Closed 1.0.2: Agricraft Sugarcane Seeds won't go into crops

Discussion in 'Infinity Evolved 1.7.10' started by Danagor, Feb 20, 2015.

  1. Danagor

    Danagor New Member

    1.0.2 - 1.1.0

    What is the bug:
    Back in 1.0.1 i managed to get some sugarcane seeds, they where working ok, but then i updated into 1.0.2 and i noticed my sugarcanes where not growing so i decided to break them and replant them, but once i plant the crop and right click it wit a sugarcane seed nothing happens, i tried this on a creative world and the problem persist. Also i tested trying to get a new sugarcane thru mutation and i won't get any no matter how much i try... also i don't know if it is a bug that the crosscrops can grow weeds... i know it was different on IC2 but if is not a bug then we should be able to craft something to fight weeds :) by the way great job keep it up on agricraft and infinity i'm loving it

    Edit: Just updated into 1.1.0 and the problem persist just letting you know

    Mod & Version:
    Agricraft 1.2.2 log:

    Can it be repeated:
    Plant Crop
    Right-Click with a Sugarcane Seed on the Planted Crop

    Known Fix:
    None at the moment.
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  2. InfinityRaider

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    They need sand instead
  3. Danagor

    Danagor New Member

    Thank you, just tested it and works like a charm :D, a good idea to point people on the right direction could be on the Journal, the top left pic where you see the seed type and name, just put the background for the type of soil the seed needs i think that should help :) just putting ideas out there. these are just my test world pics.
  4. tfox83

    tfox83 New Member

    Glad you got it fixed :) going to close this ticket.

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