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  1. Akivar

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    Stone Lamp 1.6
    Minecraft 1.5.2 / Unleashed 1.1.4
    Coding & Video Spotlight - tterrag
    Design/Testing - Akivar
    Textures - Matakor
    Provided Cookies - Jinbobo

    This is the Finalized Version for 1.5.2
    Tested and Works for Unleashed 1.1.4 (Client/Server)

    UPDATE - Stone Lamps MC 1.6.X is out now!
    The Stone Lamp Mod was created out of an Intuitive Demand for my current build of MC 1.5.2 and Unleashed 1.1.4. I needed to have a block that looked nice, operated without needing a toggle, and would fit in the corner of walls. Thus Stone Lamp was born. I myself not being a MineCraft Moder, nor did i know how to start, was able to ask tterrag who was willing to help me out with this mod.

    Stone Lamp 1.6 is a mod that will require no permissions to be used and distributed; however, it is being distributed in an open source state and for the public domain. You will be able to use it immediately in FTB Unleashed 1.1.4 without issues. I would recommend saving all changes to your world and/or server before installing this mod.

    Downloads for 1.5.2 and 1.6.X
    Stone Lamp - MC 1.5.2

    Stone Lamp - MC 1.6.X - (Testing Now)
    Stone Lamp - 1.0.2

    Empty Stone Lamp - (No Light Emitted)

    Stone Lamps - Wood/Stone Torches (50/1484)

    Empty Stone Lamp + Torch = Stone Lamp

    Put it in on the Go!

    Connected Textures Wand!

    Picture Previews
    Stone Lamp - Single Block - Night Time

    FTB - Disco Wall - Day

    FTB - Disco Wall - Night

    Connected Texture Designs - Day

    Connected Texture Designs - Night

    Connected Texture Wand!

    Color Options - THERE IS MORE!!!

    Creative Tab - Color Options w/ Lamps and Wand!

    Stone Lamp's act like a Torch in a Glass Box.
    Empty Stone Lamps are the Associated Block without a Torch Inside.

    You can put a Stone (1484) or Wood (50) torch with an Empty Stone Lamp and make a Stone Lamp.

    The Luminescence is 1 less for that of a Torch.

    The Texture seems to be Aesthetically pleasing for putting a light system, or decorative blocks, inside of your house or base, without the default look of Glowstone and is made cheaper; however, it is also less powerful than Glowstone.

    There are now Colored Versions of the Stone Lamps - using Dyes to color the Lamps Appropriately for your Designing Pleasure.

    If you don't like the Current Color just wash it, craft it, with a Bucket of Water, or change the dye by using a new appropriate Dye with the Lamp.

    You can also use Torches on Empty Stone Lamps (Colored or Not) and place Torches inside of them. If Tinkerer's Construct is installed, you can use Stone Torches as well!

    There is now a Wand!

    The Wand allows you to Change the Channels of the Connected Textures, using Shift + Right Click and then Left Click on the desired blocks, for your Designs to get more creative in your designs. If the Config Option is enabled to Change the Colors you don't have to try and find and use dyes to change the Colors.

    The Wand also allows you to remove torches from the Lamps using the Shift + Left Click option. This will only get you a wood torch back, but hey who's really going to complain.
    Mod Spotlights

    tterrag - Developers Mod Spotlight Edition.

    Config File
    # Configuration File - stoneLamp - in the Configuration Folder #​
    # Configuration file
    # block
    block {
    # item
    item {
    # options
    options {
        # Allows color of lamps to be
        # changed in-world with the wand.
        # Leave this at 15 if
        # allow_color_changing_with_wand
        # is set to true!
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  2. Yusunoha

    Yusunoha Never Leaves Wiki Staff ModMyMC Editor

    when I read "stone lamp" I actually expected a stone block, or a texture that's almost identical to a stone block that'd give off light...
    but it's very similar to the RP2 lights. with that in mind you could add different kinds of colors, a redstone and non-redstone version, and perhaps a different model that's not a block
  3. maid450

    maid450 Active Member

    I really like it!
    These could fit really well as lighting for an industrial room, if you could achieve connected textures would be epic.

    Also as Yusunoha suggested, it would be nice to have dyeable and redstone/inverted versions
  4. tterrag1098

    tterrag1098 Active Member

    Ha, yeah. But this is more aesthetically pleasing, while still being cheaper (and less powerful) than redstone lamps from vanilla, not requiring redstone or glowstone.

    Thanks for the comments, guys. I will probably be incorporating this block into my 1.6 mod, Simple Transmutations, and may well look into some of those ideas. This was really just a quick something I drew up for a friend in 1.5 :p .
  5. Akivar

    Akivar New Member

    The Stone Lamp is a Stone Box Frame with basic glass surrounding a torch if you can imagine that. With that in mind, you cannot turn on or off a torch so you shouldn't be able to turn on or off this lamp. It's a stepping stone towards a better lighting mod for 1.5.2. tterrag might be taking it forward with his mod and we might see more opportunities for this lamp.

    I'll see about possibly incorporating more "Stained Glass" colors but the idea is to keep a basic vanilla recipe for all players. I think stained glass is 1.6. So that's where we might see more changes.

    The Connected Textures will be a good possible challenge for tterrag.

    I was already talking with tterrag about possibly making this block without the light ability. Same Recipe just take out the torch in it.
  6. tterrag1098

    tterrag1098 Active Member

    Well, I've just added connected textures. This will probably be the last thing I add before 1.6, but enjoy!
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  7. Jinbobo

    Jinbobo Well-Known Member Retired Staff

  8. Akivar

    Akivar New Member

    I think I've updated the entire main post to the 1.4 version, completed with Recipe's Connected Textures and more updates and changes made.
  9. Matakor

    Matakor Member

    All the textures are now completed. Just gotta wait for tterrag to figure out how to finish the coding for it.

    For anyone that wants to see it, here is the full texture file.

  10. maid450

    maid450 Active Member

    I just tested it and I think it looks really cool, thanks for the good work!
  11. Akivar

    Akivar New Member

    We will see about maybe one last update before 1.6. The next update will hopefully be a "finalized" version for 1.5.2 and 1.6.2 or 1.6.4 will be the 1.6 version with more to add.
  12. tterrag1098

    tterrag1098 Active Member

    Just a little teaser:


    (Yes, this is 1.5 (; )
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  13. Akivar

    Akivar New Member

    Stone Lamp 1.5 coming with the following Changes.

    - Colored Lamps Added.
    (Empty Colored Lamps / Colored Lamps)
    Using the dye recipe's.

    - Texture Connector Wand
    This allows you to change the Channel of Which Textures are Connected.
    Shift + Right Click - Changes the Channel (0 - Default State to 15 Additional Channels)
    Shift + Left Click - will remove the Torch from the Lamp. (In Dev Stages Now.)
    --- T-Con adds the Functionality of 1484 (Stone Torch) into the Recipe's ---
    --- The Torch Removed will be a Wood Torch. ---

    -Torch in Hand Lighting!
    You can right click with a Torch in Hand and you'll be able to Change the Placed Block.
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  14. tterrag1098

    tterrag1098 Active Member

    Alright, everyone, the last update for 1.5 has come out, with dyeing of lamps and a wand! Also, I ported to 1.6. No new features yet (same as the latest 1.5 version), but expect them in the future!
  15. Jinbobo

    Jinbobo Well-Known Member Retired Staff

    Feature request: Make cookies OP.
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  16. tterrag1098

    tterrag1098 Active Member

    1.7 inbound, waiting on localization.[DOUBLEPOST=1392132261][/DOUBLEPOST]Hmm, appears my download host died, I'll put up a mirror on this comment. Might need to repost this as it seems Akivar is MIA.
  17. tterrag1098

    tterrag1098 Active Member

  18. UberMors

    UberMors New Member

    Love this mod. Great for reproduction of real life objects.

    Can I make a feature request? The basic light block (stoneLamp=2999) allows you to disconnect textures but keep the same color. Would it be possible to do that with the other colors? I wanted to have a bunch of light blues touching, but not connecting in a pattern.

    Thanks again for a great mod
  19. tterrag1098

    tterrag1098 Active Member

    Yes, I had considered that, but to do so it would mean that each colored lamp would get its own ID. I'm not sure if this is something people want, or if they would rather sacrifice a little functionality for the lower ID usage. Leave some feedback and I can look into changing it up perhaps.
  20. UberMors

    UberMors New Member

    I can defiantly understand wanting to keep the item ID count down. It would be cool to have, but I get it.

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