1.0.2: Forestry Fruit and Nut Tree Leaves Not Maturing

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    What is the bug:
    I have planted several species of forestry trees in this version. From Hill Cherries, to the citrus trees and the nut varieties (Walnut, Chestnut, etc...). In every case the leaves don't turn colors to signify the ripening fruit or nuts. They stay at their base level, even after weeks of minecraft day/night cycles.

    Hitting the leaves with bonemeal will bring them to maturity instantly. However these leaves don't appear to be 'ticking' towards maturity like they have in prior versions of forestry / extra trees.

    Mod & Version:

    Paste.feed-the-beast.com log:

    Can it be repeated:

    Known Fix:
    Hitting the leaves with bonemeal will bring the leaves to maturity instantly, but the passing of time will not.
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    this is fixed in 1.03

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