Open 1.2.0: Twilight Forest issues - Already decorating!!


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Jul 29, 2019

What is the bug:
First time entering the twilight forest. First I went then another player went in right behind me. Server crashed with this error log:

Error Log:

Reconnected and I started falling immediately and seeing strange visual effects (which I later realized are the result of the zone barriers that are supposed to keep you from entering an area you haven't "earned"). I fell to the ground and died inside of one of the "zones".

2nd player reconnected and also fell but was able to use jump pack to stop fall death. Still ended up dying from the "mosquitoes" zone damage. Now all of our stuff is in a death zone and we cannot get home as we do not respawn at the portal.

Switched to creative mode and spawned a nether portal. Used it to get home and then tried to use the twilight forest portal again to see if I could get to our stuff. Ended up spawning normally in the twilight forest with no death zone around me.

Mod & Version:
Twilight Forest log:

Can it be repeated:
Not sure.

Known Fix:
None? Not even sure if our twilight portal is stable yet.