[1.7.10]GT-New-Horizons[Ultra Hard Gregified modpack via Minetweaker and Modtweaker][2,5K+ Quests]

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This thing you describe happend all the time after update on Server with HQM. HQM saving the quest in a non readable non edit able binary file. The New version 5 change to json but sadly not available for 1.7.10.
Normaly when you start a new Game the Quest files are generated in your save folder (progression/quests and party) Did you play on a Server or on sp ? Which version do you using (newest is I play the pack in survival too and not have any issue. Maybe your save game is corrupted by exit the game. I save from time to time my mc save folder for make backups but never had a quest reset. (try if you entering the first time /bq_admin default load) i hope this info helps.
I play in a singleplayer. I use newest version.


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Jul 29, 2019
Ohhh Mica Ore where are you! I am digging and digging and digging and still no luck :(.

Does anyone know is there any difference in output between LV and MV Sifter? What is an advantage using MV Sifter over the LV one?
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Jul 29, 2019
Thank u for answer.
Now I need help how to make wand with capacity 75 at least to be able to move nodes. I ve got greatwood wand with gold caps and I am bit stuck. I am not sure what is the next step here. Is there any way to create better wand (75 capacity) before going to the moon?


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Jan 16, 2015
Changelog: Version 24.01.2017

New Mods:

Avaritiaddons 1.2d
Eternal Singularity 1.0.4
Mouse Tweaks 2.4.4
p455w0rdslib 1.0.4
Universal Singularities Version 8
Wanion Lib 1.5

Mod Upgrade:

Adventure Backpack 0.9fbeta25b
AE2 Wireless Crafting Table
Backpacks 2.2.4
Better Questing 1.0.173
Blood Arsenal 1.2.7
Draconic Evolution 1.0.2k
Electro Magic Tools
Ender IO
Enhanced Lootbags 1.0.2a
Galaxy Space 1.1.3a
GT New Horizons Core Mod 1.3.16
Industrial Craft 2
Open Blocks
Open Computers
Open Mods Lib
Open Modular Turrets
Pam's Harvestcraft 1.7.10lc
ReAuth 3.4.1
Special Mobs 3.3.0
Standart Expansion 1.0.108
Storage Drawers 1.10.8a
Thaumic Tinkerer 2.5.539
YamCore 0.5.70

Changed/added Recipes:

Avaritia-Addon(all recipes redone)
Biome-o-Plenty(Lime Stone recipe)
Buildcraft(Assembly Table, Laser and charger recipes)
Chisel(Gt marble to chisel Group, fix Cobblestone)
Core Mod(XP recipes for items, Piston recipes change)
Draconic Evolution(Black Plutonium paltes changed to GT)
Electro Magic Tools(some meta id changes)
Ender IO(Tanks now to MV, Capacitor Bank recipe upgrades removed, Item Conduit now MV)
Enhanced Lootbag(add Fortune pack recipes to the New Bags)
Exra Bees(Hatchery recipe fix)
Extra Utilities(recipe fix)
Forestry(Farm Blocks now 4 times cheaper, Tubes two times and Farm Controllblocks 2 times, soldering Iron recipe change, Backpack fix recipe NBT)
Multipart(recipe change:Saw)
Gendustry(Bee fixes and mutagen fixes by Ugachaga)
Genetics(recipe change DNA Dye)
IC2(Wind generator Tier change one down, Power unit Tier change one down, remove Nei renames becaus doing with lang file)
Inguana Tweaks(ecipe change:Saw)
Jabba(Barrel Assembler recipe change, Oredict fix by JasonMcRay)
Minecraft(Piston using different fences, Trap door recipe fix, bed using different fences)
Natura(Stick, button, trapdoor, bowl recipe fixes)
Project Red(recipe change:Saw)
Railcraft(Latern recipe fix, Solid Fueld fire box one tier down, Diamond Bore Head fix, add Coke coal to Advanced Blast furnace, Firestone stack fix)
Storage drawers (redone)
Tainted Magic(Blade ID fix, fix one research)
Thaumic Energistics(Wand Fix)
Kami(NBT Data Fix)
Tinker Construct(Drying Rack fix, enable Trevelar Items, Fix travellars Stuff recipes)

Code changes:

Blood Arsenal(Hopefully a complete fix for all GameCrashes related to fakeplayers)
Draconic Evolution(Added back some missing textures)
Electro Magic Tools(Fix boots, Unify to other armors, Fix tiering, Equalize armor absorption values with IC2, Fix for solars, and equalized armors with IC2)
Ender IO(farming station will cut down IC2 rubber trees if an axe is present)
Enhanced Lootbags(Should prevent crash mentioned in GTNewHorizons/NewHorizons#995, Patched classes to prevent (duct tape) Massive Player kick on a weird random situation, Fix Tainted magic items)
Core Mod(More Q and S Tanks and Chests, Changed Bio Gas recipe and production way, skull fire sword fix from Avaritia, No Infinity Dust from TCeti, Add Trinium, Add more Coins, ordict Reinforced Metal, added old Core Mod Plates to ordict, Air Filter change)
Gregtech(Added New Quantum Chests, Super Chests, Super Tans and Quantum Tanks, Add New Block für Q and S Tanks, Miner 2 fix, Fix Advanced Miner II occasionally outputting the wrong blocks, add localizer, buff Gas and Oil, Diesel by 25%, try to remove catus and hazelnut from Bio Ball, Air Texture, MOOOORE capacity in fluid hatches and fix generator even more, reducing diesel pollution, Move achievements, centrifuge recipe from infused gold change, Port advanced seismic prospector., Change Distillation Tower recipe to hv, fix coilage, Better furnacing with better coils., Plunger Sounds, Magic super fuel changes, Rise Hot coolant -> heat conversion ration in IC2 heat exchanger by 20% to avoid rounding bug, Don't allow Large Turbine to start up without Dynamo Hatch, Fix gem recipes, Unlimited EU in Dynamo Hatch, Tweak fusion more, Remove cell registration for many material (exploit), Laser engraver recipe fix.)
Special Mobs(Possible fix for GTNewHorizons/NewHorizons#883, )
Storage Drawers(remove Upgrade recipe because minetweaker can't.)
Thaumic Tinker(add fire spreading config)
Wawla(remove the third entry in drums buckets display)
YamCore(Fluidhelper; Moved from GTNH CoreMod )

Config changes:

Adventure Backpacks(Add various config changes)
Block Limiter(Forbid to using Imbued Fire Potions in Dim 0,1,-1,7, )
Ender IO(Added missing Marbel and Basalt Ore recipe to SAG Mill)
Enhanced Lootbags(Added new Lootbags for Forestry, Space, Bees and Food)
Core Mod(Add Custom tooltips for the Nano and Quantum helper items)
Forestry(Added various Blocks and Dusts to the Diggers Backpack from GC and GS)
Gadomancy(Fix visual bug/crash)
Galactic Greg(Disable Infinity Ore spawn and as Byproduct)
Gendustry(Fix bee using wrong block)
Gregtech(diable Oil Sand in Nether and TF)
Storage Drawers(Change size and amount in the config)
Few Mods(change potion ids to stay below id 128)


Add Forestry Quests 21
Add Food Quests 12
Add Steam Quests 9
Add LV Quests 52
Add Reward Bag Quests 12
Add Thaumcraft Novice Quests 1
Kill all the things Quests 1
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Jul 29, 2019
Does Tier 1 rocket has to be crafted in Dire Crafting Table from Avaritia mod? And so, do I really need 18 nether stars before the Moon ? Ufffff... Its tough....
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Jul 29, 2019
You think you will ever make a lite version of this pack?, with gregtech, but less mods and same awesome setup?
Big fan of your tweaks here.


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Jul 29, 2019
What mod is this from and how do I access the weapons once equipped here?

armor ui.png


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Jul 29, 2019
For some reason when I make a fence out of spruce wood instead of any other type of wood, it's called a "wood slab" and doesn't work in any recipe requiring a fence.


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Jul 29, 2019
I can't seem to break any wooden fluid pipes with a wrench (even on my test creative world). It breaks other types of fluid pipes just fine.