1.0.0: Router Reborn: Items vanishing


New Member
Jul 29, 2019

What is the bug:
V 1.0.2 <-- Somebody should update this form so it has the right version in the drop down already...

This is only for the new router, I have no idea about the old version of the router they added.

Anyways, it seems as if you place any block with any sort of inventor in it next to a router, it will void it. Even the Basic Energy Cube from Mekanism, that accepts very few items in it's charging slots, will even screw with the routers mechanics.

Also, for some reason in this version of RR, you can only connect routers to the RR Storage Units via Inventory cable, or the same thing happens. But I believe that is actually fixed in the updated version of RR already.

Mod & Version:
Router Reborn

Known Fix:
Only put non-inventory blocks next to the router and connect the storage units with inventory cable.