Mod Feedback [1.7.10] Flaxbeard's Steam Power (Latest 0.29.3)

Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by SatanicSanta, Oct 19, 2014.

  1. SatanicSanta

    SatanicSanta New Member

    Flaxbeard's Steam Power, now developed by myself, Strikingwolf and Xbony2!
    Official IRC channel is #TheSteamTank on Espernet!
    Official Discord server:
    Report bugs here!

    Flaxbeard's Steam Power (FSP) is a tech mod based on steam power at its core. It was originally developed by Flaxbeard, then Flax + Zenith, then myself, and now the Esteemed Innovation Team. Its goal is to add innovative content that encourages fun play rather than trying to one-up other tech mods.
    FSP includes in-game documentation in the mod's book, Esteemed Innovation. This journal can be crafted after collecting the two ores necessary for progression: copper and zinc.


    Current build (beta):
    Beta 0.29.3

    Source code is available on GitHub
    Changelog can be found on the Wiki

    Just look at the issue tracker
    You can also look at our Waffle to actually see progress and what we plan on working on next. Our Waffle also includes the mobile version! How fancy!

    You are free to use this mod in modpacks. I'd like it if you let me know so I can check it out. I'd also like it if you report bugs at the issue tracker, or let me know in some other way.

    Some modpacks running FSP:
    • FTB Unstable 1.7
    • PhoenixCraft
    • TerraFirmaPunk
    • Steam'dustry
    • Universal Habitat
    • JesterPack

    You can support the team members on Patreon: SatanicSanta, Lance5057, Drullkus
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  2. Strikingwolf

    Strikingwolf New Member

    Ooooo fancy
  3. xbony2

    xbony2 WikiWorker Wiki Staff FTB Mod Dev

    Dis mod da bomb.
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  4. GreatOrator

    GreatOrator New Member

    Been loving this mod something fierce, with all the new mods being announced here at FTB, they really need a section dedicated to just that, would make seeing/finding them easier.
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  5. OutcastZeroOne

    OutcastZeroOne New Member

    muwahahahahahah!!!!! im here now too!!!!!
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  6. SatanicSanta

    SatanicSanta New Member

    Yay :D
  7. xTordX

    xTordX New Member

    Reminds me of Pneumaticraft... A lot. Although it looks better and the journal is a thing i always love in a mod( for example Thaumcraft, Botania and Tinkers'). Nice job guys!
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  8. SatanicSanta

    SatanicSanta New Member

    We've updated stuff. Bugs are fixed, new developer, and one new thing.

    Flaxbeard's Steam Power 0.26.5

    • NEW: Everyone welcome Xbony2, maintainer of IC2 Nuclear Control, creator of Bony's Desertcraft and AFSU Mod, to the FSP dev team!
    • NEW: Steamed food can now be canned in the Canning Machine (issue #140)
    • FIX: GT ERROR 01 (issue #117)
    • FIX: Added Rocket Launchers to the Recent Creations section of the book.
    • FIX: Removed useless iron nugget/ingot recipes
    • FIX: Fixed Enchiridion NPE causing console spam
    • FIX: Removed Cloaking potion effect, because it was useless and caused issues with other mod effects. This should fix Hunger Overhaul compatibility. (issue #131)
    • FIX: (dmillerw) Fixed sound handling (issue #144)
    • FIX: (dmillerw) Fixed untextured particles on extended Rock Smasher (issue #92)
    • FIX: (dmillerw) Fixed rendering and memory leak with Exosuit (issue #121)
    • FIX: (dmillerw) Disabling the exosuit no longer causes crash (issue #126)
    • FIX: (dmillerw) Fixed Esteemed Innovation click handling (issue #124)
    • FIX: Fixed json comma placement. This should fix some Cauldron compatibility.
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  9. SatanicSanta

    SatanicSanta New Member

    Critical crash bug fixed, new exosuit upgrade, end/nether ores \o/

    Flaxbeard's Steam Power 0.27.0

    • NEW: Brass Knuckles (issue #151)
    • NEW: Config options to enable/disable mod integration
    • NEW: Zinc Ore and Copper Ore generate in the End and Nether. Same blocks, different textures based on the dimension the person is in. (issue #132 on FSP's Issue Tracker and issue #42 on PhoenixCraft's Issue Tracker)
    • FIX: (dmillerw) Fixed null Yeti Hide recipe. This fixes a crash bug with the Esteemed Innovation and stops Hardcore Ender Expansion from complaining (issue #146 and issue #145)
    • FIX: Steam Heater and Exosuits no longer get their icons server-side.
    • FIX: Fixed variable names in all classes. This doesn't change anything in-game or from a user POV, but for people working on the mod, and for people wanting to learn from it, this is very helpful. This includes p_######_#_, some wrongly named variables (tileentitysteamcharger set to TileEntitySteamHammer), and some more descriptive variables (World var1, int var2 -> World world, int meta in createTileEntitymethods).
    • FIX: Added @Override annotation in a lot of classes. This doesn't really change much, but will make it easier to port to newer versions of Forge, and might prevent some errors.
    • FIX: Got rid of commented out WAILA integration, because WAILA Integration mod has support for FSP.
    • FIX: Got rid of derpy code I wrote when doing some rendering stuff with the Steam Filler; it now uses the old code that Flax (or someone) wrote ages ago. This should fix some rendering issues.
    • FIX: Capitalization in config file.
    • FIX: Monacle -> Monocle in config file and key bind screen.
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  10. Golrith

    Golrith Over-Achiever Trusted User

    The zinc/copper in end/nether, is that configurable?
  11. SatanicSanta

    SatanicSanta New Member

    You can enable and disable it.
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  12. Wright

    Wright New Member

    What a great mod! I wish there was more rustic mods such as this and less futuristic. Think it would go real nice with tinkers construct, are you planning on doing some sort of integration?
  13. SatanicSanta

    SatanicSanta New Member

    I am. I'm not exactly sure what though. If you have any ideas (preferably not plates, I think that part of the mod is done), please let me know. I haven't used the mod since 1.6.4, and I haven't used it the way it's meant to be used since 1.5.2.
  14. SatanicSanta

    SatanicSanta New Member


    • TWEAK: Brass Knuckles are now disabled by default, because they can be seen as going against the theme of the mod. If you already have them in your world, please make sure to enable this.
    • TWEAK: Nerfed Brass Knuckles damage and recipe
    • FIX: Hurt animation no longer called if the world is a server world. This should fix a NoSuchMethodError crash on servers. My computer is not powerful enough to test a modded server and client running at the same time, so if the issue persists please tell me. (issue #157)
    • FIX: Brass Knuckles recipe should now work with the Power Fist on the bottom row.
    • FIX: IC2 Canned Food recipes now input and output a balanced amount of cans (issue #152)
  15. SatanicSanta

    SatanicSanta New Member


    If you are using end and/or nether ore gen please update. Problem was that I'm stupid and had end ores generating in netherrack and nether ores generating in end stone.

    • API: Added IPipeWrench, which will allow tools from other mods to work as FSP Pipe Wrenches.
    • REMOVE: Remove Brass Knuckles because it's not useful, and is unbalanced. Make sure to remove it from your Exosuit before updating.
    • FIX: Zinc and Copper actually generate in the End and Nether now.
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  16. Chaka

    Chaka FTB Team Mod Developer Retired Staff

    This is an awesome mod, I would love to add this to my modpack!
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  17. SatanicSanta

    SatanicSanta New Member


    • NEW: Natura integration. Raw Imphide can be steamed into Steamed Imphide.
    • NEW: IndustrialCraft 2's Steam is now compatible with the Pressure Converter. (issue #123)
    • API: Fixed usage of IPipeWrench to actually work
    • FIX: Steam Hammer's progress would be saved on death/game exit if the Vanilla methods for saving this stuff worked. (issue #33)
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  18. Nfrance

    Nfrance New Member

    Can I ask/beg for some Mekanism integration? Not sure what type of cool effects you could think of for their armor but it's merely a suggestion.
  19. SatanicSanta

    SatanicSanta New Member


    • API: (ganymedes01) Smashed Ore API thing
    • NEW: Exosuit steam consumption rate is now configurable (#184)
    • NEW: (Ghoughpteighbteau) Pressure Converter can now output directly into storage devices
    • NEW: FSP/Natura/IC2 cross integration
    • FIX: Copper and Zinc have correct textures when not in the overworld, end, or nether (#170)
    • FIX: (allaryin) Server crash bug with Valve Pipe and Flash Boiler
    • FIX: (Gholuk) Village crash bug (#165)
    • FIX: (Gholuk) Closed valves no longer join existing networks or create new networks (#186)
    • FIX: (Gholuk) Vacuum stopping issue (#159 and #52)
    • FIX: Dependency issue with Baubles (#177)
    • FIX: Engineering Table material (#181)
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  20. Gamefury64

    Gamefury64 New Member

    This mod is awsome. I love the steampunk technology. Not sure if its possible, but would it be possible to ass Tconstruct implementation by creating a plate cast?

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