1.0.2: Survival breaking mechanic if abused correctly


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Jul 29, 2019

What is the bug:
A mechanic can be abused to break survival resource gathering.

Mod & Version:

Paste.feed-the-beast.com log:

Can it be repeated:
Yes this can be repeated and with anything that the player could ever want. I'll explain from the beginning what the mechanic is before i jump into how it can be abused to get you any item you desire when you want it.

The mechanic is a witchery one to obtain kobolite; its done so by leashing a hobgoblin(more than one can be used) to a fencepost and giving them a pick to mine stone, they'll eventually mine up a piece of kobolite dust. Now that u have 1 piece of kobolite drop it and the hobgoblin will pick it up, as it continues to mine the stone it collect more of it(you'll need an item collection method as it drops and isn't gathered by them). Trading enough kobolite dust with them will get you kobolite nuggets. Retrieve the kobolite dust from them and give them the kobolite nugget; now it'll collect the nuggets when mining. 9 kobolite nuggets will make an ingot which can be used to craft a kobolite which will make dramatically increase their mining speed. The reason for this mechanic is to obtain kobolite to craft an altar upgrade(increases the recharge rate).

The head admin of the small community i'm also an admin of(we have our own private custom pack which very closely matches direwolf's pack) saw something in this when one of our players was using this mechanic as intended and decided to see if it was possible to do something else with it, of which it was and very cheaty it was.

He saw the that if a hobgoblin is leashed to a fencepost and given an item(by dropping it near it) it'll pick it up but its not limited to single items; it can pick up a maximum stack of any desirable item(be creative as to what it could pick up). He then used a safarinet on it(while still leashed), exact copy auto spawned it and the leash is still "attached" when its spawned. Make the leash/item giving point above a kill station and they'll be pulled towards it as the leash is still "attached", have something right click the hobgoblin before it gets killed and u now are successfully duping the item u gave it. Lets say give it a 16k storage cell with 1k storage cells of each ingot/dust/gem etc.. inside it and you no longer have resource problems.

I then went on the Witchery IRC to have a chat and had quite an interesting conversation, least to say a "permanent solution" almost came out of it. As it is a cross-mod exploit of which MFR is primarily responsible i put the whole chat log there and haven't had as single reply yet; https://github.com/powercrystals/MineFactoryReloaded/issues/397

One of the things that was brought out in the IRC was how ambigiuos the NBT tags are; so the simplest fix for now is to blacklist hobgoblins but if someone needs to gather kobolite and can't find them in the overworld, then the blacklist is going to be more of a problem then a solution.

While this was found/refined in our private custom pack, it works in the direwolf20 pack and as the head-admin is one of soayn's twitch subs, he got on the subserver and plans to build it legit and show it to soaryn while he's streaming.

This needs to be fixed asap as writing this is going to give anyone who reads this all they need to replicate it and break survival resource gathering along with it. I'm not a coder, just a small community admin and apparently it's not known outside of our small group of players and letting this be known publicly will give it the greatest chance of being fixed.

Cheers, The_Creamster.

Known Fix:


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Jul 29, 2019
Add the hobgoblin to the MFR Auto spanwer Black list, then it cant be auto spawned.
There are a few mobs that can be abused in mfr