1.0.0: For the people that are having problems launching


New Member
Jul 29, 2019

What is the bug:
Hey Everyone, I noticed some people are having problems with Resurrection not launching. This is due to forge not installing properly, To fix this go into your FTB directory. If you don't know where your FTB directory is open the launcher click options and your install path should be there just copy and paste it.
  1. Take your FTB folder, copy and paste it onto your desktop.
  2. Go back into the FTB directory and delete everything.
  3. Open up FTB and install Ressurection.
  4. Take the FTB folder on your desktop and copy over the modpacks, and the versions(Don't overwrite the 1.7.10 version.) Back into your FTB directory.
  5. Done :) If I helped you please let me know. :)