[1.4.7] EE3 Minium stone Fix (Unofficial)

Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by portablejim, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. portablejim

    portablejim New Member

    I have backported the fix for the minium stone back to a 1.4.7 build of EE3. I have also stopped a crash when you are holding a minium stone (or pstone) and press Shift+C.

    Download: http://bit.ly/15t2p8m (or dropbox link)
    Source code
  2. epicninja

    epicninja New Member

  3. portablejim

    portablejim New Member

  4. epicninja

    epicninja New Member

    Mine isn't bugged, but I havnt updated it in a while.
  5. Vonguben

    Vonguben New Member

    How can you get this to work on a server? Ultimate still states that I have the wrong version.
  6. egor66

    egor66 New Member

    so now with this fix we can use the latest 147 version of Factorization-0.7.10 or later ?
  7. FtbBossWhoIsAw3s0m3

    FtbBossWhoIsAw3s0m3 New Member

    the download is down
  8. lifeseeker128

    lifeseeker128 New Member

    I've happened upon a strange bug. While using this patch on a FTB ultimate server hosted on my Linux machine, the server will create ee3's config file in the root folder of the server and not the config/ee3/ folder. Instead, the server creates the file config/ee3/ee3.cfg or something else that's completely wrong, and my client will warn me of a worldID mismatch on the server when I try to log on and it'll kick me off.

    But I found a fix. I had to copy and paste the config file that my client created when installed with this patch (that's in config/ee3/) into the correct directory on my server (again, config/ee3/). I haven't tested the original ee3.jar file on my Linux machine before patching, but this ordeal leads me to believe that this patch alters where it will create the config in Linux and how it does but won't alter where the mod looks for the config. As far as I can tell, this patch doesn't mess with the way my server can do things on Windows, just Linux; as it caused no errors on my own Windows 7 machine.

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