[1.6.4] Material Energy^3 [JamPacked] [HQM] [CTM] [Beta]

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  1. parcel31u

    parcel31u New Member

    Let's Play, by SilverContrial

    Map Trailer

    200+ quests
    and more loot than you can possibly imagine!

    MineChem Spoilers, Effects of all compounds from the source code:

    Server download :

    Unzip the files and run launchserver.bat

    RULES: There are none, break all the blocks you want and explore into any area. If you decide to play on peaceful there won't be much of a point to play the map though since the main challenge is to overcome numerous and hostile mobs.

    Regular Download: Go to the FTB Launcher and then the third party pack tab.

    Beta Download - Same as FTB Version. This is a raw minecraft directory in a zip folder. You must use MultiMc to play it.

    UPDATING: Use updates at your own risk, always backup your save. Since some of the dungeons have been updated, it is possible to get the most current version of them in the your save by going into your save file and deleting dimension 2+, and replacing those with the dimensions 2+ from the new template folder in the minecraft directory.

    v1.4.5 change log
    • Changed deep dark dimension to 100
    • Fantasy metals will now spawn in the deep dark
    • Fixed coin quest
    v1.4.4 change log

    • Added Bibliocraft
    • Changed how reward bags are weighted, expect better rewards
    • Added an armory room to the main base
    • Added hidden temples in two spatial areas
    • Added roughly 25 quests
    • Fixed a spawner in the spatial area "Dungeon"
    • Fixed some quest bugs
    • Made the nether "accessible"
    • Changed spawning in Nether, Deep Dark, and The End
    • Re-arranged all the quest to be closer together

    If you do test my modpack, please post on this thread for any bugs, typos, problems, balancing issues, and constrictive criticism.

    Make sure you are using the current version before posting issues with the pack.

    • Wailia
    • Zan's Minimap
    • Applied Energistics
    • Chisel
    • Extra Utilities
    • Hardcore Questing Mode
    • Metallurgy
    • Minechem
    • Thermal Expansion
    • Forestry
    • Open Blocks
    • Carpenter's Blocks
    • Creeper Collateral
    • MSC1
    • Universal Electricity
    • Gendustry
    • Special Mobs
    • Lockdown
    • Mob Properties
    • Utility Mobs
    • Waila Harvestability
    • JABBA
    • Holo Inventory
    • BiblioCraft

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/parcel31u For all things ME^3/ME^4 related, development and streams on twitch of this pack


    • Where do I get the map? Just create a new world and it will automatically generate.
    • I can't find x item for y quest Try reading the quest book
    • My game crashed Liquid XP in liquiducts doesn't work so well, as well as trying to automate a fission or fusion reactor.
    • Quest won't complete with required items Use /hqm edit to cheat in an OP quest book. From there you can shift click on the glowing quest icons to complete them.


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  2. CaptPanda

    CaptPanda Well-Known Member

    hey, this is what I saw earlier today! I like the concept of a spatial pylon super hostile, but the map does look quite daunting from the perspective of a CTM.

    However, still looks good, so I wish you luck!
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  3. Emitt54321

    Emitt54321 New Member

    Love the concept, but I have some mod concerns. You have forestry and gendustry, but without extra bees/trees, (binnie mods), there's no real point to bees, unless you want lots of honey for...some reason. Also, what about such mod staples like JABBA or bibliocraft?
  4. parcel31u

    parcel31u New Member

    There are in fact very little bee species. This forces the player to use MineChem to make most of the resources, which you can use some of the bee drops to obtain elements and compounds that are not readily available at first.

    Bibliocraft is nice for building, but this pack is more focused on exploring and fighting mobs. JABBA is also a really nice mod, but you start with AE already set up, and storage isn't much of a problem.
  5. Emitt54321

    Emitt54321 New Member

    Huh, last time I played minechem it had virtually no mod support...ah, the good old days of taking flowers and making copper...In any case, with such a small modpack I could always throw in more cosmetics later on my end if I feel like it.

    In all events, a modpack that centers around minechem for resource management? Sign me up as a tester. ^^
  6. parcel31u

    parcel31u New Member

    I'll probably have a test instance tonight. You'll need to use Mulit-MC or download a pack and replace the config and mod folder, adding the template folder as well. If you do test the modpack, I would really like feedback as soon as possible.

    Edit* Beta Download
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  7. KivsNBits

    KivsNBits New Member

    So far looks interesting but there's a lot of stuff and I'm not always sure what you are referring to, so having signs and labels everywhere would be a big plus. In addition, not having inventory tweaks binded to middle click drove me nuts, so I went in and changed the config, but is there a reason it's not bound to middle click? Also while harvesting sugar cane I fell down the side and had to break the glass to get back up. Is there a reason there is a border to fall down along the walls?
  8. parcel31u

    parcel31u New Member

    I'll have to add in signs. And the middle click was something I changed to my preference while I was building the map. I'll have to default all the controllers before submitting am update. The reason why there isn't a border is because of how the spatial pylons work. They don't load or unload those edges. I did fall down there too when I was play testing. I'll probably move the walls in closer so it's flush with the wall.
  9. Emitt54321

    Emitt54321 New Member

    Sooooo much free stuff...

    Having all those free machines sitting there and starting off with a generator that can supply virtually infinite power kind of feels cheaty. I managed to get to the nether to bypass the cramped space in less than 5 minutes, and when I went back through the nether portal, hehe, I ended up in a flat, bedrock world at height level two. Karma's a B**** I suppose...

    In any case, I'll give it a more...serious approach tomorrow.
  10. MrPeach774

    MrPeach774 New Member

    Way too much loot. i don't need 6 picks and its, really fast at the start and then we have a ton of gather quests. the progressions should be in between.
  11. Zarifeke

    Zarifeke New Member

    Personally think it's pretty awesome already. The theme is awesome with trying to bring this place back online, and I would never have learned how cool Minechem could be otherwise. Exploring and finding secret loot chests is fun too. Only problem I've had so far is dying and spawning on the roof, but that's because I still haven't used the bed yet lol.
  12. idrewt

    idrewt New Member

    I've been running through most of the modpacks, giving each a look and THIS is the one I've stopped to play. I am really enjoying this. Thanks for all the time you put into making it!

    I found the carpenters safe with Silverfish trophy and Spider .. Sneaky sneaky :p
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  13. parcel31u

    parcel31u New Member

    There's about 15 of them scattered around the base ;) Some are more easier to find than others, while a few have a reward bag to go along with them.
  14. idrewt

    idrewt New Member

    Since I got the polytool and explored to the outside area, I've found a bunch more. :)

    Really neat pack, but are we supposed to break through the wall? And the things outside like the second bedrock building, and then the smaller one? with a unusable elevator on the outside?

    I don't understand some of it but, I've gotten to the bees :p
  15. parcel31u

    parcel31u New Member

    I didn't want to impose any restrictions, so I don't have any rules about breaking the walls. In the later quests you visit and use other areas. Feel free to go anywhere or do anything you want. lol
  16. SirAkintosh

    SirAkintosh New Member

    hey parcel! what version of forge do I use for the pack?
  17. parcel31u

    parcel31u New Member

    Try the recommended forge version for 1.6.4
  18. SirAkintosh

    SirAkintosh New Member

  19. HeilMewTwo

    HeilMewTwo New Member

    This seems like an awesome pack, only played a little of the first quest line but I am having a lot of fun. Keep up the good work!
  20. DragooKnight

    DragooKnight New Member

    It's an interesting pack, but my framerate gets bombed if I try to do anything, I can barely fight and I either dig too much or place too many blocks all the time.
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