1.0.0: Extreme personal lag


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Jul 29, 2019

What is the bug:
We have a small server on a dedicated machine, 3 players. Recently I began experiencing large amounts of lag, which appeared to be server lag (90 fps local still). Chat comments take 1-4 minutes to appear on my screen, and all interaction takes @ the same time.

when i remote connect to the server with VNC (without any lag, which is a main key here). i can type in my client, see the chat in the server console, see players response instantly, yet still takes ages for it to appear in my client. No other player on the server gets the lag, they all see my actions in real time, my chat in real time.

This is also not a location issue, other players on the server can enter my base, use my systems, and experience no issues at all.

running direwolf 20 from the same server is perfectly fine, running a different (new) resurrection instance is fine. the issue seems to be linked to <THIS WORLD> and <THIS PLAYER> but i cannot find the cause.

assumption is that its something that has "ownership" associated

Attempted FIX steps taken to date
reinstall java
reinstall FTB (delete local data)
try on another machine
try on another connection
change port number of server
delete remote player file
remove all MYST portals/links
remove ME systems
remove tesseracts
power down Gregtech systems

sadly, no additional log files are generated, there are no errors i can see. This is all the information i can provide.

Mod & Version:

Paste.feed-the-beast.com log:

Can it be repeated:

Known Fix:

Chris Caldwell

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Jul 29, 2019
I have found similar extreme lag problems with this modpack to be related to Aroma Backup. Disabling this mod has resulted in much better behaviour for me.