[1.6.4] Discovery [ QUESTS | Biomes O'Plenty Open World |DUBSTEP! ] [1.0.5 | 120+MODS]

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What Mod Should I Focus On First ?

  1. Ars Magica 2

    17 vote(s)
  2. BuildCraft

    3 vote(s)
  3. Extra Utilities & Open Blocks

    4 vote(s)
  4. Forestry

    4 vote(s)
  5. IC2

    3 vote(s)
  6. Mariculture

    2 vote(s)
  7. RotaryCraft

    5 vote(s)
  8. Tinker's Construct

    16 vote(s)
  9. Thermal Expansion

    9 vote(s)
  10. Botania

    7 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Oraia

    Oraia New Member


    The version 1.0.6 is around the corner ! More mods, more quests, more rewards ! Translocators, TreeCapitator, Nether Ores, InGameInfo, Waila Harvestability, Magical Crops, Ender Storage, Wireless Redstone, Equivalent Exchange 3 and Dubstep modified discs !



    This light pack is designed for the adventurers, the new players, those who want to discover the magic of Feed The Beast.

    Ever wanted to create titanic industries from a piece of wood and an hopper ?
    Ever wanted to know how you can craft a Walrus, what is a Quarry for, what are all these Redstone thingies ? This pack is for you !

    Follow the Quest Book through a beautiful world, full of new ores and monsters !
    Time for you to discover all these mods !
    Today, it's your turn !


    Update Logs


    It's around the corner, can't you see it ?


    - Added Galacticraft & Galacticraft Planets
    - Added Mekanism & Mekanism Generators & Mekanism Tools
    - Added Additional Buildcraft Object
    - Added ComputerCraft
    - Added Ender IO
    - Added Factorization
    - Added Damage Indicators
    - Added BiblioCraft
    - Added BibloWood Forestry & BiblioWood Biomes O'Plenty
    - Added Railcraft
    Added ProjectRed Lightning & Exploration & Compatibility & Transmission & Integration
    - Added Twilight Forest
    - Added Extra Cells
    [Can you see the Walrus ?]
    - Removed RotaryCraft [That's sad, but I had huge crashed issues... ]


    - Added Botania
    - Added Blood Magic
    - Added Witchery
    - Added Chisel 1 & AutoLib
    - Added Carpenter's Blocks
    - Changed the Banner


    - Added RotaryCraft
    - Removed Fancy Fences


    Mod List

    Additional BuildCraft Object - Flow86
    Applied Energistics 1 - AlorgithmX2
    Ars Magica 2 - Mithion
    AutoLib - AutomaticMaiden
    BiblioCraft - Nuchaz
    BiblioWood Forestry - Nuchaz
    BilbioWood Biomes O'Plenty - Nuchaz
    Big Reactors - Erogenous Beef
    Biomes O'Plenty - TDWP_FTW & Adubbz
    Blood Magic - WayOfTime
    Buildcraft - SpaceToad & Others
    Botania - Vazkii
    Carpenters' Blocks - Mineshopper
    ChickenChunks - ChickenBones
    Chisel 1 - Automatic_Maiden
    CodeChickenCore - ChickenBones
    CoFH Core - Team CoFH
    ComputerCraft - Dan200
    Damage Indicators - Rich1051414
    EnderIO - CrazyPants
    Evoc - Prof Mobius
    ExtraCells - Leonelf
    Extra Utilities - RWTema
    Factorization - Neptunepink
    FinndusFillies - Myrathi
    Forestry - SirSengir
    Hardcore Questing Mod - Lorddusk & Newcastlegeek & Vswe
    Industrial Craft 2 Experimantal - IC2 Dev Team
    InfiniBows - Myrathi
    Inventory Tweaks - Kobata
    JABBA - Prof Mobius
    Jouney Map - Techbrew
    Mariculture - Joshie
    Mekanism - Aidancbrady
    Mekanism Generators - Aidancbrady
    Mekanism Tools - Aidancbrady
    Minefactory Reloaded - Powercrystals & Skyboy
    MobiusCore - Prof Mobius
    Not Enought Items [NEI] - ChickenBones
    NEI Plugins - Mistakur
    NEI Addons - Bdew
    Obsidiplates - Myrathi
    OpenModLib - Mykee
    OpenBlocks - Mykee
    Opis - Prof Mobius
    PowerCrystalsCore - Powercrystals & Skyboy
    Project Red Base - MrTJP & ChickenBones
    Projet Red Lightning - MrTJP & ChickenBones
    Project red Transmission - MrTJP & ChickenBones
    Project Red Exploration - MrTJP & ChickenBones
    Project Red Compatibility - MrTJP & ChickenBones
    Project Red Integration - MrTJP & ChickenBones
    RailCraft - CovertJaguar

    Redstone Arsenal - Team CoFH
    Simply Jetpacks - Tonius
    Tinker's Construct - MDiyo
    Thermal Expansion - Team CoFH
    Twilight Forest - Benimatic
    Waila - Prof Mobius
    Witchery - Emoniph


    Licenses Links

    Railcraft : Click Here

    Dubstep & Electro Music Discs Credits

    - Windwaker by Mord Fustang

    Quest Chapter List

    • Chapter 1 : First Steps. You're first ore processing and machines !
    • Chapter 2 :
    • Chapter 3 :
    • Chapter 4 : Fishes & Anvils ! This one is about Mariculture !
    • Chapter 5 : Trees & Bees ! This one is about Forestry & Addons !
    • Chapter 6 :
    • Chapter 7 :
    • Chapter 8 :
    • Chapter 9 :
    • Chapter 10 : Reactors And Stuff ! This one is about Big Reactors.
    • Chapter 11 : Orcs And Speed ! This one is about RotaryCraft !
    • Chapter 12 : Spells And Spoons ! This one is about Ars Magica 2 !
    • Chapter 13 : Opening A Flower Shop ! This one is about Botania !
    • Chapter 14 : Achievements ! You need some rewards for this ...


    Terms Of Uses

    The following rules are in regard of the rules the copyright of some mods.
    You can not make any money from this pack, by redirecting his URL via Adfly or anything like this.




    [Note From The Author]

    I know you're thinking, why the hell am I making a pack for 1.6 ?!
    Yes, 1.7 is great, almost every main mods have been updated, and 1.8 is already pointing here and there...

    I choosed 1.6 for multiple reasons. The first one is certainly the fact that 1.6 makes your game serveral times smoother than in 1.7. I don't why, but for most of the players, that's a fact !
    Second reason is that 1.7 is way less stable, in term of Minecraft in general, than 1.6.Again, I don't know why, probably Mojang who messed some part of the codes, but that's a fact.
    Last but not least, I wanted to make a "light" pack. I know, the mod list isn't the smallest you can see, and besides FTB Lite 3, it's a skycrapper...
    Actually, when I say "light", I mean that most of the 1.7 packs needs Java 1.7 and about 2 or 3 GB of Ram, when in the same time in 1.6 you can launch twice the amount of mods while reducing your RAM to 1 or 2GB.

    Yes, I can launch FTB Monster with 2GB and a poor Java 6 32bit, but when I try to launch a smaller 1.7 packs with 4GB of RAM and Java 6 64bit, it crashes directly...


    I hope you'll like the idea of this pack !
    Remember, this modpack is in early stage... You can try to play it know, but you'll have only few quests !

    Thanks for reading,

    Last edited: Mar 21, 2015
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  2. Skvapter

    Skvapter New Member

    Aaaaaaaaaaaand there's another one for the Modpack queue ;)
  3. pikminman13

    pikminman13 New Member

    I never heard of rotarycraft before last weekend in FTB Monster, it sounds like a cool mod though it has a slow start to it.
  4. Oraia

    Oraia New Member

    Thanks a lot !

    Yeah RotaryCraft is an amazing mod, but it isn't as easy as starting Thermal Expansion or even Thaumcraft ...

    I wanted to add this mod in this pack because it's one of the best mods I saw, and I thought that I could do some quests about it to help players understanding how it really works...

    I could add ReactorCraft or Electricraft, but these mods are twice as complex as RC is, so...
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2015
  5. Oraia

    Oraia New Member

    Important Note: Do not Play with version 1.0.3, there is a native file missing ... Use the new 1.0.4 version, this one works perfectly !
  6. Copenex

    Copenex New Member

    Anyone know if you can change the sprint hotkey in 1.6.4?
  7. pikminman13

    pikminman13 New Member

    There is none for 1.6, unless you have factorization installed.
  8. Oraia

    Oraia New Member

    Hey that's a good idea, I should add Factorization in 1.0.5 ;)

    Are you playing on my pack ? If it's the case,i would like to warn you that I just had the time to make 5/6 quests, I'll focus on quests next and the 1.0.5 version will have at least the first chapter completed, which is already not that bad ...
  9. Oraia

    Oraia New Member

    Note : Updated to 1.0.5 ! Huge update & Quests added !
  10. Reika

    Reika RotaryCraft Dev FTB Mod Dev

    ReC maybe, but ElC?
  11. Rjwiger

    Rjwiger Active Member

    Looks Great!
  12. Oraia

    Oraia New Member

    I probably said that a bit too fast... I fact, I never really got into ElectriCraft. I don't know why, I think I was more interested in starting ReactorCraft ...

    I'm currently trying to reinstall RoC in the pack. Forge is turning me mad at the moment, like ... really ... I got the famous "mod duplication" glitch ... I thought it had disappear some times ago... Apparently not ! It's just when I add RoC, don't ask me why .It isn't a problem of installation, cause 2 days ago it was TE3 which was causing crashes .

    Thanks !

    I'm currently working on quests, but it's a real time-eater .Making one quests take me like ... 5 minutes ? What's more I have to rediscover some mods, like Botania or IC2, so in the same time I play a bit of TTPI on a server.

    Beside quests, I think that the mod list is complete for now, maybe on or two more here and there for the 1.0.6 version, like Waila Harvestability and Forestry 3 Addons ...
  13. realistic

    realistic New Member

    Is it just me or is there no quest book? What do I need to do to get one?
  14. Oraia

    Oraia New Member

    Mhh sorry it seems that the Hqm config didn't work .. I'll really get into quests, don't worry. I'm planning on releasing 1.0.6 ... today , if possible ? If you really want the quest book, you can simply craft one, look at the recipe with NEI, i think it's a very easy one
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  15. realistic

    realistic New Member

    cool, thanks, i'll look into that!
  16. Reika

    Reika RotaryCraft Dev FTB Mod Dev

    Then you have a duplicate mod.
  17. Oraia

    Oraia New Member

    I don't think so, because I just compressed the mod file into a .zip format, like I do everytime this error appear, and I launched the game without any problems .. Except the mod wasn't loaded :/
  18. Reika

    Reika RotaryCraft Dev FTB Mod Dev

    Compressed the mod yourself? What?
  19. Oraia

    Oraia New Member

    Edit #5 : 1.0.6 is ready to go ! I added some quests, some new rewards & some new mods ! I'll continue to work on quests for a bit, and i'll released it probably tomorrow !

    I just ... , I don't really know how to say this ... In fact, I downloaded the lastest 1.6 version of RoC and DragonAPI directly from your site, put it into the mods floder and launched the gameIt told me I had duplicated mod files, RoC and DragonAPI. As they were "open" folder, I compressed these files into .zip. I launched the game, everything worked except the mod wasn't loaded ..

    I had this issue quite a few times, and everytime I compressed the files and it worked fine, except this time ... I tried with both DragonApi and RoC with different versions, each times the same, but it doesn't seems to work ..

    I checked into the FTB Monster mods folder,the DragonApi and the RoC files were exactly like in my mods folder.. I think it has something to do with, i don't know, Forge Version or something like that. I'll try again later, it seems to be just a "random" bug.
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2015
  20. Mr.Antman

    Mr.Antman New Member

    Please update the pack to 1.7.10.And delete equivalent exchange 3 add ProjectE

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