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Open Server 1.5 DireCraft [PVE] 24/7-LowLag-Shops-GP

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by dman1140, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. dman1140

    dman1140 New Member

    IP: Play.Direcraft.net
    Click here for our website
    Thank you for viewing our server promotion thread.


    Server Info
    • Friendly player base.
    • PvE; Adventure out and find a place to build; Normal mobs and animals.
    • This is an economy server: Server shop, Vault, Iconomy
    • Useful commands for players; /back /tpa
    • Arcane Worktables are allowed - Dupes fixed
    • Seasoned Staff - They're professional.
    • Donation packages - Cheap and loaded with great items; Helps the server greatly!
    • Vote n earn rewards!
    • And we love our players [​IMG]
    • Destroying what is not yours, in't tolerated. You will be caught. You will be banned.
    • No stealing; Don't do it.
    • Asking staff for administrator level privileges will get you muted.
    • We support free-speech, don't abuse it.
    • Once again, we're laid back and all we ask is to following the rules
  2. KZDarkheart

    KZDarkheart New Member

    Its Awesome, We have lots of plays, good staff, and lots of good people.

    Its why I stick around :)
  3. Neospell

    Neospell New Member

    Loving this morph Is so fun
  4. Indicality

    Indicality New Member

    Great Community
  5. FrostyTheIceCube

    FrostyTheIceCube New Member

    Server is the best DireWolf20 server is the best around and continues to get better cant wait to see what happens in the future
  6. Nexus_uno

    Nexus_uno New Member

    I love this server!
  7. TheDumAmerican

    TheDumAmerican New Member

    Awesome server, love the options for donating and cheap prices. Plus they have some amazing staff!
  8. ShadowCreeper559

    ShadowCreeper559 New Member

    nice staff great fun.
  9. ShadowCreeper559

    ShadowCreeper559 New Member

    come join the fun.
  10. ShadowCreeper559

    ShadowCreeper559 New Member

    come and join in on the fun!!

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