[1.10.2] Parcel - An oldschool, all-purpose pack [240+Mods][Tech-Magic-Exploration]


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Jul 29, 2019

Some people felt like Beyond was half-baked and changed too much from the default gameplay.
So I decided to make my own pack.

Parcel contains more than 200 mods, ranging from classics such as Minefactory, Soul Shards or Mekanism to newcomers like Advanced Rocketry or Magneticraft.

All recipes are unchanged, the only few tweaks left are there to avoid lag spikes or seas full of pirate ships.

Code : Parcel


Mod List

Google Doc

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  • Glass shards from Quarks are disabled
  • Pirate ships from Quarks are rarer
  • Death note disabled
  • Percentage of players required to sleep is 10%
  • Solar Flux conduits disabled
  • Mega Torch radius bumped to 64 blocks
  • Dread lamp radius bumped to 100 blocks
  • Lava chickens are disabled because too powerful
  • No rain, can be easily changed in the config file of TooMuchRain
  • Quartz is more common in the nether
  • Iron ore spawns up to 128
  • Redstone ore spawns up to 32
  • Emerald ore spawns in every biome.
  • All other ores spawns using their default settings

1.4.0 - Planned

  • More mods to be added
  • Fix the startup gui reappearing everytime

1.3.0 - Current


Allow a minimum of 4GB or RAM to play this pack.
If you use an old or low-end GPU, check the video settings before launching any world. Biomes O'Plenty can severly decrease fps.

Also check your controls before playing, lot of keys conflicting by default.


Any feedback or suggestions are welcome,

Thanks for reading,


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