1.0.0: Wrong or incorrect tool level for generated GregTech ores attached to their data.


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Dec 2, 2012

What is the bug:
All GregTech ores that spawn in the world are able to be mined with a wooden pickaxe. But, if you place any GregTech ore yourself, you cannot mine that ore unless you have the correct level of tool for that ore.

There is therefore a bug regarding the level of tool required to mine generated ores for the GregTech mod. I don't mind that I could mine these ores with a wooden pickaxe but I do feel that if this modpack is to take things seriously, ores generated for GregTech should only be mined with the correct level pickaxe for that ore.

The other problem with GregTech ore generation is that it is so heavy and frequent that I can't find enough stone to mine because there are so many GregTech ores to mine around. I ended up with a stack of 64 GregTech coal, and spent most of the time mining through and around it to get about 20-25 cobblestone.

I like GregTech and wanted to try it out in this modpack but if it is going to get in my face all of the time, then it is going to be rather painful to get anywhere with it. I'd appreciate some balancing of the GregTech ores generated, and rebalancing it so that there isn't continuous veins running into each other all the time and sapping my ability to find something simple like stone to get cobblestone with.

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Dec 31, 2012
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Thanks for your feedback regarding the ore generation.
The rate of ore vein spawns will be reduced in the coming version due to a general consensus of too much ore.
The mining level bug is a known issue which is entirely my fault and I will be fixing.