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Whitelist Server 1.7.10 - Looking for two 21 yr old+ mature adults to join

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by Jeff Fisher, Dec 9, 2014.

  1. Jeff Fisher

    Jeff Fisher New Member

    I have a server that is just Me and a real life friend of mine, we are both 28 years old. The server is hosted and on 24/7 using the Direwolf 20 pack version 1.02 with an updated version of Botania.

    The server has 2 cores, 4gb ram.

    We would like to have two other mature adults on our server to talk to on raidcall and just hang out and play some Modded Minecraft.

    I'm not interested in freeloaders, trouble makers or anyone childish.

    As kind of a gate of entry to make sure anyone that joins us is serious I'm looking for folks willing to split the server costs with us.

    So I'm asking for $5 towards the server for each person on the server. with 4 people that should be $20 a month total ( $5 each person ) which is enough to cover the server. I figure some cost of entry will hopefully attract folks that actually want to have a serious server to play on with folks they can trust and have fun without being worried about there stuff getting messed with or destroyed.

    It would be nice to some some other adults on the server to be able to talk to and come up with ideas and just have fun and make new friends.

    There are some rules that I have which is really just common sense stuff. Like don't destroy the overworld.. SO no quarries in the overworld, no nukes set off in the overworld. No griefing , that kind of stuff.

    If your interested send me a PM on here.
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  2. Jeff Fisher

    Jeff Fisher New Member

    I might have my 2 people now but I'm debating letting 2 more come in ( for a total of 6 ppl max, I haven't made my mind up on that yet tho ) or if not maybe these two might decided to not stick around who knows. So I'm still open to talking to anyone who is interested just in case. I should also mention nothing on the server is banned.. Like I said its a small group of people and if your pitching in on the server you can do what you want on it within reason and common sense.. For instance don't nuke the overworld that would get you banned, and don't go putting quarry holes everywhere in it when we have mystcraft, etc. I make regular backups atleast 3 times a day "Just in case" so we can have some peace of mind if something does go wrong.
  3. Jeff Fisher

    Jeff Fisher New Member

    UPDATE - Its been a while and I've had 3 people join the server.. Everything was fine and all well for a while but they have all burnt out and I'm left playing on the server by myself again...


    Is there Anyone out there interested that wouldn't burn out and quit playing in 2 weeks...... I'm the type of player that getting to uber resources is not my goal.. i enjoy coming up with cool builds and neat contraptions.. I like delving deep into each mod and coming up with interesting ways to do things.. I don't just through down a Big reactor an ender quarry and call it quits. I enjoy each build and take my time on each build making it efficient as possible. I love to try to automate everything. I don't like one block does it all type builds that don't require any thinking or skill. I like coming up with neat ways to do things that ppl might not otherwise spend the time to do.

    So yah I'm looking for 2 more people or atleast 1 person that plays alot so there is someone on the server other than just me that I can talk to and talk bout builds and compare ideas and just BS with each other on raidcall and have fun. And some one that won't just rush everything and then burn out and quit in 2 weeks.

    There is one problem.... The server has been up for a while at this point so I would be lying if I didn't say you would be starting behind anyone else on the server. The other people on the server are still whitelisted meaning they can still play whenever they want and there bases are still there but they are burnt out and I really doubt they are going to continue to play..

    My base is pretty far along.. But I still have not touched Thaumcraft, pnumaticraft, witchery, bees or IC2 yet. My AE system is crazy and I do have a uberquarry set up ( I only run it when Im out of resources) I have botania set up with a portal to elfheim but have not kkilled the boss yet, I have a t5 blood alter but only killed one demon, I have a super tree farm providing planks to 3 boilers to a turbine making 24k rf/t.

    SO thats were I'm at in the game... So ya you would be coming in behind me BUT I would gladly give you some of my stuff to help you get your own base started up and get caught up.

    I don't do the dual base thing I like to have my own base but that doesn't mean that I like being alone on the server because I don't.. I like having someone to talk to and compare ideas and just talk to and have fun with like I said..

    I do eventually plan on making my own little private modpack just for my server but that is in the future a ways still so this map will still be around for quite some time. I'm using this DW20 pack as a way to get into MC again and catch up on the mods changes and new mods so I plan on delving into every single mod in the pack.. I want to know the ins and outs of all the mods before I end up making my own pack for the server.

    If anyone is interested Please let me know. Its just not the same playing on a server solo. I also stream on twitch I don't know if that matters to anyone.
  4. Novaflipps

    Novaflipps New Member

    36 years old from norway. Been playing since 1.4.7
  5. kikisp

    kikisp New Member

    can i join ? 27 from Serbia.I am too playing since 1.4.7..
  6. Shadowquinn

    Shadowquinn New Member

    I am 41 years old, love playing this game. Been playing since 1.2.5 (the old tekket days). I am just now coming back from a break of MC and looking for a small fun server to build laugh joke and maybe even stream and record.

    IGN is shadowquinn1974

    Add me if you like, i will come play along with ya. I am in the US so I hope that don't scare ya away.
  7. Demonickwolf

    Demonickwolf New Member

    21 Year old here. IGN is Demonickwolf. I've been playing MC since, if I remember right, 1.2.5 Don't hold me against it though xP I've always preferred a small server with friends rather than a big one. It just feels more fun. I might no be able to do the server charge every month, as money is reeeally tight and I make minimum wage at the moment -_- but i'll try to help when I can. I hope to hear back from ya soon.

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