[1.7.10] JesterPack [Survival][HQM]


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Jul 29, 2019
Greetings. I would like to introduce you to the JesterPack, my first endeavour to create a Minecraft Modpack.
My main Goal was to balance both, entry level friendliness and End Game Progression. This is mostly because we have two types of players on my server, those who are new to modded Minecraft (or unwilling to learn about the mods ^^) and those who are clearly interested in reaching endgame and building crazy contraptions. The whole pack is more on the casual side though.
In order to reach this goal I compiled what I think is a balanced selection of Mods that should scratch the Itch of both builders and those who want to progress through the tech (and magic) trees. Also I was inspired by the FTB teams Idea of adding HQM to the Pack in order to give out quests. The Quests aren't complete though as I am still working on it. Any suggestions for quests or other feedback is greatly appreciated.

Pack Code: jesterpack
Current Version: 1.0.0 (1.0.1 was submitted by me last Tuesday so it should be up anytime soon)
Installed Mods (I didn't include Libraries unless they add features on their own):

Admin Command Toolbox by ProfMobius - Gives you several Admin only commands, notably Pregen of Chunks - Link - Patreon
AOBD2 by ganymedes01 – Adds pulverizer recipes for various mod Metals – Link - Patreon
AppleCore by squeek502 - API for Hungermods, I am using it for Preview of how much saturation food gives – Link - Patreon
Ars Magica 2 by Mithion – You can become a Wizard Harry! – LinkWikiYoutube
Autopackager by smbarbour – RF Machine that Packs Items into Blocks – Link -
BackTools by iChun – Show the last tool you used on your back – Link
Baubles by Azanor - APi for several mods that also adds new Armor Slots – LinkPatreon - Paypal
BiblioCraft by Nuchaz – Decorative and useful things to add to your house – LinkPatreonDonateFTBWiki - Youtube
BiblioWoods(Natura) by Nuchaz – Natura Support for Bibliocraft
BigReactors by Errogenous Beef – Multiblock RF Reactors – Link - Youtube
BloodMagic – wayOfTime – Demonic Magic, Dark Arts! WayOfTime! – LinkDonateFTBWiki - Youtube
BloodUtils by Waislybob – Utility Addon for Blood Magic - Link
Sanguimancy by Tombenpotter – Blood Magic Addon – Link
Carpenter's Blocks by Mineshopper - Custom Decorative Blocks that you can use with most building blocks - Link
ChickenChunks by chickenbones – Chunk Loaders and Spot loaders. – Link - Donation
Chisel (Pokefenn's Fork) - Turn many Vanilla Blocks in fancier Versions - Link
DamageIndicators by rich1051414 - Damage Indicators both in 3D and as a HUD – Link - Donate
Dark Menagerie by RWTema – New Monsters – Link - Patreon
DecoCraft by Razzleberryfox – Decorative Props - Link
EnderIO by CrazyPants - How many Pipes can you fit in one block? As well as multiple nifty Machines – Link
EnderStorage by Chickenbones – Transdimensional chests, tanks and Bags – LinkDonate
ExtraTiC by JeanGlassmaker – Adds additional Mod Support to Tinker's Construct – Link
ExtraUtilities by RWTema – Adds Many small (and not so small) items and tweaks thate are uniquely useful – LinkPatreon
FastLeafDecay by Olafski – Leafs decay in seconds - Link
FinndusFillies by Myrathi – Horses drop meat – Link - Donate
FlatSigns by Myrathi – Place Signs flat on the floor – Link - Donate
FlaxbeardsSteamPower by Flaxbeard – Wondrous Steampower Machines – Link
Fmpintegration by wasliebob – Automatic Multipart Support – Link
FogNerf by Portabljim – Remove unwanted Fog - Link
Growthcraft by Gwafu – Grow various Plant and turn them into Booze - Link
Hardcore Quest Mode by lorddusk, newcastlegeek and vswe – Questsystem for Minecraft, I use it to help you start with the different Mods, most Quests are still WIP though - Link
Hats by iChun – fancy hats for you to wear and trade with your coplayers - Link
HatStand by iChun – a place to show off them fancy headwear - Link
InfiniBows by Myrathi – You don't need an arrow to use an infinity enchanted bow – LinkDonate
InventoryTweaks by Kobata – Inventory Sorting and more - Link
Ironchest by cpw – Upgrade your chests – Link
Jabba by ProfMobius – Upgradable storage Barrels – Link - Patreon
JourneyMap by techbrew – Ingame Minimap as well as an Overviewmap that can be displayed in your Browser - Link
MineFactoryReloaded by the COFH Team – Automate Everything from Harvesting Wheat to Automated Liquid Meat factories – Link - Patreon
Morpheus by quetzi – Only 50% of Players on a Server have to sleep through the night - Link
Natura by myDiyo and progwml6 – More Trees and Plants - Link - Patreon
Nether Ores by the COFH Team - Ores in the Nether, beware Zombie Pigman don't like when you take them! – Link
NotEnoughItems by Chickenbones – All the recipes t your Fingertips - Link
NEI Addons by bdew - Link
NEI Plugins unofficial by tonius11 – Link
OpenBlocks by Mikeemo – Various Blocks and Items that Range from very ridiculous to very useful - Link
Opis by ProfMobius – Admin tools to analyse Serverticks as well a fork of Mapwriter - Link - Patreon
Pam's Clay Spawn by MatrexsVigil– Clay spawns underground – Link - Patreon
Pam's Harvestcraft by MatrexsVigil – Many more Crops and Foodstuffs – Link - Patreon
ProjectRed by MrTJB and Chickenbones – Cirquits, Light, Sorting System and more – Link - Patreon
Redstone Arsenal by Team COFH – RF Powered tools and Weapons – Link - Patreon
Refined Relocation by Dynious – Relocate both Chests Inventories and Players
Ropes+ by atomicstryker – Rope Arrows, Fire Arrows, Teleportation Arrows - Link
RPG Adv Mod by ProfMobius – Road Signs and Posts - Link
Ruins by atomicstryker – Wordlgen Ruins for you to explore - Link
SimplyJetpacks by tonius11 - RF Powered multi tiered Jetpacks – Link
Statues (Asie's Fork) by Asie – Build Statues of any Minecraft Player whose name you know - Link
Steve's Carts 2 by VSWE – Automated Minecarts - Link
Steve's Factory Manager by VSWE – Powerful Automation Utilites - Link
Steve's Workshop by VSWE – Advanced Crafting Table that can hold any combination of up to 4 Furnaces or Crafting Tables Link
StopGap by Othlon – Craft Glowstone or Redstone - Link
StorageDrawers by jaquadro – Store things in Fancy Drawers - Link
Thaumcraft by Azanor – Harvest Vis and become a Powerful Spellcaster - Link - Wiki
ThaumcraftMobAspects by Parker8283 – Add TC Aspects to various modded creatures - Link
Thaumic Tinkerer by nekosune and pixlpix – Thaumcraft Addon - Link
Thaumic Exploration by Flaxbeard – Thaumcraft Addon - Link
ThermalExpansion by Team COFH – Adds Various Machines and RF Powergen – Link - Patreon
ThermalFoundation by Team COFH – OreGen for Team COFH Mods - Link - Patreon
TiC Tooltips by squeak 502 – Waila Tooltips for Tinker's Construct - Link
Tinker's Construct by myDiyo and boni – Build your own Weapons and Tools with a huge smeltery – Link - Patreon
Tinker's Steelworks (Ephy's Fork) by Ephys – Build a High Oven and Smelt Steel - Link
Tinker's Mechworks by myDiyo – TiC Addon - Link
TorchLevers by HitchH1k3r – Craft Levers that look like torches - Link
Tubes by Schmoller – Transport Items and Fluids in Plastic Tubes - Link
Twilight Forest by Benimatic – What Adventures await you in the Twilight Forest dimension? – Link
Waila by ProfMobius – Tooltips! - Link - Patreon
WailaHarvestability by squeek502– What do you need to harvest the block you are looking at? - Link
Witchery by Eminoph – Become a Witch - Link
Yet Another Leather Smelting Mod by AiryBreath – Smelt Zombie Flesh into Leather – Link
ZombieAwareness by Corosauce – Better and more aggressive Zombie behaviour – Link

Corrected SAGMill recipes
Added more Quests
Asielib 0.3.1 -> 0.3.2
Bloodmagic 1.2.0 -> 1.2.0b
FlatSigns ->
NEI Addons -> 1.12.3
Pam's Harvestcraft -> 1.7.10c
ProjectRed ->
Simply Jetpacks -> 1.2.0
StorageDrawers -> 1.1.7
Tinker's Construct -> 1.7.1
BigReactors -> 0.4.0rc11
ZombieAwarebess -> 1.9.5
EnderIO ->
FlaxbeardsSteamPower -> 0.26.4
InPureCore -> 1.0.0B2-4
Morpheus -> 1.5.24
NEI -> 1.03.64 (TEST)
Refined Relocation -> 1.0.6h
Sanguimancy -> 1.1.7-2
AutoPackager -> 1.5.2
Added InfinBows
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Jul 29, 2019

I have just updated the Pack, so 1.0.2 should be on the Launcher as soon as it has been updated there.
Due to a few mod updates there will be some minor issues though. You will have to confirm the missing blocks when loading up the game and you will lose some of the chisel blocks due to the 2.0 update. Nothing really big though.
Updated Forge to
Added EnderZoo
AOBD 2.3.1
AppleCore -> 1.0.1
BiblioCraft 1.9.0
BiblioWoods (Natura) 1.5
Carpenter's Blocks 3.3.1
COFH Core 3.0.0B8-36
RedstoneArsenal 1.1.0RC1-19
ThermalExpansion 4.0.0B6-16
ThermalFoundation 1.0.0B3-8
ExtraUtilities 1.2.0
FlaxBeards SteamPower 0.27.0
InPureCore 1.0.0B7-19
Tubes 2.0.5


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Jul 29, 2019
So what are the main mods?

The Main Tech Mods would be the Trio of ThermalExansion/EnderIO and MFR
On the Magic Side Thaumcraft has the most content but I spent more time playing Blood Magic myself, that's why blood magic has a bit more quests in the Questbook.
I tried to get the pack rather well rounded and I admit strong influences by the DireWolf20 pack as well as Vaygrim's Chance
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Jul 29, 2019
Is there a public server for this pack(already setup or unofficial)

At the Moment I only run this Pack on my Whitelisted Private Server. I can provide you the files for it but I don't have the time to manage a Public server at the moment, since I just started a new job and cannot dedicate the needed time for it.
Here are the Links to the different 1.0.2 ServerPack files:
The Server Files on My Dropbox, as there seems to be a problem with the Version on FTB lately, the One in the Launcher will be updated whenever I update the pack though.
Use Forge downloaded from here
I use Super Jamie's Init Script to launch the server, you will have to do a bit configuration though.

If there is a lot of demand I will create a Public server when I got the time.


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Jul 29, 2019
is it possible to join your whitelisted server?


Sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately It is a friends only server, so only people who know each other personally play on the server. Besides we speak Swiss German on there so even people who speak regular German have trouble understanding us.

Besides I have a few Problems I found with the modpack (mostly due to my inexperience with creating Modpacks before and I am looking into if I am able to fix them. My server has a severe memory leak due to project reds pipes and since 4 of us built rather large piping systems, I have to deal with regular crashes :(. ) I hope I will be able to fix them soon. If not I might rebuild the Pack from Scratch, since I learned quite a bit about Packs in the last few Months. I will keep you guys updated though.