1.5.2 The Box, The Powah and The Tree House


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Jul 29, 2019
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Funnier Than You Think
Disclaimer: I do not claim any of these designs/builds as my own, a lot are, some aren't but I can't remember where I got them from... Enjoy
Coming up today, I finally unveil my 1.5.2 world... For your enjoyment of course, not showing off at all:) I encourage you to go to the end, the "impressive" builds are towards the end including a GT Fusion Reactor, Factorisation Solar Farm and a Forestry SuperTree...

The Box


Simple modular main base design, nothing exciting( I feel your pain, don't worry my 1.6.4 main base is something to behold). Only noteworthy part of this picture is the MASSIVE Thaumcraft node surrounded by full stat pure bees and crystals which was part of my ''final build'' plans, more on that later...

Storage Room


Entrance to base, used LogiPipes exclusively as you can see, barrel room above:


TiC Room


Basic smeltery setup, capable of autocrafting clear glass.

Thaumcraft Room


Under the node, again pretty simple


Main Processing Floor


Can see below to sub basement which I built to hide cables etc, aqueous accumulators supply water to wherever it's needed as you can see I needed a LOT of water, more later;)



Just a few auto-crafting tables set up;)

The Basement

Thanks for holding on, now things start getting interesting...


Bottom right are IC2 machines fully overclocked for autocrafting, in the middle are the machines required to produce fuel for the GregTech Fusion Reactor(see interesting). Towards the back are simple coke ovens to make coke and creosote for 36HP boilers coming later.


GT blast furnaces, plate benders, assemblers and an Industrial Freezer. To the left is a bank of BioFuel Generators from forestry that I needed simply to deal with the amount of ethanol being produced by my SuperTree, again, more later;)

Across the top is where things start getting really crazy, those are IDSU's and superconductors above which are EV transformers dropping the voltage so the glass fibre can handle it... I have 7 IDSU's to handle the amount of power I'm generating and 26 EV transformers, more later;)


A simple big reactor(very early in mods development) and 2 IC2 nukes that are autorefilled etc. Also another look at the power input from the IDSU line.



Main power building in front, back right is my refinery setup(link top of page) and back left is my solar power.

Factorisation Solar Farm


Why? Cos I can...

Boilers in the centre column fed from water tesseract under, feeding into steam tesseract on top. No it's not efficient, yes it does look cool.

Engines contained in centre tower feeding into energy tesseract top and bottom:


GregTech Fusion Reactor


Deuterium and Tritium in the smaller tanks, excess plasma in that large tank. Plasma generators feed into transformers, glass fibre cable goes next door, more later;) (apologies for the holes in the floor, some boilers underneath went bang)


The reactor, that thing was a glorious pain in my Larseon's Biscuit to make...

Boiler Room


27(I think) 36HP boilers running on fuel, ethanol, coke, coal, peat and creosote... That's why I needed so much water. My goal here was to use as many different fuel types as possible.

Engine Room


I have honestly no idea how many engines. Each bank is independently controlled, can be shut off to send steam upstairs to Railcraft turbines, also automatically shut down once the energy cells are full. ALL power can be shut off from the main base using those wireless receivers above the tesseracts.


BC gate requires Signal from receiver(allows individual banks to be turned on and off) and blue pipe wire(signal from BC gates attached to energy cells to turn off when all are full) to activate engines.

Control Room


From here each bank of engines can be controlled as well as shutting them all down, if a bank is switched off then the steam is rerouted to turbines the floor above the engines.


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Jul 29, 2019
Turbine room


Steam routed from engines below, used these to fire up the fusion reactor... IDSU leading to base to the left of the shot. Can use one to send but need many to receive for whatever reason.

The Tree House


The Farms


The breedosphere is fairly obvious, treehouse is in the back just out of render distance. Forestry SuperTree farm bottom left, with turtle peat farm ,chestnut farm and then basic vanilla farms(simply to make waste for scrap) Also a villager sorter, breeding pens for mob essence, meat and pink slime(can just see the tanks) and a Steves Carts tree farm waaaay in back.

Turtle Peat Farm


Cos forestry peat farms suck, code from @MigukNamja I think;)

The SuperTree


This took me about 2 weeks to breed up using the butterfly method from @Omicron and the Breedosphere you've seen, the amount of apples and biomass it produces is absolutely insane tho. Further down you'll see the amount of machines required to process the output from one of these farms.


My bees, my babies... All the necessary steps to get Pure Bees all Extra Beed up to make many things.


Trees and butterflies, given enough time a potent combination...




Just a few more shots of my proudest visual build of this world;)

Bee and Seed Processing


Seed oil from chestnuts on the left, honey on the right, frame auto production in between. Bee.N.A analysing and production at the back and comm processing up the right.

Ethanol Production


This is from 1 forestry multifarm with Supertrees:

Biomass production bottom right(32 fermenters), yes you need all those valves on the tank or it won't fill fast enough.. I have 12 output valves underneath and behind to feed the stills, 96 of them in that tower;)

As I said, insane amounts of ethanol...

However now it gets silly, below is the squeezers to produce enough apple juice to feed those fermenters (still not enough for the amount of apples I had 2 fully overclocked recyclers burning apples as well)


Extra Bees


Couldn't have gotten my pure bees without you Binnie;)

The "Final Build"
This is the build that killed my world for me, it just wouldn't work... I wanted a Thaumcraft Tunnel Boring Machine powered by mana batteries refilled from that massive aura node and who's picks were repaired using an AM2 repair setup.

The Tunnel Bore


Easy, used redstone in motion, no problems... Then the shyte started, mana batteries take too long to charge and discharge so all my work for that node was wasted, I then tried crystal clusters:


That kinda worked but not really, environment aura nodes couldn't recharge fast enough... Final step was to set up the repairing for the picks:


Well trying to get the AM2 mana flow was the last straw after about 20 explosions I rage quit and am only now doing the world upload;)

Hope you like it, comments, suggestions, likes etc are all appreciated:)

Hold thumbs for my 1.6.4, it's gonna be amazing!!!

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