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1.6.2 IC2 experimental version changes.

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by dtech100, Sep 9, 2013.

  1. dtech100

    dtech100 Active Member

    If you haven't checked new IC2 version for 1.6.2 please do.

    A lot has changed as it was in 1.5.2 and earlier versions.

    First one - you don't use refined iron - instead you use plates (iron, tin, copper, gold, bronze) and item casings (used for batteries and other stuff) from forge hammer or by new machine - metal former.

    Cutter - used for making cables (copper, tin, gold) or later by metal former.

    Cables can send max amount of EU - tin 32, copper 128, gold 512, ultra cable 2048, fibre cable 8124 EU/t.
    If you use Batbox, ESU, MFE or MFSU you must use energy transport upgrades - maxed uses 3 per machine - using MFSU.

    New energy storage DESU (or something like this) can storage 300k EU and can send 128 EU/t.
    MFE can now storage 4 000 000 EU - 512 EU/t.
    MFSU can now storage 40 000 000 EU and will send 2048 EU/t.

    UU matter has totally changed. Now in basic configuration when you insert more than 512 EU/t into mass fabricator it will explode. Second it will produce liquid UU - i haven't figured it out how to get iridium and other stuff.

    Macerating ores have changed a lot.
    Macerator makes crushed ore.
    Then you can make 2 things - simply put it into furnace and get 2 times ingots or put it into new machine called ore washing machine - it will make purified ore, 2 little piles of ore you procesed and stone dust.

    Then you can put purified ore into another new machine called thermal centrifuge - it will make dust and small pile of other ore - iron dust and small pile of gold (9 piles makes 1 dust). So you can make almost 2,5 ingots from 1 ore.
    Minus of ore washing machine is that it need 1 bucket of water for processing - right now there isn't thermal expasnion version for 1.6.2 so you must use pump with 4 redstone engines and fluid pipes to get the water into machine.
    Thermal centrifuge must heat up to fully process.
    Each machine uses 32 EU/t.

    Those changes makes IC2 closer to GregTech mod so some people will hate this. But right now only IC2 and Factorization have ability to double/ triple ores.

    I thing that when full version of IC2 will be release some changes will be than the current 150 version have.
    In case of IC2 good that this mod have changed.

    Please don't change this post into flame war about how IC2 is bad and other mods are better - it's a post about that.

    Please write if you have found out other changes the those i wrote.
  2. zorn

    zorn Active Member

    ive heard people say 1000 times that 'ic2 is dead, no new content'

    now that it appears some major changes have been made, new blocks added... those 1000 people will all complain that its more like gregtech. :rolleyes:

    Personally i like the changes, let each mod do its own thing. TE can be for people who dont really care for details much and want to do other stuff, ic2 can be for people who want more details.

    Look at TE redstone conduits vs ic2 cables. TE is very basic. No voltages, etc. ic2 cables got MORE complicated now, which i personally love. If buildcraft and forestry would accept EU and/or MJ like MFR blocks do, id uninstall TE tomorrow.


    "Now in basic configuration when you insert more than 512 EU/t into mass fabricator it will explode"

    This is a great change. GREAT change.
  3. Dreossk

    Dreossk Well-Known Member

    As long as you can turn off explosions it's fine.
  4. RedBoss

    RedBoss Never Leaves

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  5. DREVL

    DREVL Well-Known Member

    I'm ok with extra steps though as long as I don't have to beat the game or mine out an entire world to get into med game tech. I hope it doesn't have a factorization time requirement on it. That is its only turnoff to me. Nothing new, other than additional steps. Still need it to compress diamonds and charge stuff, but thats all.
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  6. Loufmier

    Loufmier Forum Addict

    i call BS on this: AE, Mekanism and RC are all updated to 1.6.2
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  7. MajPayne21

    MajPayne21 Well-Known Member

    So greg was only going to do bug fixes, but now we have at least 3 new machines that add steps to the already fairly deep crafting process? I understand the realism of using casings a for machines and needing wire tooling to make wire, but this puts IC2 at a pretty hefty early/mid game disadvantage versus TE, and one of the things that was always bothersome about IC2 was the crafting depth for subparts. Making an MFSU already takes a while with just the crafting grid.

    I appreciate the new content but I have to question adding more intermediate machines whose only purpose is to gate your progress to real machines early on.

    I'm interested in Greg's vision for IC2 going forward (I know he's not the only one), but I hope he understands that if IC2 becomes significantly worse than TE or others early in the game, few people will choose to use it.

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  8. DREVL

    DREVL Well-Known Member

    One thing that would really be cool is if someone did educational mods or something. I've always been frantically nervous and worrisome around electricity. Vehicles, or in the house... Real life stuff. I would invite some one to actually go all out with dumb useless steps if it meant experiementing with wiring and learning. Minecraft is lolarious as the closed form to sandbox reality, through energy mediums, reality can be closer met.
  9. zorn

    zorn Active Member

    honest question: people who dislike ic2 and gregtech, but like TE... what do you do after you setup automating ores with TE? Power requirements are very low, 6 mj runs everything. No way to upgrade machines, no higher tier machines.

    Persoanlly i like exploring (twilight forest, etc.), securing my base, and setting up complex automated systems. I like building things to give me more power, and i like having higher tier items that require more power, giving me something to aim for after a few weeks of playing.

    I play ultimate and so far the only long range goals i could come up with was... xycraft soil a 20 x 10 farm from bedrock up to 64, and gregtech. Im two months into the world and i just made a matter fab for the first time yesterday, i didnt rush it. After two months im still well short of building or doing eveyrthing i can.

    Without ic2, what do you do? The only high power consumption item using mj is a quarry, isnt it? A gregtech industrial grinder uses as much power as 5 quarries if its running all 4 grinders, even just one uses more than a quarry does. One grinder heard requires more power than 10 pulverizers, and 10 powered furnaces all running at once. Whats the point of running multiple boilers, if you have nothing to do with that power?

    i just am at a loss, everyone wants an MFR tree farm that gives them a shit ton of power on day 2... and then be content with an ore procesisng system that uses 10% of the power. What do you strive for after that? With TE and MFR, you have a full running quarry on day 2 of playing, and complete ore processing. What do you do on day 3? or day 30? I liked when i first started, and ran a quarry at 6 mj for a couple weeks while i figured out how to make pumps keep combustion engines full, without running out. TE makes everything... easy, no danger or risk at all. Aqueous accumulators, redstone conduit... not ever worrying about blowing up something, ever. Its not a *challenge*. Is it?
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  10. DREVL

    DREVL Well-Known Member

    I don't necessarily take challenge in high priority as much as I do in the dynamics of the mods in a practical sense. There is so many mods now to just go through. My "challenge" is to figure which tech tree to go to accomplish goals. IC is more time and resource needing, so I usually choose not to go that way.
  11. Loufmier

    Loufmier Forum Addict

    if we`re talking about ore precessing on IC2 level, you only need 4 mj/t(2+2 for pulverizer and furnace) which now can be covered with only 1 steam engine.
    without ic2 i`d probably built a boiler, switched from TE ore processing to RC for no good reason. then AE stuff, bees maybe some other shit and ultimately building project of big scale if happened to get inspiration.
    it`s really though questing because the only thing IC2 has left to offer is uu matter which can be avoided, and without it there is no power need.
  12. Brilliance

    Brilliance Member

    I don't particularly dislike neither IC2 nor GT, but I'll answer anyway:
    Explore, construct proper cities for enslaved villagers, make ridiculous contraptions with water and vanilla redstone, breed bees, build mob farms 'just because'. In short, whatever I like. I've been doing some of these things since beta, and they still seem attractive to me. When I've played with GT, I sometimes (often?) get the feeling I'm being held back for really terrible reasons, such as 'construct this machine out of expensive casings, purely so that you may construct the next pile of expensive casings for the same machine, and then use those to construct more expensive casings for the same machine, just so that you can solve a problem which only exists because you have GT installed'. To me, that's not challenge - it's busywork. TE and the like allow me to make a functioning system, and then spend my time and resources making it dance to whatever tune I feel like playing. I don't consider a world 'done' just because I have a working setup, not by far.

    As to power requirements, I don't really think it's an important difference. Sure, GT takes a lot of power, but it also provides ways to generate it. MJ based mods take less power, but has a slightly higher entry barrier to the point where you can start storing it. Either way is interesting to me, and I don't particularly need to see big numbers. If grind and big numbers was all I wanted, I'd go play a korean MMO ;).
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  13. zorn

    zorn Active Member

    its all busywork. A TE ore processing system is 'busywork'. This is what mystifies me the most about these discussions, GT and IC2 are EXACTLY like TE and other mods, they just extend the curve out further than others do.

    Construct a pump so you can get oil so you can make a refinery to make fuel to make combustion engines so I can make a quarry to get more stuff only because I have TE and buildcraft installed. Mine gold and and iron and dig up sand so you can chop down a tree for charcoal to turn it into glass, then smelt the iron and gold into ingots so you can make a Machine Frame so you can... build a machine that will smelt more of those things for you?

    Its ALL busywork, IC2 and GT just have more busywork than TE.

    To make cities for villagers, ridiculous contraptions with water and vanilla redstone, breeding bees and mob farms... you could just install buildcraft and forestry and do all that. Hell most of what you just mentioned can be done in vanilla. Forestry could have made the machines not require mj power, why go through all the 'busywork' of aquiring power to run them?

    My point is that it is all busywork, once you enter survival and build ANYTHING on a crafting table. The argument isnt that IC2 and gregtech CREATE busywork while other mods do not, it just has MORE busywork than you care to invest in the game.

    I just think if this was clear, these arguments could actually get somewhere. The amount of crafting in a mod isnt good or bad. From dartcarft all the way up to gregtech, neither is good or bad, its just how much time you want to invest in 'busywork' until the investment fails to yield a return for you (the return being the enjoyment of getting something from all that work you did)

    Also IC2's main feature over buildcraft is a power hungry block (mass fab) that lets you have a use for building 'more'. Personally i like making mob grinders, exploring dungeons, fighting, finding ways to make mods interact in interesting ways... AND I like building 'big stuff' that make me feel like I accomplished something when im done. Right now im shooting for 10 max sized boilers running only on biofuel from a single MFR farm. Without ic2/ gregtech id not even have a use for 10 boilers.
  14. Loufmier

    Loufmier Forum Addict

    so you have MFR, and dont know what to do with 10 boilers? that kinda sucks for you...
  15. zorn

    zorn Active Member

    Im playing Ultimate, no Laser Drill for me. Thanks for being helpful though, and telling me what item i was missing out on.
  16. Loufmier

    Loufmier Forum Addict

    well, i can say it`s wise to talk about ultimate if thread is related to MC 1.6.2.
  17. Bibble

    Bibble Well-Known Member

    The main point really, is whether or not it's fun for people. The primary dispute that people have with GT is that it's a whole set of crafting, and smelting, and troublesome rules, and that those aspects are not fun to them. Greg's view is that MC is easy, and he ups the challenge, and, therefore, ups the fun. This is true for him, but not everyone agrees with him.

    My personal view on Gregtech is simply that I didn't like the mechanic used, which was to funnel the decision tree down to either IC2, or, IC2 (configs, configs, I know, but, to me, configs should be used to refine a mod, not change it's path entirely, just my view). I can cope with complex tech trees, (SC2 materials, crystalliser for router filters, the fact that you need all machines for a tesseract, it's all been done before), and, with the changes, I might even take another look at IC2, and give it a shot as a "first mod used" system again. I don't like using the same one for 2 playthroughs in a row, though :)
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  18. zorn

    zorn Active Member

    Yes, very true, it is not fun for everyone, but is fun for a lot of people, which is my point. Don't knock gregtech for being 'wrong' its just a different type of mod. If people enjoy TE, let them, if IC2 becomes more like gregtech while getting new content, then im all for it. If all mods were like TE id have given up on this game months ago.

    I still wonder though, why do people complain that they get to 'end game' in hours or a few days of playing a new world, and then complain about gregtech? Its the only mod that created scenarios where you could still be striving to obtain resources, weeks into a world. If players dont like that, why do the same people (apparently) then complain that they can 'do it all' in hours or days after starting a new world?

    Its like people making wither skeleton shards on the first day (using anvil exploit), then complaining they have nothing to do. or pumping lava from the nether. Why run as fast as possible to exploit every loophole or bug, then complain that end game is too easy to get to?

    Im beginning to think people just want to brag. And bragging while playing gregtech requires a lot of effort. Since many of his end goals are only available in his mod (chrome, etc.) then there are no cheats involved. you cant minium stone your way to huge amounts of chrome, but you can make a tier 5 enderman shard pretty fast and if you use a deployer, you can have enough minium stones to get infinite iron pretty easily. (im mostly familiar with older exploits, still playing 1.4.7)
  19. BanzaiBlitz

    BanzaiBlitz Well-Known Member

    Brain's about dead before bed so haven't read the whole thing here. That said, based on DW20's Forgecraft2 series currently running, the new IC2 stuff removed the refined iron steps and changed to plates. Some things do take extra steps, other aspects seem to simply trade some steps for new ones.

    Taking inspiration from GT is not a terrible thing. For all the other issues, it is fairly well made and intricate with LOT of options to run with. I seriously doubt IC2 is in any danger of going the GT challenge direction (Greg is just doing background code after all, so it's nothing from him). There has long been a need for new content and by my understanding, a notable lack of Alblaka to guide beyond his last known instructions of "maintain IC2" before going AWOL. Given the central nature of IC2 in our current mod ecosystem, it sorely NEEDS this change. It's a lot all at once to be sure, but new mechanics are what mod updates are all about. :)
  20. Loufmier

    Loufmier Forum Addict

    well you can use RC and RP2(TiC for 1.5) to dupe iron but i dont think iron dupe is relevant when vanilla offers golem farms.

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