE2 Stuff by bdew
    McJtyLib by McJty
    BdLib by bdew


    USE NOT ENOUGH ITEMS! Many recipes have been modified. Always check ALL the recipes for something before crafting it - often, the first recipe is not the best one. For example, you don't need a Redstone furnace to craft a Redstone furnace - the first displayed recipes are merely upgrades, the last one is the actual recipe.


    This pack is - in some ways - much easier than most other packs on the launcher. This is on purpose. I'm happy to hear suggestions for balancing changes, but keep in mind what I'm about to say when you do. :p

    The idea for this pack has been banging around in my head for a very long time. This is the third time I've built it from scratch. It was born, however, during a time when my favorite way to play MC was on a self-hosted server with a few friends. I began experimenting with mods sometime after getting the server working, and, of course, decided to try to extend those mods to my server play. This is important - when I played with my friends, we worked together and shared resources. In vanilla, this was never an issue, but with mods, expensive gear such as Jetpacks became available. As soon as one person crafted an expensive, cool-looking tool, weapon, or armor-piece, everyone else wanted one. It wasn't that I didn't want everyone to have these epic modded things - that's one of the main reasons for getting mods in the first place. However, while the resources are often available to craft one jetpack, crafting one jetpack for eight people is significantly more challenging. Since humans think in the short term, this led to most resources being put into personal enhancements instead of automating the acquisition of those same materials.

    So, I had to try to mitigate giant resource-waste; but I simultaneously did not want to remove the challenge. This led to my making crafting easier, with cheaper recipes for some machines and tools, such as Buildcraft's quarry. This way, the challenge is shifted. Gathering materials is still difficult, but the means to upgrade resource gathering (quarries, tier 2 Tinker tools) are easier to acquire. So, building a quarry to mine ores, then a production line to process them, and then a big reactor to power all of it is easier and more rewarding than spending hours mining. Not only that, but groups of people working together don't have to worry that one person (sort of an engineering Leeroy Jenkins) will spend all of their resources on some expensive toy and cripple their material stockpile.

    There. Now that semi-intelligible pile of philosophy is off my chest.

    Other than philosophy, three other desires influenced this pack: I wanted to keep the mod count as low as possible, I wanted everything to be based off of technology, and I wanted everything to be compatible, or at least run off of Redstone-Flux power. So, Industrialcraft is pretty off limits, as is Thaumcraft. I'm also close to the mod limit, as any more than 100 mods begins to lag.

    TL;DR - Give me any and every suggestion you have; just be aware that I may not accept it, especially if it makes the pack harder. :p


    • Galacticraft’s Oxygen tanks cannot be crafted in the Applied Energistics 2 crafting terminal. This is (partially) due to how I have the crafting recipe set up. This will not be fixed; man up and use a crafting table. :p
    • v1.1.5 requires Java 8 to run correctly. I do not think this can be fixed; if you cannot install Java 8 for some reason, disable Matter Overdrive.
    • There may be minetweaker errors in chat relating to Draconic Evolution sometimes. This is normal. If you're playing with Draconic Evolution enabled, you won't get them, but otherwise don't worry about it.


    If you are curious as to what's coming down the pike, you can check out the discussion thread here. Suggestions are equally welcome both there and on this thread, but you might see some more specific discussion there. :)
    [This changes quickly, I'll update it later]

    Stuff I Will Not Do, and Why:
    1. I will not include IndustrialCraft or EnderIO. This is because this pack is designed to have a theme, with a single power mod right in the middle - that mod is Thermal Expansion, because - right now, anyway - almost everything is compatible with it. While EnderIO also has good compatibility, it is far too similar to Thermal Expansion to justify its inclusion (90% of it’s functionality can be achieved in this pack already). As for IndustrialCraft, in my opinion, it had it’s day, and now TE is “the new thing.”
    2. I will not include any magic mods, such as Thaumcraft, Botania, Blood Magic, Witchery, Ars Magica 2, etc. I may eventually have a pack dedicated to magic, but this pack is tech-based, and I plan to keep it that way.
    3. I will not include Modular Power Suits. This is because that armor tends to push everyone’s end-game towards the extremely expensive MPS modules, bankrupting any small server (trust me, I’ve had experience with this). Instead, I see Tinker’s Construct Armor/Weaponry or Flux-Infused Electrum to be end-game armor, as you at least have a choice between those two instead of just MPS.



    Here's the Jetpack icon of the pack in full resolution. It's by a good friend of mine who I won't name here, for privacy reasons.
    Here's the splash image for the pack. It's by a good friend of mine, who wishes to be known as "The Cool Kid from the Basement." They wouldn't specify which basement, it's just the basement. :p
    Here's my very own, original splash image for the pack. You can tell it's mine because the art quality is nowhere near that of the jetpack or the other splash. ;)


    Nothin' here yet. It's up to you guys to fill this spot up!

    ~Preserved for Posterity~
    (slightly outdated)

    Most people will just ignore this guide. Some will do so because they don't want to have spoilers - feel free to take that route (under the "Important" section above are a few balancing changes that must be communicated, though. The "Miscellaneous" section of the guide is also relatively spoiler free). Most, however, will refuse to read this guide simply because reading is too much work. *sigh*

    So, I divided this guide into sections. A player curious about one particular topic does not need to read the entire thing - they can simply find the section they're looking for and get the information that they need. I've organized topics more or less alphabetically by title - I tried to organize them in a way that makes sense. You can, of course, read this guide from start to finish (that's the sort of thing I enjoy), but I hope that those who don't will consult this anyway should they need more information.

    This guide is meant to be a resource for players, new and old alike. New players will receive advice on which mods to use for certain situations, while old players will see my preferences and recommendations on using existing mods for certain tasks. This guide will not - will not - attempt to explain the mods in this pack by hand (except for Enhanced Portals 3 and Galacticraft, as the former is not as well known and the latter has a very definitive progression). I will link to external resources when reasonable or necessary.

    (This guide looks really long, but it's like that because it needs to be clear. It really isn't that bad, especially if you only read it as needed.)

    The Guide can be found here: http://forum.feed-the-beast.com/threads/guide-a-guide-to-colony-tech-modpack.80365/
    The Guide to building a space program can be found here: http://forum.feed-the-beast.com/thr...-space-programs-in-colony-tech-modpack.80368/


    Check out this spotlight by Open-World Addict! He also streams every Saturday and Sunday at 8:00 AM Pacific Time. Here's his channel: http://www.twitch.tv/openworldaddict


    There were some beta versions, but their changelogs will not be recorded here. Versions 1.0.0 and up will be recorded.

    1.0.0: Added everything (from beta)

    (Some of the Mod Removals/Additions might Overlap with the transition from Beta, I forget to update my local mod list sometimes)
    Updated all the things! Every mod is now at it’s latest version for 1.7.10 (for the most part)
    Updated Forge to version
    Removed ObsidiPlates
    Removed ComputerCraft
    Removed Flatsigns
    Removed It Fell From the Sky
    Removed Picture-in-Picture
    Removed Sync
    Removed Particle Physics
    Removed DrCyano’s Lootable Bodies
    Added Aroma1997Core and Backup by Aroma1997
    Added Gravity Gun and Portal Gun by iChun
    Added Hardcore Questing Mode by Vswe, Newcastlegeek, and lorddusk
    Added RFTools by McJty
    Added Solar Flux by Nauktis
    Added WR-CBE by ChickenBones
    Added Getting Started, Continuing Your Journey (miscellaneous tips), and Spaaaaace (space program) questlines
    Changed Various Recipes and Configs
    Added Awesome New Splash image!


    Updated Minecraft Forge to version for MC 1.7.10

    Removed CoFHLib (Turns out it’s unnecessary)
    Added Steve’s Addons (SFM Addon) by hilburn
    Added RFDrills by goldenapple
    Added CopperTools by goldenapple
    Added FastLeafDecay by Olafski
    Added RF Windmills by Piepenguin
    Updated RFTools to 2.83
    Updated Applied Energistics 2 to rv2
    Updated Tinker’s Construct to 1.8.5
    Removed Redstone Armory and it’s dependency, ttCore
    Disabled RedstoneArsenal’s Flux-Infused Wrench, Sword, Shovel, Pickaxe, and Axe. The BattleWrench, Fishing Rod, Sickle, Bow and Armor set were left enabled.
    Disabled dupe tool and armor materials from CopperTools, as well as Emerald tools and armor.
    Disabled MFR’s Steam Turbine. The Steam Boiler’s still cool, though. ^^
    Added recipe for Cyanite ingots using some electrum nuggets, a bit of lapis, and a yellorium ingot
    Made Blutonium and oreDict Plutonium-equivalents unsynthesizable.
    Made MFR’s Steam Boiler a bit more expensive. It’s awesome, but a little overpowered alongside a Big Reactor turbine.
    Rebalanced Fluxed Armor Plating to be a little more expensive
    Made RFTools’ Machine Frame yield two per craft. Also added a recipe that swaps out the iron ingots for steel and yields six.
    Added a recipe for slag (easier clay in the long run)
    Made the Simple Dialers and Matter Transmitters/Receivers from RFTools a bit cheaper (notably, reduced the ender pearl cost). Also added a recipe that yields two each of the transmitter or receiver, but requires steel ingots instead of iron.
    Made the final space quest a little more ‘enticing’
    Made the space questlines that require only cobblestone consume tasks instead of detect. No more skipping the reading! ;)
    Updated the AE2 tutorial to talk about the Energy Acceptor (which I was unaware of)
    Added a recipe for Charged Certus Quartz. Man, that stuff was a pain to craft.
    Fixed the Smeltery Crash! Yay!
    Add recipes and repair recipes for Candy Cane tools! yay!

    Note that the changes to Redstone Arsenal and the removal of Redstone Armory are due to the combination of CopperTools, RFDrills, and TiCon.


    Mod Additions:

    Added Carpenter’s Blocks
    Added Extra Cells
    Added Iguana Tweaks
    Added Extra Utilities
    Added Random Things

    Mod Removals:

    Removed CopperTools and corresponding scripts. It was made obsolete by an update to Project Red, which now has it’s own gem armors.
    Removed Fast Leaf Decay (part of Random Things, we don’t need a separate mod now)

    Mod Updates:

    Updated Minechem, fixing the worldgen crash (yay!). Thanks to @Migui, @goth_child67, @TheBlueGenie, @Nezraddin, and everyone else who bug tested for helping with that. You guys rock! :D
    Updated RFTools
    Updated Project Red
    Updated RF Drills. Yay, Flux-Infused Crusher! (also made it fully craftable)

    Config Changes:

    Disabled all Iguana Tweaks modules except Tool Leveling, Tool Part Replacement, and WorldGen (IgTw loot)
    Re-enabled Flux-Infused OmniWrench
    Disabled pigmen-angering functionality of Nether Ores
    Enabled Hellfish spawning
    Configured various RFTools machines bits and bobs
    Removed Minechem chemical liquids from being able to be made into RFTools Dimlets. Sorry guys, no lakes of liquid meth for you. ;)
    Disabled Extra Utilities’ Angel Ring and QED (and QED recipes; just use a vanilla crafting table/modded crafting table substitute)
    Disabled Random Things’ Magnetic Force, Bloodmoon Sensor, and the Bloodmoon event

    Minetweaker’d and Misc. Changes (Similar to Config, but with more recipe stuff):

    Disabled GC Solar Panels recipe
    Disabled Fragmented Carbon recipe. Now we don’t have to be scared of crafting torches!
    Changed Inscriber Press recipes to require skystone dust
    Made Fluxed Armor Plating yield two per craft
    Made Niter craftable
    Disabled recipe for GC Refinery, and added cyclical recipe between the GC and BC Refineries.
    Made Steve’s Carts quest require an assembler as well
    Made Solar Flux solar panels simpler and cheaper
    Added recipe for the Unknown Dimlet
    Added explanatory lore to the Unknown Dimlet
    Doubled default yield of Turbine Rotor Shafts and Blades
    Added yield-doubling (yields four), steel-using recipes for Turbine Housings, Rotor Shafts, and Rotor Blades
    Added an evil Smeltery-alloy recipe for Primal Mana
    Made Minechem’s polytool unsynthesizable, but added a recipe using the Flux-Infused Omniwrench and some other stuff. For balance, it had to be more expensive than the Flux-Infused Crusher.
    Made the “Stock” module for Refined Relocation not require iron ingots instead of ender pearls
    Changed the recipe for Spectre Iron to use the Induction Smelter. I also added a secondary drop of Ender Fragments, which I made usable to craft into Ender Pearls.
    Renamed various Extra Utilities and Random Things items. Don’t worry, they’ll still show up in NEI searches by their original names; tooltips are awesome.


    Mod Updates:
    Simply Jetpacks
    Forge Multipart

    Mod Additions:
    Thermal Recycling by OreCruncher
    Matter Overdrive by simonradivoev
    OpenModularTurrets by Poenjabiesous, Keridos, and UntouchedWagons

    Mod Removals:
    Minechem - due to the addition of Matter Overdrive
    Carpenter’s Blocks
    Extra Cells

    Config/Script (recipe) Changes:
    Fixed the freakin’ RFTools Matter Receiver/Transmitter crafting bug. That one was a pain.
    Made Leadstone Drills and Chainsaws unbreakable, like their higher-tier counterparts.
    Added a note about Crude Oil vs “Regular” Oil in the Oil Tycoon quest
    Changed my rename of the Super Builder’s Wand from “Creative Construction Hammer” to “Super Construction Hammer”
    Made RFTools Activity Probe MUCH more expensive
    Made MFR Steam Boiler SIGNIFICANTLY more expensive - if you want non-nuclear steam, you’ll have to work for it.
    Added an Induction Smelter recipe for Meteoric Iron
    Added recipe for Ectoplasm using a snowball and some dimensional shards in an induction smelter. Those silly spectres are too hard to kill!
    Made XU Drums more expensive to make OpenBlocks tanks easier to get early-game
    Disabled Oreberry Bushes as a material dimlet
    Disabled Steel replicating with Matter Overdrive
    Disabled Matter Overdrive Teleporters and Solar Panels
    Disabled Galacticraft Telepad
    Re-Configured Iguana Tweaks, courtesy of @goth_chilld67. Thanks dude! :D
    Added pulverizing recipes for Tritanium and Dilithium Ore from Matter Overdrive
    Added a bunch of AE2 quests, also courtesy @goth_child67, with edits by myself. I also tweaked a couple other quests, and added a “Skip Basic Quests” quest.
    Added a recipe for the Gravitational Anomaly (Black Hole) from Matter Overdrive
    Changed recipes for OpenModularTurrets ammo; they were mostly made harder. Set up production lines for ammo instead of just making it by hand.


    Mod Removals:

    Gravity Gun (disabled, not removed)
    Bibliocraft (disabled, not removed)
    Hardcore Questing Mode - I haven’t really been able to diagnose what’s going on, but it’s *probably* corrupted quest files. I don’t really feel like re-doing EVERY quest before this release, so I’m just going to remove it entirely for this update.

    Mod Additions:

    Geko’s Lasers by GekoReivax
    Draconic Evolution by brandon3055
    Railcraft by CovertJaguar (disabled by default)
    Computercraft by dan200 (disabled by default)

    Mod Updates:

    Minecraft Forge (to version
    Matter Overdrive
    RF Drills
    Extra Utilities
    Thermal Recycling
    CoFH Core
    Thermal Foundation
    Thermal Expantion
    Thermal Dynamics
    Redstone Arsenal

    Config/Script Changes:

    Made Big Reactors consume 8x more fuel. Made Passively Cooled reactors produce 0.5x as much power, and made Turbines produce 0.75x as much. This is a giant nerf to encourage you to use other power gen options/build more reactors/actually use turbines for the efficiency bonus you get.
    Disabled Hellfish
    Increased Endergenic Generator’s power multiplier from 1 to 6
    Enabled Iguana Tweaks config stuff properly, hopefully
    Increased mining level of Reinforced and Resonant RF Drills to Manyullyn level
    Changed the recipe for the Phaser to require the Isolinear Circuit Mk3 instead of Mk4 (diamond instead of emerald)
    Decreased diamond cost of Isolinear Circuit Mk3 from two to one
    Disabled Draconic Evolution’s coal-powered generator
    Disabled Draconium Ores spawning in the end. To get Draconium Ore, you must smelt 4 End Stone and 2 Enderium Blend together in an Induction Smelter for 1 Draconium Ore.
    Fixed Laserite Ore pulverizing recipe having an RF cost of 2
    Made Geko’s Lasers Laser Turret require an RFTools machine frame instead of a random Thermal Expansion machine
    Added recipe to get the Laser Reactor Unit back from crafted Lasers. This is very lossy; you lose the entire laser just for the core without getting any of the materials back.
    Increased Spectre spawning chance from 0.02 to 0.05
    Increased Spectre spawning chance while using Spectre Sword from 0.1 to 0.15
    Disabled Random Things modifying the menu backgrounds
    Doubled Matter Replicator speed

    1.1.6 (Current):
    Mod Additions:

    Ender Tech by Drayshak
    Quantum Flux by jotato
    AE2 Stuff by bdew
    McJtyLib by McJty
    BdLib by bdew

    Mod Updates:

    Thermal Recycling
    Geko’s Lasers (server crash is fixed; if you disabled it, you can now re-enable it)
    Applied Energistics 2

    Mod Removals:

    Set Draconic Evolution to be disabled by default. This is because of the addition of QuantumFlux, which adds invincibility armor in a way that fits more with the theme of the pack. This means that sometimes there will be minetweaker errors in the log if you keep DE disabled; this is normal but cannot be fixed

    Config/Script Changes:

    Disabled matter calculation from recipes for items. This causes balance issues.
    Increased speed of Matter Replicator by another 2x, to a total of 4x
    Increased speed of Matter Decomposer to 4x
    Buffed Passive Big Reactors from 0.5x to 0.75x
    Buffed Turbines from Big Reactors from 0.75x back to the default 1x


    IMPORTANT: v1.1.5 requires Java 8 to run correctly. I do not think this can be fixed; if you cannot install Java 8 for some reason, disable Matter Overdrive.

    I left this until the end in a vain attempt to get you to read the rest of this, especially the bit about the guide.

    As it is, I know that you probably skipped to here. Whatever. Here’s the code:

    If you get frustrated, just come back to this post. Lots of the information you need will be here!

    The font I used for the titles in this post is Press Start 2P, which I accessed through Google Drive.

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    I'll include that soon - this post is still kind of under construction. It has a bunch of tech mods, focused around the RF system. Other mods include TiCon and Galacticraft.

    EDIT: Added mod list to the OP

    SUPEREDIT: This post and both of it's sister posts are now done.
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    This pack is a fair, usual elaborate HQM mod came roar !!
    (Very need HQM mod in this modpack!!!)
    Sorry my BAD english, i use google translate!!!
  5. Type1Ninja

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    I'm sorry, Google's translation is so bad I can only understand a little bit of your post. :(
    What I got was that you like the pack, and think it needs HQM. I *might* include HQM in the future, as it could definitely be helpful to new players just learning how to play with mods. However, it isn't totally necessary, and writing all the quests would be a huge undertaking. I'm a bit short on time right now, so that's low on my priority list. Thanks for the suggestion, though!
    There is also a guide to the modpack, which I believe I link to under the "Guide" section. That could help as well.
  6. Type1Ninja

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    @Big Bad, the reason I put the guides in a separate post from this one was because if I included them, I would exceed the character limit (30000 chars is the limit - my total post had ~44000). I looked for a more pertinent forum to post this guide in, but there was no "Third Party Pack Discussion" section. So, I posted the guides in the "Public Pack" section, as that seemed to make the most sense. If you think another forum section would be a better place to put my guides, please move them there! :(
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    Thanks your answer! CLAP!
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    You could just put the guides in the replies to this post
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    True. On the other hand, it's too late now, I recreated them in the "General FTB Discussion" (or whatever, it had 'general' in it). I'm not going to bother copying and pasting each individual spoiler again. :p

    In other, non-quote news, I began HQM support. I'm going to write all the quests out in google drive and then copy/paste them when I'm ready for actual support. I think I'll *try* to use the book as more of a tutorial than a "do this, do that" sort of thing. Most of the quests will probably be "Detect" instead of "Insert," and the rewards will probably be food and enderpearls (enderpearls end up being really useful later on, including for the process of getting more enderpearls).
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    Looks like a pretty cool modpack, I'll probably be playing this all night.
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    I really like the idea of a focused pack like this and have enjoyed playing it today. I disagree that the pack needs HQM, this seems to be more of a "build and have fun" type of pack. Do you plan on updating on a set schedule? I'm only asking because you've got a lot of out of date mods in there. I've also noticed that you've got multiple mods generating the same ores.
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    Thanks for all of the feedback! I'll answer your questions one by one...
    HQM: I'll add it for new players. The rewards will just be bread, and maybe a couple enderpearls in there somewhere. All of the quests will just be "detection" instead of consumable. :p
    Updates: I'll check back every once in a while. Just out of curiosity, what mods did you notice that were out of date? I know I need to update Thermal Foundation, and I think Chisel might need an update.

    Other than that, thanks a ton for the positive review! Post screenshots! :D
    It's nice to get feedback. Every post makes me happy. :)
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    Here you go:

    Big Reactors
    CoFH Core
    MineFactory Reloaded
    Nether Ores
    Redstone Arsenal
    Refined Relocation
    Simply Jetpacks
    Thermal Dynamics
    Thermal Expansion

  14. Type1Ninja

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    ... Wow. XD
    I'll chip away at some of those in the next update, which will probably include a new, professional-looking background by a friend of mine. It will also probably include some of the HQM quests (the Getting Started set at least), and definitely some of those updates. :p

    Just out of curiosity, how did you find all those? Did you manually go through and check versions?
  15. ooey_GUI_good

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  16. Type1Ninja

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    Ah, so it wasn't as bad as I thought. Manually finding each and every site/thread for every mod would be a pain. Thanks for doing me the favor. :p
  17. George Duggan

    George Duggan Active Member

    what you could do is add enderio, thaumcraft and extra utilites but disable them by default and then the user will have to relauch their client and activate them.
    btw nice modpack :)
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  18. Type1Ninja

    Type1Ninja Popular Member

    Thanks for the advice! :)
    I think I may do something like that in the future - after my pack is nice and famous and has a bajillion downloads and followers ;)
    For now, I'll keep the pack very centered and compact, but when it's all done I'll release a version with all the mods I absolutely did not want to include. :p
    My reasoning for not including those mods right now is:
    I'm not including enderio because - for my purposes - it copies thermal expansion.
    I'm not including thaumcraft because it's pretty obviously magic, which is kind of the opposite of the current theme. :p
    I'm not including extra utils because I'd end up disabling 90% of the stuff that it includes.
    Feel free to install them yourself, though! I'd like to see what you can do with those things installed. (Read: Post screenshots!)
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2015
  19. Type1Ninja

    Type1Ninja Popular Member

    @KingTriaxx, we can move our discussion of railcraft here.
    Some background:
    Every mod I included in the very original build had a purpose. Galacticraft's was obvious - I wanted to get to the moon. To solve the ridiculous recipes, I got minetweaker. Minechem was included because I wanted some kind of transmutation mod, but Equivalent Exchange ans Reliquary are both too magical.

    For railcraft, I included it because I wanted steel tools, and it included iron tanks (which I do miss). However, it added so much more that I knew I could never use; it even made using Steve's Carts hard because of the track recipe changes. In short, it seems like for railcraft to be useful you need to spend a lot of time and resources on it, in ways that didn't fit with my intended progression.
    That's why it isn't in the current build and probably won't be in the next.

    That said, feel free to disregard everything I just said and download it yourself. As much as I try to control how people play, I really shouldn't; and I'd like to see how you make railcraft useful. :p
  20. George Duggan

    George Duggan Active Member

    i know a few things i could do with railcraft :)
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