1.6.4 My Ivory Tower

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  1. ScottulusMaximus

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    Previously on ScottulusMaximus...

    Taste Even Worse The Other Way

    Images in "Spoilers"
    Disclaimer: I do not claim any of these designs/builds as my own, a lot are, some aren't but I can't remember where I got them from... Enjoy

    Using @Fuzzzie's modlist from here: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/1518573 many many thanks to a great MC servant, he deserved more exposure.

    Going to do something a bit different and post this world in stages, starting with an overview of the build.

    Firstly, I win 1.6.4, don't argue it's a fact;)

    Built entirely in survival, block by block. When I started my world I had one simple rule that nothing was allowed to be moved later on for aesthetic reasons. So everything you see is exactly where I put it.


    You may also notice the forcefield;)


    The wooden door in the cliff is my original entrance to my cave base, I began there and finished there. Oh and one final thing I started at the floor level of that door and dug down to bedrock, yes that tower goes to bedrock.


    A view from the top. Silver structure under the tree is forcefield gen, brick building holds my rain-stopper, cigar shaped building is over a few things that require sunlight(dye-trees and mekanism brine production), mana bean farm under the silverwood.

    The smaller part of the tower at the top with the garden is the interior wall, this goes to bedrock.

    Other angles:

    Keep tuned, will update periodically
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  2. HeilMewTwo

    HeilMewTwo New Member

    What are the dimensions of that tower? :eek:
  3. ScottulusMaximus

    ScottulusMaximus New Member

    Exterior radius: 16(marble is just a casing to hide cables etc and look purdy)
    Interior radius: 13(this goes all the way down to bedrock)

    Height: Bedrock to 192

    Forcefield has 115 block radius
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  4. rhn

    rhn Too Much Free Time

    Really like the idea. But would have loved to have seen some more microblock/carpenters/etc. detailing.

    Doing much of the detailing on the tower for example with microblocks instead of different Chisel blocks might have made it less "noisy". Textures on most blocks are really too fine for such large projects IMO. Instead you could have made the details yourself with a dark/grey microblock trimming for example.

    I also personally find I get the best results by using fewer chisel variants and then mixing them with other colours or other non-chisel blocks.

    Also that "belt" on the middle seems rather big and lopsided and would be an ideal candidate to do with microblocks/carpenters blocks.
  5. epidemia78

    epidemia78 New Member

    Honestly as far as towers go it doesnt quite achieve "win 1.6.4" levels of quality but its good. It needs more variety in blocks and it needs a wide, sturdy base to sit on because right now it looks too much like a tube sticking out of the ground. I think you should grab a builders wand and thicken the entire exterior wall by two blocks which will give lots of room for adding more detail.
  6. ScottulusMaximus

    ScottulusMaximus New Member

    I did plan to do micro-block detailing however the world is now pretty much dead with constant crashes, bugs and lag... I'll keep in mind the suggestions about chisel for next time. That belt isn't a styling option, it's there to hide rotarycraft engines and gearboxes cos didn't fit into the usual walls.[DOUBLEPOST=1414590042][/DOUBLEPOST]
    Haha this wasn't a visual mega-build, just happens to be a slightly decent looking, well thought out shell to the epicness inside... The inside is why I win 1.6
  7. kaovalin

    kaovalin New Member

    Personally I would add four smaller spires that are suspended from the corners of that belt you have wrapped around the middle. Be a good place for storage and simple processing.
  8. XLT_Frank

    XLT_Frank New Member

    Can you provide a more detailed look at the doors of the towers? Nice and ascetic.
  9. ScottulusMaximus

    ScottulusMaximus New Member


    Will be posting the first of the interior shots tmrw so stay tuned
  10. XLT_Frank

    XLT_Frank New Member

    Sorry, the third screenshot looked like it had doors, but I realize now that is the floor.
  11. Salamileg9

    Salamileg9 New Member

    ...*was hoping this was the Ivory Tower from Ni No Kuni*
  12. ScottulusMaximus

    ScottulusMaximus New Member

    **Note: Not all pictures taken from the same position, if you want to get a sense of bearings all the ME access terminals are on the West wall of the tower.

    Level 1 Mekanism Basement
    Big ups to @Axis113 for the void fog remover, when I built it I had no fog then something changed and when I went for the screenies suddenly I had void fog so who knows...

    Anyway down to business, bit annoyed that I got a bit of maths wrong and this room is only 5 blocks high but wasn't much I could do about it. A bit of cheating in creative went on here because the bedrock got in the way of some cables;)

    Plan was to pretty this room up like the others but with the void fog and now MASSIVE lag I lost motivation, but it's a basement so should look a bit grimy anyway...


    The elevator in the middle goes the full length of the tower for easy access, all other underground floors except this one have clear glass drawbridge "air locks". Just couldn't get it in here with the floor of bedrock.

    The white beams inside are mining lasers which are waaaay upstairs in the Big Reacor Turbine Room which we'll get to later


    My 5x ore processing line for iron, I use sulfur processed thru a Rotarycraft extractor setup to make the acid to dissolve the iron. Time torches, because op=p, and I couldn't process the amount of iron I was getting from the lasers nearly fast enough.

    A few hydrogen generators just to learn how they work but most power comes from a tesseract somewhere in there.


    Also on the basement level is my Rotarycraft bedrock digger, powered by a gas turbine, jet fuel comes thru a tesseract under the Engine Controller
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  13. ScottulusMaximus

    ScottulusMaximus New Member

    Bits n' Bobs
    Before we get into the tower proper, here's just a few other screenies round and about


    Forcefield gen(230 block diameter) in the silver building, rain stopper in the brick building.


    Base protection via force-field gen in the middle and interdiction matrix in the ceiling. Interdiction Matrix has 3 1/2 stacks of range upgrades in it extending out past the forcefield which will confiscate all items, prevent block placing, block interaction and kill any other players.

    Used 3 1/2 stacks so other players can't use a forcefield generator to suck up the interdiction matrix like I saw on Reddit, I think base is pretty much impenetrable but let's have ideas to see if u can get in;)

    This system uses a LOT of power, there are 2 stacks of speed upgrades in each Coersion Deriver and 6 stacks in the forcefield generator.


    The rain stopper system:

    1.Railcraft rain tank with autarchic gate pumping out thru a gold pipe with a gate.

    2. Gate detects fluid in pipe and emits redstone signal.

    3. Pulse former generates a tick of redstone.

    4. Repeater keeps pulse on for a few seconds so doesn't continuously pulse

    5. Autonomous Activator set on redstone high right clicks with Dissipation Charge.

    6. Profit
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  14. ScottulusMaximus

    ScottulusMaximus New Member

    Level 2 Witchery


    Indoor witchery setup!!! Only issue is that the wrath lamps prevented a bunch of the leaves from generating:/
    Circle magic in the back, double height room this to fit the trees.

    All potions/ingredients automated with Interfaces and Translocators to the left of the Altar. Will show how to do this in more detail with my blood magic setup the next level as it's easier to see.


    First level with the "airlock", shown above closed and below opening(can just see the border at the top of the image):


    Obviously the most prominent feature is the grotesque chandelier, however I kinda like it;) Oh and the cobble ceiling just cos I wanted to prove that cobble can look good if done right.
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  15. kaovalin

    kaovalin New Member

    Whenever I've used cobble it was to simulate grout work on large walls where the bricks were a 3x3x5 or 5x5x8 block of stone. Gives a look of heft to my walls that I dig.
  16. ScottulusMaximus

    ScottulusMaximus New Member

    Level 3 Blood Magic


    I like this room, those lights alone were about 20 microblocks each. Ritual of binding on the right, demon summoning room with ritual of containment at the back, elevator in the middle, minor rituals for rain and night, ME terminal and fully automated alchemical setup on the left. Altar behind:



    Well of suffering in the ceiling controlled by the lever you see, gets mobs from cursed earth mob farm waaay upstairs, when lever is off allowing ritual to run wireless redstone activates an ars magica portal which the mobs get dropped into and teleported into the Ritual above the altar.


    Automated Alchemy with NO ritual, translocator with diamond nugget pulls out of the interface and keeps the reagents stocked, import bus pulls in controlled by level emitter to keep one stack of the products in the system. Downside is that it keeps producing until the Chemistry Set contains a stack.

    Oh yes and forgot to add, alter is also supplied LP by Koi from Mariculture
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  17. ScottulusMaximus

    ScottulusMaximus New Member

    Level 4 IC2

    Twin nukes in the ceiling autorefilled via AE however most power thru RF and Power Converters. Behind the Power Converters is where the Well of Suffering is.

    Recyclers fed with cobble from fully upgraded transfer node cobble gen then scrap into 3 mass fabs, replicator behind the lift system.

    You can see the clear glass drawbridge doors closed here quite nicely


    Full processing line for majority of ores(iron done by mekanism for 5x and anything not compatible with IC2 handled by TE upstairs). Packagers are used to convert small dusts into dust automatically.

    Autocrafting/smelting etc handled by max upgraded macerators, extractors and furnaces to process items in one tick.
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  18. ScottulusMaximus

    ScottulusMaximus New Member

    Level 5 Magic and Mobs

    Infusion setup left

    On the right anenchanting using an XP berry farm(behind the wall),Mystcraft and TC alchemy for Alumentum and Herba production.

    Mob farms behind camera position.


    A better look at the infusion setup, essentia distillation in the middle with a golem that runs behind the first row of jars(can see the magic fences to stop him escaping). The second row of jars are void jars spaced exactly one block further away than the first row. This means the golem fills all the front jars and then the void jars. This means there's always 128 of each aspect and nothing gets jammed. I switch off the distillation once everything is full.

    Yes this can result in a bit of wastage of mana beans(hardly serious with a constant running farm I've got over 1000 of each type) but it's a fully automated Infusion setup with no ComputerCraft!!!

    Fed by a mana bean farm upstairs thru an ender chest.


    Levers you can see control the lights, fans and Mystcraft portals used to teleport mobs to either Blood Magic or Ars Magica killing things. Cursed earth mob spawner, max square size you can get with the Open Blocks fans. Mobs dropped into a shaft in the middle which has the portals and at the bottom the grinders for drops and mob essence.

    In the back you can see 4 separate rooms, these contain my spawners. Two on the right have hot swappable spawners in place for slimes, blazes, ghasts etc. Second from the left is my wither skellie killer using an AA and TiC cleaver that's auto recharged with an Energetic Infuser. Far left is the Villager spawner with a trading post and drawbridge trapdoor dropping them into a smeltery to melt them down into emeralds.


    Another view, on the right you can see the item ducts feeding into barrels, filing cabinets(for annoying non stacky armour), ender chest(mana beans from Pecks cos I'm in a magical biome), chests and trash cans(for bows and other random crap)

    In front is the Magic room and behind is my Wither killer.


    Push Button, kill wither...

    Wither created and killed with MFFS, control circuits on far wall are Project Red. Actual "cage" is hardened glass, and IC2 reinforced glass/stone. Room constructed of triple compressed cobble cos it's supposed to be blast proof(it's not).

    Plan was to hook this up to AE and auto request stars for a Nether Star Generator but I never got around to it.
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  19. ScottulusMaximus

    ScottulusMaximus New Member

    Spoilered images to make it a bit more readable... Next level up soon;)
  20. ScottulusMaximus

    ScottulusMaximus New Member

    Level 6 Railcraft, Buildcraft, Bees

    Railcraft multiblocks, Quarry Plus Lasers for assembly table, Gendustry, AE Liquid filling(buckets/cells etc). Mixed level this, farms behind in this image(coming next post)


    Gendustry setup on right with fully upgraded industrial Apiaries with Destabilised Bees to produce redstone for me.


    Bee product processing on left and a sneak peek into the farm area...

    Next level we're finally at ground level, where it all began, my main processing floor, the Big Reactor, the farms, the nexus.
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