1.0.1: I can't use Dark Oak, Spruce, or Jungle planks to craft anything.

Discussion in 'FTB Presents Direwolf20 1.7.10' started by CedricB, Nov 10, 2014.

  1. CedricB

    CedricB New Member


    What is the bug:
    All Biomes o' Plenty planks, and all vanilla planks except plain Oak, cannot be used to craft most recipes that call for wooden planks. This includes such simple things as sticks, crafting tables, pressure plates, and buttons.

    An easy way to check is to use NEI, search "plank", and look at the recipes for the various planks. Most of the vanilla planks only had 16 pages of recipes, except for the Oak planks, which had 58 pages of recipes. Some BoP recipes had 16 pages of recipes, while some only had 4 pages.

    It might be worth noting that I'm using 64-bit Java build 1.8.0_11-b12, which I'd seen reported in another thread as working fine with this modpack. I also manually added FastCraft to the pack, though I tested without FastCraft enabled and it still occurred.

    Mod & Version:

    Paste.feed-the-beast.com log:

    Can it be repeated:
    Yes. I deleted my configs (I'd changed a good bit) and started a new world with defaults, and instead of plain Oak planks, it was Spruce planks that were the only vanilla plank usable to craft sticks, crafting tables, etc., while some BoP planks could, but most couldn't. Maybe it's dependant on the seed? Nope, I just re-created my main world, and it's still Spruce that's the only vanilla plank I can craft sticks/table/etc. with. The only other thing I can think is something to do with configs.

    Known Fix:
    I wish I knew.

    [Edit] And now, after reinstating my changed configs and disabled mod and loading back into my main world, it's still Spruce I can use for sticks etc., and not Oak anymore. What is this sorcery? Why did it change? o_O
    [Edit2] Have since updated Java to 1.8.0_25-b18; didn't fix the issue.
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  2. itanshi

    itanshi New Member

    I can confirm this to a degree. I am unable to craft a chest using mixed (from BoP apple tree) oak and spruce planks.

    DW20 1.0.1 1.7.10
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  3. UniZero

    UniZero Popular Member

    Just checked dark oak and I made a crafting table. So the issue is maybe on your end. I am using the same version 1.0.1.

    Edit: I am using Java 8 update 25.
  4. Sen-Mithrarin

    Sen-Mithrarin New Member

    Fully confirmed on clean DW 1.0.1 !
  5. itanshi

    itanshi New Member

    From a BoP Apple tree the oak planks will not craft sticks.

    Just realized vanilla oak tree apples don't stack with BoP apples. It feels like this is mostly a BoP problem. Vanilla items it provides likely have different NBT data than the default vanilla items that normally spawn.

    Edit: So, I tested my theory. I can not craft with vanilla oak tree planks at all
    Edit: Apparently others can.
    Edit: dark oak and birch don't work, but great wood does work

    Resolved when I updated to java 8
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  6. CedricB

    CedricB New Member

    I'd heard newer versions of Java 8 had some compatibility issues with FML, but maybe it's been fixed by now? I'll try updating to 8u25 and see if that fixes it.

    [Edit] Nope. This time, I can craft sticks/crafting tables/etc. with Oak planks, but not any of the other vanilla planks. It's like it chooses randomly between Oak and Spruce every time I completely restart the client. And none of the BoP planks can be used for crafting this time, either.
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  7. FInaldeath

    FInaldeath New Member

    I have a similar issue where i can't craft JABBA barrels with birch logs, all other wood items seem to work with them though. I suspect it has something to do with the bug that prevents items from stacking when they should be able to.
  8. Darkone84

    Darkone84 New Member

    I had the same Issue I couldn't use any type of logs to make a JABBA barrel. When I logout then back in the issue was fixed and it hasn't happen since.
  9. FInaldeath

    FInaldeath New Member

    When it happened to me no amount of restarting the game would fix it. I just tossed those logs and switched completely to oak since at that time i got my mfr oak tree farm up and running.
  10. Anarcraft

    Anarcraft New Member

    Same issue, I can only craft with oak planks. Updating to Java 8 didn't help, restarting makes no difference.
  11. CedricB

    CedricB New Member

    UPDATE: I just now learned that I actually CAN craft basic things like crafting tables and sticks with other types of planks ON A SERVER, they just don't visually appear in the output slot. You have to click the empty slot to pull the output out. So it's some kind of client-side bug, I guess? I still can't do it in single-player.
  12. Anarcraft

    Anarcraft New Member

    For the record I'm pretty sure this is caused by NoMoreRecipeConflicts.

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