1.12.2 [Curse] (Alpha) Blood, Sweat, and Gears --Alpha Testers Needed!

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  1. Celestialphoenix

    Celestialphoenix Too Much Free Time

    This pack is currently in Alpha state.
    Meaning features are incomplete or missing, and things will probably break in all kinds of twisted and unnatural ways.

    I could use some help with building and testing the pack, if you're interested in packbuilding or playtesting join the Discord and dive in! (or just dive in and post here)
    (Experience not essential- Its my first time too!)

    Please drop any bugs/issues/exploits/stuff I missed into the issue tracker. (please do not send crash reports/bugs ect directly to mod devs- its probably something on my end)

    Pack available on Curseforge: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/blood-sweat-and-gears

    Alpha Roadmap:
    Pack artwork
    Icon (launcher/CF page)
    Pack Header
    Title screen/loading screen
    Pack Description

    All mineral resources implemented
    ImPet liquid resources
    ImEng excavator resources
    Dungeon loot final check over
    Structures, Biomes ect all ok

    Overall pack progression in place
    Suitable guidence/quests ect so players don't get stuck
    Main ore processing finished
    Magical engineering
    Oil and PetroChem engineering
    Nuclear engineering

    Currently the pack lacks an in-game guide, so I've thrown together a quick walkthrough for the time being
    Recommend playing with cheats on- suggest giving yourself the extra resources needed after acquiring them legitimately.
    Use log stacks for early game charcoal
    Aim for the stone multiblock such as Smeltery and Coke Oven.
    Also grab a few bees if you can.
    Foresty's cans can collect fluids (such as lava).
    [optional] take to the skies in your airship (major ore deposits are visable from the surface/sky)
    Smeltery can cast the components for steam powered machines (bronze)
    Craft some exposives to mine the ores that your pick wont scratch
    Access the nether Nether
    Build a blast furnace
    [optional] Build high pressure steam machines
    Build a dynamo and waterwheel/windmill
    Build a metal press
    Make a thermionic fabricator
    [known bug] an LV capicitor is needed to connect the conduit to the dynamo
    Make Gtech LV machines
    A CEF can convert Rf into the Eu- powering Gtech machines

    Modlist - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yTnDKD7qsu8KCYs17JFRDdhtQFbfn5lUK6M_49YW6SQ/edit?usp=sharing

    This pack also contains custom texture assets taken from:
    Abyssalcraft (Granted) - https://imgur.com/XzpuJJ5
    Aether II Highlands (Granted) - https://imgur.com/z8UKkwY
    IC2 (Granted- conditional) - https://imgur.com/Em61sI6
    Thermal Foundation (Open) - http://teamcofh.com/permissions/
    Tinkers Construct (Open) - https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/tinkers-construct
    Thaumcraft (Granted) - https://i.imgur.com/7jkwKx7.png
    Vanilla Minecraft (Open)

    (Additional Items for IC2 - https://www.dropbox.com/s/uxvmmcp8l5nx0te/Additional Items for IC2 V1.zip?dl=0)
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  2. Celestialphoenix

    Celestialphoenix Too Much Free Time

    Alpha 1.19.0 Insanity check Alpha

    Download - https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/blood-sweat-and-gears/files/2808005

    When opening an existing world with this update- you'll get a warning about missing blocks/items. This message can be safely ignored.
    Contains changes to underground worldgen- you may discover world-seams/discontinuities underground, but not on the surface.
    Contains changes to overground surface trace. You may discover small surface seams/discontinuities above ore deposits.

    Known issue with IC2 conduits (cables) not connecting to Immersive Engineering dynamo. Use an LV capicitor to bridge between the two.

    Added Fast Furnace 1.3.1 by Shadows_of_Fire
    Added Fast Workbench 1.7.2 by Shadows_of_Fire
    Added Material Changer 1.0.3 by Lellson8
    Updated Alternating Flux to 0.12.2-2
    Updated Immersive Engineering 0.12-92
    -removed darkstone hoe and sword
    -nerfed darkstone axe, pickaxe, and shovel
    -removed recipe for charcoal block
    -fixed diamond generation in overworld
    -fixed nickel trace generation
    -fixed my stupidity with axe mold dropping hammer heads. Probably should stop copying and pasting the scripts...
    -fixed issues with gravel ores resisting gravity. Resistance is futile
    -added enhanced wooden propeller, hemp leaf, hemp string
    -new texture for infernal brick
    -removed stone tool models, stone ring
    -new recipes for steel molds
    -added manual for ImEng metal press
    -fixed recipes for rod and ring mold
    -removed annoying drops from grass blocks
    -tweak sturdy casing recipe
    -new workbench recipe
    -fixed missing recipes for coal boiler, alloy kiln
    -added processing recipes for sugarcane, hemp
    -removed flint hoe and sword
    -added compressor recipes for gem dust to plate
    -switched rubber source to use IC2's resin
    -added recipe for casting black shape plates
    -added nickel and redalloy rod
    -nerfed flint tool durability
    -tweaked small chest recipe
    -removed smelting recipe for rubber
    -fixed recipes for conduit
    Immersive Engineering
    -fixed recipes for treated wood planks, slabs, sticks
    -removed decorative treated wood from ore-dict
    -added/fixed hemp seed drop in grass
    -fixed slag/steel output from BF
    -additional recipe for improved BF
    -hint for crude BF
    -fixed rubber smelting in alloy kiln
    -tweak alloy kiln recipe
    -tweak scaffold recipes
    -tweaked steel armour to damascus steel
    -enabled ore-dict searching
    -decrapafied JEI; hidden filled cells, cans, capsules, tanks.
    -fixed recipe clash with hoes and swords molds
    -fixed hammer mold recipe being stupid to do
    -tweaked charcoal drops rate from charcoal piles
    -removed stick drops from leaves
    -removed leather strip, new recipe for leather cordage
    -nerfed flint tool durability
    -Fix clash with Quark and Primal Wood piles
    -fixed recipes for iron and steel tanks
    -fixed metal block ore dictionary
    -attempt to make ImEng dynamo work
    -reduced sapling drop from Silverwood
    -fixed plates being craftable
    Thermal Foundation
    -removed recipe for charcoal block
    -tweaked recipe for stone torch
    -fixed ingots being craftable
    -added block to ingot smelting
    -tweaked charcoal, log fuel values a little
    -fixed seed drop from grass
    -new compass, flint'n'steel recipes
    -nerfed remaining stone/wood tools
    -tweaked iron bars recipe
    -buffed fuel burn time
    -new names and recipe for balloon, frame upgrades
    -alternate recipes available
    Worley's Caves
    -reduced mininum lava level in caves
    -tweaked caves a little more
  3. Celestialphoenix

    Celestialphoenix Too Much Free Time

    Alpha 1.20.0 Build and Dig
    Download- https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/blood-sweat-and-gears/files/2820745

    Notable changes;
    Added Buildcraft
    -BC kinesis pipes reworked as high tech 'Laser Conduits' useful for carrying massive amounts of Rf.
    Immersive Engineering Excavator
    -70 new resources to exploit!
    -Ore mines which contain minerals and ores native to the local dimension
    -Quarry deposits which fill the remaining chunks, and contain large quantities of building/decorative stones.
    -The Excavator digs significantly faster and consumes a lot more power in turn.
    Immersive Petroleum fluid resources
    -Crude oil and lava in the overworld
    -Massive magma plumes in the nether. (in leu of physically pumping the Nether lava ocean!)
    Changed Naquadah deposits to match the local darkstone
    Made a [crude] fix for IC2 cables not connecting to ImEng dynamo- see 'terminal block' (ok ok its the LV capacitor with a few tweaks)

    When opening an existing world with this update- you'll get a warning about missing blocks/items. This message can be safely ignored.
    Contains changes to worldgen- you may discover world-seams/discontinuities in the Darklands (final Abyssalcraft Dimension).

    Added Buildcraft by CovertJaguar, SpaceToad et al
    Added Energy Converters by xalcon
    Updated Chisel to
    Updated CEU to
    Updated Gregtech to
    Updated IndusterialCraft to 2.8.70-ex112
    Updated Natura to
    Updated Umlimited Chisel Works to 0.3.0
    -tags for abyssal/dreaded/abyssalnite cobblestone, abyssal coralium ore, dreaded dirt
    -tags for clouds and ferrosite
    -disabled Fungi Forest biome
    -added ore tags to white sand, flesh chunk/block
    -disabled oil/water worldgen
    -disabled gears (duplicate materials)
    -new recipes for transport pipes
    -added Gtech assembler recipes for transport pipes, fluid pipes, power pipes
    -added tips for transport pipes
    -renamed kinesis pipe to Laser Conduit
    -renamed clay pipes to silver pipes
    -new recipes for pipe sealant
    -changed conduit tooltips to use Rf
    -recipes for laser and assembly table
    -added ore tags to chipsets
    -a bunch of ore-dicting done
    -replaced narquarric darkstone/ores with regular darkstone/ores
    -added thick wooden plates
    -added bone/blood/blue/pearl clay/bricks
    -extra tags for custom material ore blocks
    -switched naquarric darkstone ores to regular darkstone
    -removed naquarric darkstone
    -fixed darkstone ore textures
    -fixed yellow garnet ore name
    Energy Converters
    -new recipe and name for energy bridge, FE producer/consumer, MJ producer/consumer
    -disabled IC2 Eu and Rf producers/consumers
    -added hints for remaining blocks
    -tweaked conversion ratio. 1MJ = 512Rf.
    (cobble//Mk1 conduit should carry equivilant to Gtech HV power 512Eu/t)
    -new recipes for single block farms and associated circuit based paraphernalia
    -new recipes for multifarm blocks
    -Added flags to generate Rose/Gold gears
    -Added flags to generate Rose/Gold, Brass small gears
    -Added flags to generate Aluminium rotor
    -balanced glue output from sticky resin
    -removed machine casings- unecessary crafting step to make hulls
    -new recipes for tanks
    -mixer recipes for clays
    -advanced circuits gated behind assembly table
    -removed tin soldering recipes
    -added few extra circuit recipes using BC components
    -advanced circuits no longer gated behind assembly table
    -added ore tags for basalt, black/red granite, marble cobblestone
    Immersive Engineering
    -additional recipe for powder barrel
    -hidden coords on core samples
    -tweaked excavator:
    --removed stock deposits for excavator
    --added coal, copper, diamond ore deposits to overworld
    --added basalt quarry deposits to overworld
    --added quartz, sulphur, redstone zinc ore deposits to the Nether
    --added Netherrack, Scoria, Nether Beach, Flesh Pit, Boneyard, Nether Fort quarry deposits to the Nether
    --added Bismuth, Bauxite, Diamond, Tetrahedrite ore deposits to the Aether
    --added Holystone, ferrosite, soils quarry deposits to the Aether
    --added Beryllium, Coralium, Magnetite, Manganese, Salts ore deposits to the Abyssal Wasteland
    --added Abyssal cobble and sand quarry deposits to the Abyssal Wasteland
    --added Rare Earths, Dread Ores, Magnesium, Titanium ore deposits to the Dreadlands
    --added Dreaded, Abyssalnite stone, Dreaded dirt quarry deposits to the Dreadlands
    --added Platinum, Tungsten, Uranium deposits to The End
    --added Xenolith and Obsidian quarry deposits to The End
    --added Chrome, Iridium, Neodymium, Uranium ore deposits to Omothol
    --added Omothol Stone/Marble/Basalt quarry deposit to Omothol
    --added Naquadah and Osmium ore deposit to the Darklands
    --added Darkstone quarry deposit to the Darklands
    --tweaked excavator deposits to be in every chunk
    --buffed excavator dig speed to 9
    --increased power consuption to 16kRf/t
    --reduced fail chance to 0
    --increased yield size by factor of 100
    -tweaked LV capicitor into LV terminal block
    -tweaked recipe for sample drill
    -tweaked infomation about core samples to make it read better (.lang)
    -tweaked stock fluid reservoirs
    -added lava (infinite), Pyrotheum to the Nether
    -added Coralium to the Wasteland
    -added Antimatter to the Dreadlands
    -fixed treecapitator for rubber wood
    -hidden Buildcraft facades from JEI. Seriously- 55 pages of Facades is NOT needed. Ever.
    -fixed treecapitator for Natura trees
    -added tags to heatsand
    -added tags to scoria stone
    -Gtech recipes for leaded glass
    -frostbound renamed to blue stained
    -tweaked recipe sets for decorative stone
    -tags for decorative cobble stone
    -added tags to crushed obsidian
    Thermal Foundation
    -Gtech recipes for hardened glass
    -fix congealed blood in slimeball ore dict
    -fix iron bars requiring steel
    -added ore tags to stone slab, sandstone slab, clock, red sand/stone, yellow sand/stone
    -tweaked sandstone ore tags
    -fixed hopper recipe
    -new clock recipe
    -removed cobblestone tag from mossy cobble
    -tweaked Balloon upgrades
    -fixed upgrade names
    -engine upgrades and names
    -core upgrade and names
    -new recipes for all modules, bombs, workbench

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