[1.6.4] [Public Pack] EnhanceWorld ModPack

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    pack code:work now

    Mod List:
    Biomes O Plenty
    Booze mithril kitchens Mods
    Carpenter's Blocks
    Chicken Chunks
    Damage Indicators
    Enchanting Plus
    Ender Storage
    Extra Utilities
    Infernal Mobs
    Inventory Tweaks
    Iron Chests
    Map Writer
    Nether Ores
    Not Enough Items
    Project: Red (All Modules)
    Secret Rooms Mod
    Tinker's Contruct
    Translocators Wireless Redstone ChickenBones
    BetterDungeons Chocolatin
    Glenn Gases


    Improving and enhancing the minecraft experience with outs changing the theme and concept that Notch made minecraft

    modpack makers:
    - Shadow Team

    Perm page:


    - ProjectRed
    - BetterDungeons

    - HardcoreEnderExpansion
    - Translocator
    - chisel
    - Hardcore Questing Mode
    - extrautils


    bug fix
    - biomesoplenty
    - QuantumCraft

    - GraveStone
    Take a step back in time, and see the mine World what it was in the war simpler days, where everything was trying to kill you and nothing showed mercy. Back in those days not shed a wonderful plan for everything and a tragic one at the same time. Modeling was fairly new everything was crazy chaotic and always something interesting around the corner every Friday. You has a great hero of the of the olden days are fighting and tragically are taking down mountains and clearing the land by your fist… Yeah those days. Those days before bucket was a big thing in making curator than creating an making your works of art not legitimately. As legends were going on and craziness was always around you and hero buying was always willing get you. As the world we knew my craft changed and things started morphing modeling became bear and crazier. But that's not where we are. The world is still a potential to create the muzzle legit trees even structure you could ever imagine and you will. As time progressed your structures become marvelous your mansions your buildings your structures your statue what!? And then they heard the crowds of players come rolling in servers for and the players grow teams of players creations never saw even on the pocket servers you have created the monster Ball monsters how would your story end

    other Mod Packs: by the Shadow Team

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    Creations: Open Beta

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    FallenAge: Public
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    Shadow Chapter: Public

    AD:Want host for your server here you go
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