Open Server ■TotalMindcrack■ v8.2.0 | No WL | Easy Protection | Community | Survival

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New Member
Jul 29, 2019
TotalMindcrack is a fairly new FTB server running Mindcrack v8.2.0.
We are a fairly small community, with a small server , friendly staff, and easy-to-use protection systems. We would love to have new players on the server, and you would have a lot of fun with us!
Our plugins include MyTown and Chunk Protection.
Server info:
Normal difficulty
No disabled mods
15 player slots, can be changed
2GB RAM, more coming very soon
Main Rules:
No Griefing​
Stealing allowed from unprotected land​
No spamming, insulting others, or continuously using profanities​
So check us out!
Server IP: